Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

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  1. Gravedigger Active Player

    Yay! Thank you for my poltergeist tv & sanguine lake patch @Revrec
  2. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Materialized base items
    that is to say, base items done with materials applied.
    take for instance, the Olympian Freestanding walls
    now picture them either with the glorious material by itself or maybe with a choice of the three glorious chromas
    couches with arctic,
    Rugs with lava material (the floor is lava!
    beds with surging (water bed anyone?)
    have the materialized packs be in either the market place or Dr.fate or cheetah vendors
  3. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Does anyone know the name of a base items the hovers around with an electrical charge and sometimes zaps one the the pets?
  4. creatine1 Committed Player

    a juke box that plays music from game. we can pick the songs to play.
  5. creatine1 Committed Player

    we should be able have bases in any of the open world maps
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  6. Achikah All About That Base

    This post deals with a large QOL adjustment to most decorators: adding basic/essential items furniture pieces that are absent from the game.

    The new clothing racks from Ep. 46 are a godsend and something we haven't seen since the furniture drop from Metal Pt. I which is just basic, overlooked things that would make bases feel more lived in or believable/detailed.

    Either adding the following as DLC items or having a casual update to Cheetah for the following would be greatly appreciated:

    Everyday Items
    • Metal Bucket
    • Wooden Bucket
    • Mop
    • Mop and Bucket
    • Broom
    • Dustpan (wall-hanging or propped up)
    • Spice Rack Counter
    • Spice Rack- Wall
    • Pots and Pans Rack
    • Pots and Pan Rack- Wall
    • Kitchen Sink
    • Industrial Sink
    • Dishwasher
    • Standard Metal Trash Bin
    • Waste Basket
    • Counter with Drying Rack
    • Counter with Pot
    • Counter with Cutting Board
    • Counter with Plates
    • Towel Rack- Wall
    • Towel Rack- With Towel
    • Washing Machine
    • Dryer
    • Scattered Clothing
    • Folded Clothing (Single, Stack, Stacks.)
    • Fabric Spool
    • Fabric Spool Holder
    • Knitting Basket
    • Basket of Yarn
    • Cedar Chest
    • Hat Rack
    • Hat Rack- Wall
    • Coat Rack
    • Coat Rack- Wall
    • Vending Machines
    • ATM Machines
    • Intercom Speakers
    • Parking Meters
    • Newspaper Stands
    • Newspaper Vending Machines
    • Magazine Rack
    • Metal Bench
    • Bus Stop
    Shelving Items (Wall and Freestanding variants)

    Quite a few decorators have asked for a Z-Axis for decorating, meaning the ability to place objects atop other placeable objects. While I also would love this, I know it'd take a lot of resources and a complete overhaul of the base building system. So, as a intermediate solution to both, I say we get more wall/shelving items as well as Accent tables that allow for clipping and the illusion of the Z-axis.
    • Wall Shelf- Crystals
    • Wall Shelf- Books
    • Wall Shelf- Bottles
    • Wall Shelf- Terrarium
    • Wall Shelf- Glassware
    • Wall Shelf- Toys (Action Figures/Dolls)
    • Wall Shelf- Pantry
    • Wall Shelf- Assorted
    • Single Kitchen Cabinet
    • Row of Kitchen Cabinet
    • Single Kitchen Cabinet- Wall
    • Row of Kitchen Cabinet- Wall
    • Miniature Box- Filled
    • Miniature Box- Empty
    • Hutch Cabinet
    • Curio Cabinet
    • Step Ladder
    • Leaning Ladder
    • Leaning Ladder- Large
    • Stepping Stool
    (These don't have to be reflective surfaces, just a texture that mimics it much like the Olympian Moon Mirror)
    • Mirror
    • Mirror- Freestanding
    • Ornate Antique Mirror
    • Medicine Cabinet
    Architectural Items
    These would be both freestanding, wall-mounted, and ceiling items to add more structure to the pre-existing base theme layout for greater variety/concepts.
    • Vaulting, Buttresses, and Beams for the ceiling.
    • Arches, Columns, Pillars, Cornerstones for both Wall and Floor.
    All above in different sets, reskined and retextured, with the following:
    • Wood- Modern
    • Wood- Rustic
    • Wood- Stained
    • Metal- Modern
    • Metal- Industrial
    • Metal- Tarnished
    • Stone- Ornate
    • Stone- Rustic
    • Marble
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Gnarled (branches/Spring themed)
    • Demonic
    Ceiling Items
    • Skylight Window
    • Skylight Window- Panel
    • Skylight Window- Large
    • Ceiling Fan
    • Hanging Models/Kites/Toys
    • Hanging Potted Plants
    • Wind Chime
    • Bird Feeders
    Banisters for the original housing stairs, which would include:
    • Wooden Banister- Left Angle
    • Wooden Banister- Right Angle
    • Wooden Banister- Freestanding
    • Metal Railing- Left Angle
    • Metal Railing- Right Angle
    • Metal Railing- Freestanding
    • Ornate Banister- Left Angle
    • Ornate Banister- Right Angle
    • Ornate Banister- Freestanding
    • Gilded Banister- Left Angle
    • Gilded Banister- Right Angle
    • Gilded Banister- Freestanding
    • Stone Banister- Left Angle
    • Stone Banister- Right Angle
    • Stone Banister- Freestanding
    • Gnarled Banister- Left Angle
    • Gnarled Banister- Right Angle
    • Gnarled Banister- Freestanding
    • Demonic Banister- Left Angle
    • Demonic Banister- Right Angle
    • Demonic Banister- Freestanding
    • Rusted Pipe- Left Angle
    • Rusted Pipe- Right Angle
    • Rusted Pipe- Freestanding
    • Industrial Railing- Left Angle
    • Industrial Railing- Right Angle
    • Industrial Railing- Freestanding
    • White Picket Fence
    • Chain-link Fencing
    • Wooden Fence- Tall
    • Wooden Fence- Short
    • Cobblestone Wall (snowless variant of winter's)
    Freestanding Dividers
    Most dividers would be preferred in both half wall vertical, half wall horizontal, 1-Story, and 2 Story variant sets.
    • Wall Stud Panel
    • Drywalled Panel
    • Cabin Wall
    • Cabin Wall 2-Story
    • Tiled Dividers- Kitchen
    • Tiled Dividers- Bathroom
    • Single Glass Panel
    • Single Glass Panel-Large
    • Glass Paneled Divider
    • Arch(Radius) Window Section
    • Bay Window Section
    • Bow Window Section
    • Various dividers with differing wallpaper reskins such as color and pattern variants.

    Subsequently, adding these as wall-mounted panels as well (ie: the Ice Walls from Season's Greetings)

    All preferably in both open and closed varieties like the Theater Doors.
    • Automatic Glass Door
    • Laboratory Door
    • Freight Door
    • Garage Door
    • Roll Up Security Doors (both unfurled and rolled up)
    • Barn Door
    • Craftsmen Door
    • Modern Glass Door
    • Arch Top
    • Outhouse Door
    • Bifold Door Panel
    • Screen Door
    Flooring Items
    • Linoleum Floor Tiles
    • Checkered Floor Tiles
    • (Color) Carpeting Square
    • Shag Carpeting Square
    • Stained Wooden Floormat
    • Wooden Deck Flooring
    • Rusted Floor Tile
    • Oil Stained Floor Tile
    • Steel Paneling Floor Tile
    • Sidewalk Square
    • Cement Tile
    • Asphalt Tile
    • Asphalt Tile- Parking
    • Asphalt Tile- Road
    I'm sure there's plenty I missed, but I think you get the just of it, haha! I know it was a long read, but thank you for reading.
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  7. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Now that we have the video game cabinet from homecoming, let’s get them for every seasonal so we can build a whole arcade full.
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  8. Jaelia Committed Player

    More star sapphire Zamaron base items for next valentines please!
  9. Unknown1 Level 30

    Would love more league hall sized stuff
  10. Ghostknight Active Player

    I think being able to craft base items would be fantastic. Finding the materials throughout Metropolis and Gotham to make all kinds of base items. Even have shops throughout the cities that sell the materials. Green, Blue, Purple and Gold (rare) base items would make a fun life skill for the game. You should also be able to put these items on the broker for sale.

    We need some other new fresh things to the game to attract other type of players other than mostly Endgamers. Base crafters I know would love this ability.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  11. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    Can we have this statue from The Hunt solo? If possible, without the staff weapon?


  12. Captain Catalunya Level 30

    I would like a kind of armory/mannequin "without gaming functionality" where I can display costumes.

    I like to decorate "in museum mode", not thematic, and it would be great to have a room full of the most iconic costumes, capsules or marks
  13. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    A fire engine and rescue squad vehicles
    garage door
    (maybe interactive with a street side window)
    a fireman’s pole
    wall maps of Metropolis and Gotham

    (Yes I’ve been watching EMERGENCY! a lot lately!
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  14. sebfm Well-Known Player

    I'd love to see :

    - a Butler (mostly an alfred like style butler) to go with the manor lair.
    - Heroes/Villains statues in the size of the Olympian gods one (Hera, Zeus, Hecate) (League Hall and standard sizes).
    - A base item showing the whole bat family suits incased (as seen in many comics and other medias as DCAU Batman series).
    - more artifacts on display to use as decoration in bases and league halls.
  15. Grip Well-Known Player

    Will this be the first ever reverse base item request...? Would you remove J. Quick's Demise plz? The alert was gross enough. I'm guessing it'll be in even more lairs in Oct :eek: Yuck!
  16. vRad Level 30

    It's "The Rock" from the Sins of Black Adam (Infernal Kahndaq) vendor.
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  17. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Thanks \o
  18. TeeVolt Well-Known Player

    I'd like to see some runs of pipe for the ceiling. Could be like the basement of a house with the pipes running through the beams or more industrial with larger pipes running down the corridor.
  19. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    I would like to see some large to medium letters= A thru Z. So we can spell things in our base or league hall. Mostly for the league hall. We can spell our league name on one of the walls, etc.
  20. vRad Level 30

    +1 vote for these two from me- totems and interactive objects really liven up bases. It'd be neat if we could have legendary ally totems; perhaps a reward for leveling them a certain amount? I've seen BWL appear in our league's prison cells so the concept may have been considered before.

    Separate item idea:
    An interactive or flickering "Hello There/Hell Here" neon light, like Catwoman had in Batman Returns (sorry pic is ginormous):
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