Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

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  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Skybox base items:

    These would be base items that would be large for the ceiling, and perhaps the wall as well. It would be a skin for the entire room of a base. The view would match that of various instances in the game so the base could appear as though it is actually in that world.

    Not sure at this time how it would work for base rooms that have multiple floors, such as the original lair layout.

    In terms of memory the 1 skybox would be equivalent to placing 20 base items.


    Atlantis Skybox
    Olympus Skybox
    Themyscira Island Skybox
    Kahndaq Skybox
    Thanagar Skybox
    Source Wall Skybox
    Fractured God Sphere Skybox
    Fortress of Solitude Skybox
    Limbo Town Skybox
    War-Torn Village Skybox
    Gorilla Island Skybox
    Oolong Island Skybox
    31st Century New Earth Skybox
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  2. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Also I may have suggested this before but is there any way we can use materials or chroma materials for our bases? So for the colour scheme for the lair theme itself we could use Cosmic Material, or Source Energy Chroma?

    It would give all the lair themes a new wave of life if we could have Ancient lair theme with an Arctic Chroma colour scheme for the lair itself. Or a Dark Metal Chroma colour scheme for the Manor lair theme? Or a Phoenix Material for the Cave lair theme? Impassioned Chroma for the Sewer lair theme? Tenth Metal Chroma for the House of Legends lair theme?

    Lots of ideas and potential.

    If this could also be used for league halls then even better.
  3. Lucky Sailor New Player

    Next year, I would like to see the following already in-game items re-skinned with autumn colors:
    -all trunks, stumps, branches, canopies, and trees
    -grass patches
    -full oak trees
    -all cherry blossom items (complete with falling autumn colored leaves animation)

    I'd also like to have large sized versions of these for the newer lair themes and the League Halls, as well as more trees that are complete.
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  4. Lucky Sailor New Player

    For the Winter Seasonal, I would like to see some fir trees as base items.
    -Plain Fir Tree
    -Snow Covered Fir Tree
    -Fir Tree with Cones
    -Fir Tree with White Lights
    -Fir Tree with Multicolored Lights
    -Fir Tree Branches (Wall item)
    -Snow Covered Fir Tree Branches (Wall item)

    I would also like the Lighted Trees that are seen around Gotham and Metropolis during the Winter Seasonal (and a multicolored lights version) as base items.
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  5. Lucky Sailor New Player

    I would like to have more variations of the Will-O'-the-Wisp Totem and Water Drop Totem.
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  6. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    The red spiderweb fairy lights featured in the Halloween vault.

    And maybe re-colours of fairy lights we have in game already, but just one colour and still.
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  7. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Clear Night Sky (can be a reskin of Starfield Window without the galaxy)
    Everchanging Aurora (will change between white, green, blue, pink, purple and red) (ceiling base item)
    Aurora Borealis - Large (Large green aurora effect for ceiling)
    Winter Sunset Window - Cabin inspired window (wall base item) with a snowy fell and a pink sky sunset in the background
    Winter Sunset Sky - (similar shape to Starfield Window but showing a pink clear sky)
    Snow Covered Shed Entrance (reskin of Shed Entrance from JLD) but with a foot or more of snow accumulation on top)
    Mausoleum Entrance Ice Sculpture (reskin of Mausoleum Entrance from Halloween but ice)
    Stone Dais Ice Sculpture (reskin of Stone Dais from St. Patrick's Day but ice) - also a large variant
    Icy Stepping Stones (reskin of Stepping Stones from St. Patricks Day but ice)
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  8. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Something like those roses at the Wayne Memorial spot in Crime Alley. I'd like to have something like that to put at some of the graves in my cemetary set.
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  9. Avelox Active Player

    Can the devs look at making floor/ceiling/wall items no longer limited to those locations? Those of us who feel limited by the current available base items will find this change to be very freeing. Sure, you can do some silly upside-down bases with that, but I would just like to play around using dividers in 3 dimensions or maybe seeing the galaxy ceiling item as a wall item and boxing it in like a stary window. There could be a lot of creative choices that could come from this one adjustment to the deco system. I don't know the programing complexities involved but if it is as easy as I imagine it is to implement, then it would be very much worth the effort.
  10. Bo Wiccan Well-Known Player

    I would actually like to see power set themed bases.
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  11. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Free flying bats, owls (either flying or in trees/on branches), crows/ravens, etc. Would go great in my cemetary.
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  12. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    The funhouse large hourglass, but like a large large version.
  13. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Would it be possible to do like an open grave? like the freshly dug hole in the ground or at least the illusion of it like how the Treeline item and the windows in the Manor base hem give the illusion of space beyond them? Could make for some cool shots like there's a funeral getting set up. Or doing a photoshoot with your toon like they're in one of those symbolic nightmares where they see their open grave.
  14. Cyfaill Well-Known Player

    I just realise that Neron have a Goya, can we stole it from him? I get it, just to preserve it of course and to give 10000 of prestige to our base/liar although i saw he has two of them...maybe they are fakes and don't give prestige at all hehehe.

    Also i would love to have an statue of myself (like the league halls i mean), how i'm going to be a good villain without one? I need to rise my ego somehow. To the heroes, i guess they'll be good with a key of the town they have saved....they don't statues, right?
  15. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    *BUMP!* We still need more colors of these!
  16. YoNinja New Player

    During these sad times. Do you think it would be possible if we got a base item with Kevin Conroy and Batman together? Maybe like a poster we can put on our wall. A little something that shows how much he meant to DC.
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  17. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    An astrology table. A big and small version please.
  18. Cyfaill Well-Known Player

    I was thinking about the 'recordings' from the feat on the Challenge from the Sins of Black Adam and it's a shame we cannot hear them in order at our pace as with briefs and investigations, may i suggest somekind of a base item (an egypcian instrument or a goddess statue (Hathor?) in which you can interact and listen the recordings? Only available after you get the feat of course.

    Just in case, i'm refering to the picture of "Saturno devorando a su hijo" (Saturn eating his son).
  19. creatine1 Well-Known Player

  20. Zoe· YouTuber

    The Scarab door from the pre-30 Black Adam quest. It looks really cool!