Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    It's high time players had access to the costume of Red Tool, DC's very blatant spoof of the Marvelous Competition's Deadpool! :D




    And besides giving us Red Tool's Emblem, the style set's waist style also needs to display our character's Emblem on the belt buckle, because we're loooong overdue for waist styles with that capability! ;)
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  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Meg, any chance we can get more color slots?
  3. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    That is definitely one I want. Like up there with Fuji, Hellstrike, Fahrenheit, Winter, Grifter, G’Hu, Medphyll, Salakk, Brill and Robotman.
    Especially the Injustice Highfather, the one that tells Zeus to leave Earth alone.
    But just about any Highfather would be good.

    Oh and I am sure most of those others are pull-off-able, but I’m sure there are one or two accessories that would make it more close.

    Like Grifter? A chest piece with a ****-ton of weapons attached to it.
    G’Hu? Just the tentacles coming from his head are good.
    Salakk? 4 Arms.
    Medphyll? Sea-weed-hair and cyclops eye.
    Robotman? Just the head.
    Hellstrike? Is there a material to look like that?

    Those are a few pieces from the other names. Whole costumes, not always necessary.
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  4. BlueThunderLight New Player

    no I though wasn't necessary but I screw my toon i'll carful nesxt time ty.,
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  5. Red Raptor Active Player

    New Teen Titans era Robin/Classic Robin
  6. Kuno Loyal Player

    Every gear slot should have its own palette. So we can mix and macht many more colours.
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  7. LC 2 New Player

    PLEASE PLEASE!! Authentic AQUAMAN OUTFIT!!! Thanking you in advance...XD
  8. KoldranDCUO New Player

    I don't know if anyone already said it, but how about Athena's armor from Amazon Fury III?
  9. Here2Help Devoted Player


    There's still no Condiment King style? :eek:
  10. Megzilla Developer

    There might be a way to get one more but we haven't dedicated any time to exploring that possibility. Working on some other features & tech :)
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  11. Megzilla Developer

    As the one who designed her I'd personally love to see that armor on players. Maybe I could persuade the right people :D
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  12. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I can’t wait to see characters sporting rainbow-striped-and-polkadotted hair in-game :D
  13. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Awesome, I really hope it will be possible in the future. I was asking for a friend but I would love that too haha. :)
  14. Kuno Loyal Player

    Please tell us there is some upgrades coming for further customizing our characters.

    Besides materials and the 4th color... we should see new stuff like new hairstyles (more than 1 tone), new HD skins with different faces, looks, expressions and ethnicities.
    I know asking for new body types or sliders is too much but skins and hairstyles are not that complicated because they are not invasive for the current models / gear / styles.

    Also, why the newer gear still hasnt take advantage of the 4th colour? Just curious, but technically there is nothing preventing the new styles to be designed with that on mind.

    Please we need more variation, its been 8 years waiting for something bigger than just auras and styles.
  15. Patriarch Defense Active Player

    Give us customization of from where our powers come from example (fire coming from head instead of hands) give us options at which our powers are coming out of like fist or hand palm. For green lanterns all powers should come from ring. Also give us an option if we want our powers to come from our weapon like a staff.

    Add more weapon types like Sword & Shield

    More weapon skins like a better green lantern weapon skin where we get a shield like from the comics as well as a two handed Alan Scott Kingdom Come lantern Sword.

    We want more customization for characters. And please make a better character creation like add actually icon classic styles of inspired hero's outfit in the game from the very beginning. We need icon outfits in character customization. We should of had this from day one.

    * I would like to see the classic Super Boy outfit in game for the Teen Titan Episode"
    We also need better Raven outfit in games for both female and male.
    I would like to see a Red Arrow outfit from Young Justice Tv Series
    Could we also get Ultraman and Superwoman outfit in the Market Place? or at least add them in a future episode?
    We need a Star Fire outfit as well even if it from the Teen Titan outfit
    All of Titan of Tomorrow outfits would also be nice to see in game
  16. Megzilla Developer

    Yes we are working on new hairstyles. We are also working on updating our skin shaders which is complicated but will open the door to an overdue visual update.

    I am not able to clearly articulate why the tech works the way it does since that is outside my realm of knowledge. Our color information is stored in three channels: R, G, B. There is also a white and a black (K) channel. The K channel is currently not being used in the color information and so that is something for us to explore to see if we can utilize that to add another color channel. Because we only use 3 channels right now all of our gear is designed as such. Otherwise, I see if I can get something color locked to allow a "4th color" though it is not customizable. It doesn't make sense to design color channels for a system/tech feature that does not exist. That is what is preventing a 4th channel right now.
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  17. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Does this mean we can expect to see new skins on the horizon ala new animals or elvish with pointy ears or gillman-esque with scales, gills, and webbed appendages?
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  18. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    This may be slightly misleading here, Megz. I’ll spell it out slightly for those not familiar with how colors work. Please correct any errors, would you? I’m always up for improving my knowledge. :)

    In RGB color coding, each individual color is stored as a mixture of RGB (Red, Green, and Blue). This determines hue (shade/color) and saturation (how strong/intense the color is). There is also an extra Alpha (transparency) channel that is used in some cases in 3d modeling/rendering.

    I’m not familiar with a K channel in RGB coding, the only K channel I’m familiar with is in the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK) color model used in printing. Is this the K you mean? If so, perhaps you were (possibly accidentally) referring to the alpha (transparency) channel? (Note - just had an idea here: why can’t we use the alpha channel for making our outfits glow, since we can’t use it for transparency? If so, easiest way would probably be to have the setting in that channel tied to specific palette colors - which would mean every part of a costume piece using that palette color would have the same level of glow. :) )

    The color slots on our costumes are areas of the mesh that are marked in a group as having one of the four colors we choose applied to them. Making a style capable of using all four colors of our palette would require some reworking of the mesh for each style given the capability, and I suspect that at least part of the reason that all styles to date use at most three has been consideration for memory and GPU limitations of the PS3 and older computers, along with the fact that when DCUO first came out we didn’t even have the fourth slot in our palettes, so it may even be hard coded into the engine. It’s also likely that as it was a design decision, it may be a policy that simply hasn’t been updated since the dropping of PS3 support, or if it has been updated, all the styles currently in the game were simply designed before any such policy change and revising them to reflect such a change would have likely meant starting over from scratch to accommodate it. It may also be a limitation of the modeling tools they’re using.
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  19. The Dark Kryptonian Well-Known Player

    2 days tell Doomsday and still fingers crossed we'll get some Superman emblems and styles (together and apart) :) Like Eradicator, Supergirl, Bizarro, Cyborg Superman, Overman, Kingdom Come, Red Sun, Power Girls P emblem and so many more emblems and styles would be awesome.
    I'd like to see those chest style that don't allow for emblems to be changed; like the S.T.A.R. Labs Security Jacket, Zonewalker and others. Also I like to see the emblem have a option to change the size and where you can put it for men and women, cause I've seen on the women wearing Stalwart Defender the emblem is still small but on men its bigger? Bracers or gauntlet but with out the gloves so we can stop adding skin color to them like stay Sinestro's glove, and the some for feet so you're characters feet show.
    Really like this look hope its added and that cape, just the whole thing ;)
    I'd love for Nuclear Man from the Superman 4 movie to be added, and his gear with emblem alone and together to DCUO.

  20. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I want a pointy eared skin with lots of freckles :D
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