Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. Megzilla Developer

    I was counting on you to step in and clarify since I know you're more familiar with this stuff than I am. Ha! When we were briefly talking about exploring a 4th color channel I heard using the "black" so I assume that's part of alpha. I am not sure how to use that channel for color. My knowledge of how 3d assets are built is pretty basic still since I'm 2d and that's simple. Slowly buffing up that knowledge base. So slowly. Thanks for spelling it out and elaborating since I'm doing my best to parrot what I heard and I have no idea what I'm talking about. LOL.

    I hope so but nothing is set in stone right now.

    I def appreciate your enthusiasm - I've gotten these written down. No need to keep reposting. :)
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  2. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Wait he is a rip off of the rip off or Death Stroke. SO DC inadvertently or purposefully ripped off themselves huh.
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  3. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I can personally say that I have requested the Alan Scott Armor for years (along with others) so I can say that there have been styles added from this thread. Often times some of them come as a package deal. The lobo set has a lot of clothing items that people asked for a la cart.
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  4. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Ok, I can’t really give any clarification on what you heard without more context. Was it in reference to giving style pieces a fourth color slot so they could use all four palette colors? They may have been making an internal jargon reference. (Nicknames for the palette color slots, perhaps?)

    If they were referring to a ‘black’ channel in a four channel color system, that only exists in the CMYK subtractive color model for printers that I mentioned, as far as I know. There are several other color models, though, and I’m not familiar with them all. RGBa (originally just RGB, until the Alpha channel to convey transparency (probably originated in Photoshop for layers that need semitransparent areas, at a guess) was added at a later time) seems to have become the common standard for on-screen use, though tube TVs/monitors had to convert that to a *different* four-channel additive system (the fourth channel being luminance/brightness), and some software/systems may use a different standard (Pantone, for instance) though it’s easy enough to find the RGB values if needed in those cases.

    The only alternative use I can think of for the alpha channel (other than transparency) would be to convey glow (which would be awesome if we could make a color in the palette glow, though it’d mean that anything using that palette color would have the same glow. Would really love it for my main character’s hair - at least if tintable materials applied to hair used a separate hair palette :))
  5. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Just off the top of my head, and I might be missing some, these are the ones that I know have been requested here, then added in:

    • A discless Green Lantern Emblem that allows the player to set the color as they wish! (It's the Alan Scott Green Lantern Emblem that's based on the Nu 52 version of Alan. It even comes in both regular and ENHANCED, i.e. glowing, versions! :cool: )
    • Crime Syndicate of Amerika Style Sets (sadly based on the Nu 52 versions, which are nowhere near as cool as Frank Quitely's costume designs from the graphic novel JLA: Earth 2, but what can ya do? :rolleyes:)
    • LOBO Style Set!!! :D
    • Bracelets/Bracers (the new Mera Hand Style.)
    • Materials in the Marketplace!!!! :D
    • Military Camouflage! (Granted, it's only on the Enhanced Spindrift Style Set right now, but it's a start!)
    • Auras based on our Power Sets! :cool:
    • Various other Emblems that were requested, and a bunch that I don't think anyone asked for, but they're still cool to have!

    And like I said, I might've missed some!
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  6. Zneeak Devoted Player

    I'd really like to see more ancient, asian-type styles. Ninja & Samurai-type styles, especially detailed robes and waist styles. Weaponry attached to the style-pieces such as katanas, throwing knives, throwing stars. And of course, related hairstyles! Male ponytail, more long-haired styles for males.

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  7. Zoe· Content Creator


    Some styles inspired by Zatanna, so I can make my character look like a powerful Magician! :D
    I would like to have this hairstyle in-game and the gloves. Maybe the chest style with the collar.
  8. Megzilla Developer

    I believe it was in reference to adding a "4th color slot" as in having 4 available channels at once on a single piece of gear instead of a three.

    From how you articulated, it sounds like we use RGBa since we control emissives/glows with the "a". I am not sure what "black" was used, might be some unique modifier property that isn't standard. Maybe we could start adding enhanced hair :p
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  9. Megzilla Developer

    I highly doubt we can do the anime costumes but I'm gonna ask cuz they're so cool!

    EDIT: But yes we do need some updated ninja/samurai gear. :) I got all this on my list already.

    Do we not have simple long gloves like that? Hmm. I do know her bustier + tux coat is on my list of stuff I'd like to get made :)
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    According to Jimmy Palmiotti, he was an intentional dig/joke against Deadpool's design. Jimmy also wrote some Deadpool when he worked for Marvel.
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  11. Zoe· Content Creator

    No we only have ones that covers the entire hands thats why I asked haha
    And awesome!
  12. Megzilla Developer

    Oh I see, the hands are bare. Couldn't tell at first in the small pic. :)
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  13. Kuno Loyal Player

    Please Meg, I hope petitions about dual katanas as back pieces and ninja scarfs are noted too ;)
    And thank you for answering my question, I hope the new hairstyles are coming out nicely and soon, hehe.
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  14. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Ok, most likely it was internal jargon, if it was referring to making it possible to use all four colors of the palette on a single piece of gear. Would be cool if they were actually talking about a hair palette instead of style pieces/gear, though :)

    Ahh, so the alpha channel is already in use. Darn it. :)

    I soooo want to be able to have properly glowing ‘liquid moonlight’ hair, but that would require giving us the ability to adjust glow/emission :)
  15. Burning_Baron Loyal Player


    This entire set.


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  16. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    as a per I mostly wanted to see more civilian clothes. Others ask about secret identities, game wise, they wouldn't do much but as a rper, they work.

    civilian clothes like socks, generic basic baseball cap and basic boxers(where we can change the color), more short styles for both men and women. Hopefully not all daisy dukes for women, more skirts too. Pjs, we have a base, we have beds, so something to wear to go with it.

    I understand the game has it's limitation, I can use my imagination for the most part but some styles we just lack. The game originally design to use our imagination, considering we get to create our own hero. I understand the rpers are the minorities, but hope we are not forgotten neither. I do play the game and always having new styles to come up with costume is always needed but so is a little more civilian clothes too, why we have armories right?
  17. Jensu Well-Known Player

    i would like to see more Krypton/superman theme related armor, like Zod's armor in the Kandor raid, Jor-El suit in the T5 alart BIA
  18. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    any chance of a lefty & righty version of the pirate styles? i dont think it was thought out well.. my pirate looks a little ridiculous holding his sword with the hook when his left hand works just fine. lol. im requesting a freebie for the ppl that own the regular version that want it on the opposite side. include the eyepatch as well for the other eye
  19. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Okay, just remembered some more:

    • Atlantean Iconic Style Sets based on Black Manta and Mera.
    • A Firestorm Iconic Style Set, complete with "flaming" hair!
    • Iconic Emblems for Batbrain & Wonder Woman (to replace the BuS Swag Bag versions many players couldn't get) and THE FLASH! :cool:
    • THE FLASH'S COWL!!! :D
    And I'm spent!
  20. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Flash’s cowl is on MP
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