Dev Discussion Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    A bowling lane.
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  2. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    I think that Supermans tattered cape is a must for the DoS event release :)

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  3. buddah Well-Known Player

    Prison bars (divider), bank vault door (floor item)
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  4. Smokin Blue New Player

    - more NPC/Iconc base items that has a animation.
    -Where you can buy gear in your own lair. like a vendor system (Home Turf Collection rewards)
    -Drop materials Focussing Elements your current rank latest 2 dlcs up and down.
    -Drop 1 or 2 random marks daily.

    Base items that can change the skin of your teleporter, imprinter, sparring target, bank etc. if you bought other lair layouts. (or not)
    - Be able to rearange base layout. or Base extention with extra slots for amenity base items.
    - Make lair bank a personal bank not connected with the bank in the Hall of Doom or Watchtower.
    (PVP/PVE both roles both sets you cant store anything else.)
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  5. sspilka New Player

    Will our bases be made larger ? With all of the base items our small bases do not have the room
    needed to place items with out looking very very congested ?
  6. zZzTorrOzZz Well-Known Player

    Floor and wall things.
    A jukebox would be cool go with my bar :).
    A flat screen playing the start-up movie would be awesome.
  7. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    How about a water themed Base?

    I never bought any of the other ones, but an underwater base is definitely missing.
  8. Black Astral New Player

    Instead of a new item, how about a system to be able to resize items as desired.
  9. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    how bout Action Comic 1000 poster for bases and league halls
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  10. Moon Light Level 30

    Any chance we could do a Fortress of Solitude, or a real cave?
  11. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    ive spent millions in game on sunstone but id pony up for the actual theme
  12. SkyyRin Dedicated Player

    "Iconic Balloons" Balloons with the iconic emblems of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and etc.
    And more 'Party' decorations I guess. For a cool party theme for a league hall\base.
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  13. DonSPa New Player

    this isnt a base item but would it be possible that when drops happen if it would be possible to make it to show if we allready have a base item to make it easier to choose what we want ,especially in raids ,for an example theres been times i wasnt sure to choose a base item or a mark and id choose a base item just to find that ive allready collected it
  14. SkyyRin Dedicated Player

    Some Wonder Woman and Supergirl rebirth-themed posters.
  15. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    EVERYTHING from the brother blood mission the heroes get. the several different blood items, the pile of junk wih the moving eyes, the red fog. & my biggest request might sound dark, but dead civilians. yes. they are already in the game on the gotham university grounds. and im a villain who wants those dead civilians in my torture base. plz meg
  16. Black Eneas Active Player

    A spawning target that does damage too you. So we can check our heals and defense
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  17. majosea Dedicated Player

    base items from the Hall Of Doom /Watch Tower
    monitors, tables ect
    I love that red table that has red sphere in Hall of doom as a base item
  18. Jade Rebel Committed Player

    Idea from the new spring seasonal items but, full cherry blossom trees, kinda sad we didn't get a full one
  19. SkyyRin Dedicated Player


    The only Pet I want right now. :D

  20. majosea Dedicated Player

    power sets & misted base items
    different base items like table , beds , ect,
    a aura of around the base item & / or inside the base item
    for ex ice bed or table would have the color of ice & have the arctic aura on the outside
    the mist bed or table inside would be mist to make it look like a energy construct and the misted aura on the outside

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