Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    League hall size statues..afaik only Hecate / Zeus / Athena have league hall size ones (of the Greek god set).
  2. Revrec Environment Artist

    They are my fav NGL.
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    If they are, I hope it means good stuff for Spring Event this year :D
  4. Avelox Active Player

    It seems that something we could use in-game is a carousel base. We have a few types of carousel attachments so the base piece would make those items useful. I never understood what we were meant to do with those items without the centerpiece.
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  5. EthanBlack Level 30

    I have some ideas for new Holiday items.

    St Patty's
    Celtic pattern rugs
    Pet snakes
    Shamrock patch of grass
    Fairy mound (A gate way with pixies flying around it)
    Stain glass windows
    Tornado orbital strike (Maybe with a cow flying around lol)

    Halloween (My favorite)
    Autumn leaves that fall from the ceiling or trees (Like the cherry blossoms for Spring)
    Pet monsters, ghosts, and skeletons to inhabit your house and roam about
    A witch broom movement style
    Raven, owl and spider pet/trinkets
    A giant spider for the house. We have webs of many kinds, egg sacks and bodies bound up, but no big ole spider.

    Pet plant monsters that are animated (I got one that just twitches a bit when you get near him, he is boring. lol)
    Songbirds that fly around your house
    Pet Alligator
    Anton Arcane Lab set (Think B movie mad scientist with lightning from electrodes and such)
    Swamp Thing ally (Hell yeah!)

    Random Ideas
    A trinket or mission where you fly the bat jet or can fly it around town. This would work for the bat mobile as well.
    I love the alternate animal forms. Comet the horse, a raven, King Shark, a wolf, or a panther with actual attack abilities would be great.
    Always happy to see new bases. Something Swamp Thing, Dark Justice, or Limbo Town based would be great.

    Thank you for your time,
    Ethan (Mr Halloween)
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  6. Archon Adept New Player

    A variety of styles of bay doors (wall/floor/ceiling) for vehicles to enter/exit base (batwing/batmobile/scooter/spaceship/etc).
  7. Infrared Void New Player

    You guys should create other variations of sparing target's ones that can test a Healers heals or a tank survivability.
    so have a target that deals damage to other sparing targets which you use to test your heal efficiency. and have anther sparing target that will Target and attack you (but won't kill you) to test your ability to pull and your endurance as a tank
  8. Raven Roth Committed Player

    The violet Circe portal gates in her strongholds
  9. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Maybe it's been said before, but I'm thinking about making a Mr. Freeze character and would like to see Nora in her cryostasis chamber as a base item.
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  10. Unknown1 Level 30

    I know it's not technically a base item but I would love a regular teleporter option for the league hall using whatever mods are in your lair
  11. Raven Roth Committed Player

    I'm amazed that we didn't get any of the several demonic environment items from Sons of Trigon:

    Demonic altar
    Sin Energy Brazier - Lust/Gluttony/Wrath etc
    Demonic totem
    Floating magical gems
    Sinful Watcher Eye
    Wrath Demon transmorpher device
    Stream of Lust infected water
    Waterfall of Lust infected water
    Lust gem
    Jacob statue
    The Prize
    Caged Envy Demon
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  12. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    How about things like those Oracle and Legion screens but in various colors and that you can put your own emblem on?
  13. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    Running through the One Who Waits alert earlier i thought it would be fun to have portals you fall through like in the first boss fight.
  14. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Illuminated Ice Crystal Pillar

    Illuminated Ice Crystal Pillar - Large

    Illuminated Ice Crystal Archway

    Illuminated Icy Stepping Stones
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  15. Cy Yu New Player

    The ability to remove unwanted players from base list and base tracking list.
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  16. SonofJorEl New Player

    I'd definitely like to see you put resources into fixing pvp before base items
  17. Babù Level 30

    Is it possible to have a Fortress of Solitude's Lair?

    We've got for Batman (Mansion and Batcave), why not for Superman? even a piece of Doom Planet Krypton, such as the Jor-El's apartments seen in missions might be great.
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  18. Captain C Active Player

    Base Gymnasium, to increase small amounts of daily/weekly xp and toughness stat to a capped amount for their level
  19. Gravedigger Active Player

    More torture tools:
    •Brazen Bull
    •Iron Chair
    •Closed Iron Maiden
    •Used Iron Maiden
    •Chained Wall Skeletons
    •Risen Skeleton (no legs, torso rising from ground with 1 arm stretched out)
    •Skeleton pet (the kind roaming around halloween vendor)
    •Interactive Sanguine Sink & Shower
    •Sanguine Lake Patch
    •Poltergeist Possessed Television (old timey tv set w snow, interaction causes it to shake & flicker with hands visible inside the screen)
    •Haunted Table & Chairs (will hover & move as well as violently toss silverware)
    •Haunted Mirror (handprints appear on the glass at random along with a sinister red light emitted)
    •Animated Scarecrow (moving in wind, accompanied by crows flying around)
    •Haunted Carriage, pulled by black horses that make noise & move heads around
    •Mischievous Snowman (he throws snowballs at you when character isn’t facing his direction)
    •Crop Circle floor patches
    •Barn Doors
    •Table Chainsaw (interactive)
    •Mounted Sword (wall)
    •Tar Floor (slimy & gross, animated)
    •T-Rex Skeleton $ other dino skeletons
    •Fox base pet
    •Rabbit base pet
    •Owl base pet
    •Kraken Water Puddle (using the new water of recent base items, a kraken tentacle rises up & smashes the ground as a player approaches)
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  20. Vedvaengr New Player

    Some functional doors & walls with functional doors would be great