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Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    We already got earth 3 trinity how about statues from the hall of heroes but fix the superman statue's camel toe situation
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  2. TheLorax Loyal Player

    xD OMG YAS
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  3. majosea Dedicated Player

    swimming pools that you & your league mates can swim in , real water

    3 sizes

    1 base size [IMG]

    2 league hall size would fill half of a league hall room
    3 olympic the biggest one , would fill a whole league hall room. ( the main room in league hall as a ref ) artifact raid
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  4. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    New sidekicks/accomplices/henchmen models outside the lair theme ones. I'd like to see Elementals, Light Constructs, Demons, Riddler henchmen, Joker goons, etc.
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  5. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Aphrodite related items (statue, maybe relevant themed furniture - not counting the seasonal items)
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  6. Earth742 Active Player

    More Partitions and some ACTUAL WALL SECTIONS, some with Open Doorways in them.

    I STRONGLY support this:
    And I fully understand that if it DOES get implemented it would be (most likely) purchasable options for those who purchased the Lair System. As the Free Base given to all characters after the explore HQ & the R&D intro missions, is an incomplete LAIR. A demo, but a fun Demo I am grateful for none the less.
    Most other MMOs have actual multi-room player housing, usually from launch of said system.

    Decorations Vendors
    One or two in the HQ, plus one you can actually place in your Base as an Interactive Decoration, (not as an Amenity).
    The Basic Deco Vendor would have Basic Chair, Basic Table, Basic Wall, Basic Partition, etc., for the most part nothing fancy, just simple & functional items with Cash prices in the $100-$500 range. Maybe some fancier items in the $500-$2,000 range. (Heroes get Basic Deco Vendor Rhonda, Villains get Basic Deco Vendor Jolene.)
    The Basic Deco Vendor would be given as a deco along with the other 'free decos' given in the mission that has you decorate your base for the 1st time. Characters that did the Base-missions already would receive the new vendor deco by mail.

    Decorations Specialist (maybe SJ/NerdofPrey can name them?)
    Limited selection of items from discontinued sets, several new items that fit existing Themes, and Decos from Seasonal Events available all year around.
    In REAL LIFE there are multiple businesses that are built around either Christmas or Halloween, that are open all year long. I actually worked for one as a seasonal temp, lol, so I know it is a lucrative & booming business. Allowing players the opportunity to use some of the seasonal currencies outside the event would be a huge bonus! I was literally struggling to the last minute getting items from the Winter Vendor as the event/server was shutting down.
    Only Decorations, no other seasonal items.

    Please and THANK YOU, Devs!!
  7. JKwak Well-Known Player

    Customabel npc' sfor or league halls or even offline league member as npc inside the league hall. I mean what does a superheroe/villain do if he is not fighting crime or his alter ego... yes he is hanging around in the league hall doing important stuff like watching TV, playing card games or telling everyone how he defeated that really strong supervillian/heroe
  8. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

    superman statue's camel toe situation
  9. Th3Anc13ntH0rus New Player

    For 2019 Valentine’s Day Event can we just buy the Theater Chair Row?
    Have Theater Chair 2 Seat/8 Seat
    A dispensing Soder Machine (drops 4 random solders)
    A dispensing Slush/Ice Cream Machine
    A Hot Dog Roller/Pretzel Machine
    A Taffy Candy Machine
    Theater Curtain Swag Single/Double/Triple (regular and league hall)
    Rope Barriers Single/Double (Smonet Round Top Stanchion posts/RetractableBelt posts)

    Cars of any kind
    Motorbikes of any kind
    Trucks of any kind
    Rotating platform with vehicle
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  10. majosea Dedicated Player

    tintable Lavish bed [IMG] and in the center allow for emblems to be displayed
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  11. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Tintable to match the color scheme you set in the decoration mode menu, I’m guessing? The only other possibility, I’m guessing, is to color it by interacting with it (which would prevent other possibilities for interaction)
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  12. Earth742 Active Player

    Question: When selecting our Base we choose a Location with an Address for the Base's Location in the City. I also recall seeing the Address in either the Generator or Mainframe when accessed but not seeing it now. How can we view what our chosen location/Address is? Not the Base's Location on the MAP, but what the ADRESS is? For example '4288 Babbage Blvd, Metropolis'.
  13. Kampfwurst96 New Player

    I have 4 bases and everyone is full, in our league we have often talked about that their own bases are just too small for some items. Can not you just offer the bases bigger? for example, in league hall format, I believe many people like me would pay even for daybreakcash.
  14. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Something simple:
    What about yet another Amenity (yes, pay for it IF you want it).
    A base A Qwerk Vendor machine
  15. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Not a bad idea, but I think style mannequins - mini armories just for displaying and changing styles/appearance - would be better :)
  16. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Style? Oh? So how about a store vendor doll/mannequin as the "machine", much like many Seasonal items.
  17. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Apologies, multiple choice versions of one type, I meant.
  18. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    So, you mean more like a wardrobe you can activate and store or activate style/appearance settings you've saved? That would work, too, but it would need to provide you with an image of the style settings in case you forget which is which (which some of us who play with styles and find whole piles of looks we like will probably do). That's why I'm suggesting mannequins. run up to it, activate it, either imprint your current appearance settings or activate it to switch to the appearance it's displaying.

    Oh, wait, that's why you said vendor, for the preview interface.

    That could work. They could even go through and make the existing wardrobe/dresser items interactive with the functionality if they do it that way. That would be ideal, rather than having just one new one that doesn't fit with any themed lair builds.
  19. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    My brain’s had time to do some work again...

    Uh-oh, here we go...

    Make existing dressers, wardrobes, etc. (basically any piece of furniture that’s commonly used for storing clothing in real life) interactive!

    This would not affect armories in any way (though it would likely borrow portions of the armory coding related to appearance).
    Not counted as an amenity.
    Activation icon would be a clothes hangar or a shirt or something like that.
    Each piece of furniture could store a limited number of outfits. Say, maybe a couple of dozen at most. Make it more like 128 if only one interactive dresser is allowed.

    Activating them would open a UI window that looks like a cross between the style menu (preview window on left side) and the vendor window (list of saved outfits on the right).
    Top of the window would have the dresser/wardrobe/armoire name (renamable via a button to the right of the name - purpose of this will be explained)
    Bottom of the window would have three buttons: Wear, Save, and Delete. Each would open a confirmation dialogue.
    Wear: functionally equivalent to activating an armory’s appearance settings
    Save: functionally similar to imprinting appearance settings on an armory. Opens a ‘name this outfit’ dialogue. Saved outfits would appear in the list on the right side of the window. Overwriting existing outfits will be explained further down.
    Delete: delete a stored outfit, removing it from the list permanently. Only way to get it back is recreating the outfit by hand.

    Dresser name: default is ‘<item name>_<number>’ i.e. ‘Zamaron Dresser_1’. This default allows for multiple dressers, wardrobes, etc, even if they’re an identical base item (‘Zamaron Dresser_2’ ‘Zamaron Dresser_3’ etc.). Renaming is for player convenience (‘Zamaron Dresser_1’ renamed to ‘Casual Outfits’ for example)

    When you click on a saved outfit in the list, the preview window shows you what the outfit looks like. Optionally, the list item could expand the way feats with lists do to show you the styles, colors, materials, etc used in the outfit. Then pressing wear changes your character’s appearance to that of the styles and settings used in the outfit, same as activating the appearance settings of an armory.

    Saving: if either you haven’t clicked on an outfit in the list or else haven’t saved any outfits yet (nothing showing in the preview window), this opens a dialogue to name the outfit. If you’ve clicked on a saved outfit since opening the dresser, it asks if you want to overwrite the selected outfit. If yes, the selected outfit is replaced with what you’re currently wearing, just like imprinting appearance in an armory. If no, it asks for a name for the new outfit. If you enter a name identical to that of an already stored outfit, it warns you and gives you the overwrite dialogue.

    There’s one other function, to facilitate reworking your base theme/layout without losing all your saved outfits (when you return a dresser to the base item inventory, all stored data is lost, permanently). If you have multiple dressers set out, any dresser that doesn’t have any outfits stored will give you the option to copy the data from any other dresser that has stored outfits. So, if changing a base theme, set out the dresser you want to use with the new theme, copy your existing dresser’s outfits to it, and then return the one you no longer want to use to base item inventory.
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  20. Ascended Well-Known Player

    Has anyone suggested doors that open when someone comes close?

    I've suggested guards that salute when you walk by, holograms and televisions that turn on when you approach, and League Hall sized meeting tables you can interact with and/or sit down at, but I don't recall seeing/mentioning doors that work.

    Really, any base item that does stuff is something I generally find a use for.

    Gonna ask for base NPC's again, like Ambush Bug. Or Krypto, if he counts. More pets are great of course, but give me another person to interact with, yknow?

    How about more "out on the town" type stuff? Valentine's day gave us enough movie theater items we could turn a base into a cinema, so how about a restaurant? Or a white collar office with cubicles and giant office windows with a skyscraper view (for both Metropolis and Gotham)? We have a degree of this already, with a lot of hospital and garage items, but more would be cool.

    And of course....the interactive League hall sized meeting table so me and my League mates can sit down and discuss important matters and look pompous. Perhaps with a hologram of earth floating above the center of the table.
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