Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    Hey Meg, I know we've talked about this but today I found this halloween Head style called "Wicked Hellbeast Skull" which is pretty useless to me :D BUT I can't stop thinking how many awesome styles based on this one could be designed.

    What's cool about it, is how well it works with most hair available since most of these head styles clip so badly.

    It covers the face as well which I think is a great opprtunity to give female hair some freedom while protecting their heads and identity ;)

    It looks so great but the skull and horns aren't really desirable, these on the other hand:
    All DC^
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  2. Megzilla Developer

    I'll reference that headpiece next time we do a headstyle that fits this shape so hopefully we can get better looking cut offs. Thanks!
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  3. iceman 11 New Player

    I want the ancient Devine sorcerer style unlocked for the hero side
  4. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Get it on one of your villain characters, because it’s only a matter of time before style unlocking gets to it ;)
  5. Exileant Well-Known Player

    ;) Since you are scheming to get more waist styles, how about giving me more styles of tails, cat, dog, lion, Wolf, rat, mouse, horse, and above all Long bird tails, (closed and fanned.) :eek: I say this because the graphical errors that the animal skins cause is LEGENDARY. Right now the in the select character screen my Werewolf/Moorhound character looks like a jumbled up mess, :confused: the double ears are not bad but the swollen forehead look is annoying.
    Not to mention the animal skin tails are angled a bit too high for some of the flight modes. And I am going to make a youtube video about how messed up the wings are angled. o_O I finally got my Bloodbats and they are twisted off to one side so badly during Rocket assisted glide it makes me want to.... threaten the begging kittens you love so much... :D You all took a while to fix the insectoid wings but you did it, please fix the flapping wings.

    :( Speaking of which the Sinister bird heads bald spot is back at least in character select. Sometimes it shows up in the cut-scenes.
  6. Exileant Well-Known Player

    o_O That is exactly what I did for my Bloodbats. :( I feel so disgusting having to stoop and do what Circe asked..... I wanted to leave her in that crystal.... but alas, I needed to get to level 30... so I freed her.... :oops::mad: *SPITS*
  7. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    How about new letter emblems in different styles and fonts?
  8. Wiccanx New Player

    Bombshell era costume/clothing men and women
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  9. lilken69 New Player

    some new human skin pack because all the adult male skin looks like middle age old men
  10. lilken69 New Player

    and more body type and hair styles
  11. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Is that a new style I haven't heard about or Photoshop?!
    This is exactly one of the millions hair styles that I always had in my favorite list and have wished to have them.
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  12. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    I'm personally one of people who has requested for lasso belt millions of times, I hope after all these requests finally it comes true.
  13. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Mrs. Developer please, Oh God please if even you're writing down these requests, please make sure that content designers , design the one piece simple chest style without metallic parts (Like Noble Warrior) just like in the picture without the jacket. And specially a baggy knee skirt that be matched with the chest, as long as the High Heels and High Heel Boots and New female cloths and hair styles that you've promised for a few while ago are not created yet at all. Please make sure these one will be designed cause you realize me as well that these kind of cloths, I mean simple and pretty are so lovely and popular, can't live without them.
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  14. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    You know I can't stop requesting for cloths as long as half of my life is my high heels and dresses, the suit in the first picture is really useful on different kind of characters, and looks like insect too. Looks nice on a chemical, meta or incect (Such as bee) character. And the open shoulders and net sleeves made it so special, I wish there was always an option in the styles page to open the shoulders (actually remove them).
  15. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    As i always say I'm all for new styles and fashion, and to be honest the content designers are horrible cause I've seen with my own eyes every page of this thread and all ideas and I personally have given about 10 pages ideas or even more and haven't seen any of them in the game except a few ones less than 15 styles from the first pages of this thread in the game.
    If content designers are reading this I'm gonna say, hey guys you better care about players requests in this thread cause players are who play the game and pay for them in the game and you're creating the styles for them, so create and design what they want.
  16. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Thanks girl.
    I hope it goes well.
    But about that case, if content designer are waiting for new Episodes and DLCs to put the new styles in them (though they even haven't done this ever, and as you said the mera suit is out because of the Episodes subject) I should remind you of that they are not supposed to put the styles in the episodes and can put them in the marketplace, as long as I persoanlly have some problem with paying methods and using all options of this game and it's a bit hard for others to pay money for each style in the market place, but at least this is better than nothing, then we will know that, Oh God my favorite styles that I've requested are ALL out in the marketplace and I can't pay for them all. You know what I mean, that makes sense that players will know that you care about their wishes and requests and they know that their favorite styles are existing in the game and they can't pay for it but they have more hope and chance to put those styles and customs on.
  17. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    and all the ones that have been put in the game have been in a capsule with the same theme XD. wings of sin, red death, bat man beyond, shim'tar armor etc.
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  18. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Heh :rolleyes: Exactly.
    Don't forget the Flash Cowl in Market BTW.
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  19. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    it just has to be said, the wings set off my OCD like a hallway full of crooked paintings.
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  20. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    Phantom Skin
    -not a material, a skin option that essentially makes the skin invisible
    -maybe have a faint perimeter glow so there are no advantages in something like PVP
    -inspiration is the Gentleman Ghost
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