Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

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  1. creatine1 Committed Player

    air traffic control radar screen
  2. creatine1 Committed Player

    judges bench
  3. creatine1 Committed Player

    joker lair theme
  4. creatine1 Committed Player

    stock ticker
  5. creatine1 Committed Player

    model watch tower and legion of doom headquarters
  6. creatine1 Committed Player

  7. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    There should be a way to donate, trade or delete unwanted items from your saved base items.
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  8. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    Make base items like furniture interactive. Such at sit in a chair and eat at a dining table.
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  9. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    Have a variety of decoration patterns for walls, floors and ceilings.
  10. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    It would be nice to have all your characters under one base. Put their armories in one base.
  11. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    A gamer’s resource table take the clean decorative table and put on a player’s guidebook, a laptop opened with the browser showing a gamer’s page or forum. Scrolling, a couple of solder cans and a wireless controller

    [IMG]Gamer’s resourse table by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
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  12. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Central City Thunderstorm window! (I've been asking for that one for years!)
  13. Achikah All About That Base

    I posted this over in Gotham but I figured I should also do so here! Here's a mega request I've been compiling for awhile now.
    Thank you!

    Anniversary Event Furniture Ideas

    Windows to Themyscria/Gotham/Metropolis: Just like the Windows to Qward, I think it'd be great to give us a horizon-based, or skyline, windows for each of the various mentor. Doubly so if we get a Hero and Villain version!

    Speed Force Archway- Small: Sized down version of the Speed Force Archway
    Speed Force Wall- Small: Sized down version of the Speed Force Wall
    Speed Force Ceiling- Large: Just like the existing one but more friendly for larger base areas/leaguehalls.

    More Signs: There are still a ton of signs out in Gotham/Metropolis I'd love to have as signs that escaped the 2019 release. Here's a list of some of the ones I've seen in my day to day open world errands I'd love to have for a base:
    • Pharmacy
    • Salon & Spa
    • Cocktails
    • Restaurant
    • A Cross/Hospital sign
    • Cinema
    • Nightclub
    • Bar- Vertical (the martini glass one found out in Gotham)
    • Cafe
    • Grill
    • Gabe's Groceries
    • Metropolis Fire Dept.
    • Big Top Show (from Amusement Mile)
    • Newsstand
    • City Parking Garage-Extended
    • Pizzeria
    • Pawn
    • Entrance
    • Exit
    Newspaper Stand:A street vendor with various candies and newspapers displayed
    Magazine/Comic Racks: Proper magazine racks

    Comic Boxes: The superman comics are great, but I'd love if we could have boxes much like comic collectors would have. Could be in various sizes.

    Hotdog Cart: Similar to the Hot Dog carts already utilized in several early game missions (Raven's Gluttony quest and Gotham U's).

    Vending Machines: Again, from the Gluttony mission; some non-interactive/workable ones would be amazing for bases.

    Market Tents: Similiar to the Thanagarian Market Stalls but square. These are already assets in the game and can be found in Gotham's Chinatown in various open parking lots.

    More Triumphs: I'd love to see more triumphs this year, not just from newer DLCs, but several others from older ones as well. Here's a list of ones I thought would be great, as well as the corresponding raid for headline unlocks to obtain them:
    • Cerberus (HoH)
    • Starro(TTB)
    • Kraken(SFF)
    • Anti-Monitor(CC)
    • Hydra (Patchwork Feat/or Act of Defiance)
    • Perpetua (TSW)
    • Grail(FGS)
    • Brimestone (BOP)
    • Dark Father(NA Duo)
    • Morgwar(Spindrift)
    • Sea Beast (Throne)
    • Man-Bat Commander (Zoo)
    • Avatar of Magic (Gates)
    • Avatar of Meta (FOS2)
    • Avatar of Tech (Sub)
    Starry Window:Similar to the Starfield window, but no galaxy, just the stars.

    Bottled Brainiac: A replica of Brainiac after being thwarted in the Subconstruct raid.

    House Bot- Small: The same bots you see mainly as Repair Bots but in house pet form. They don’t even have to walk around, they could be stationary like the Fly Traps or Spirited Snowman and have very minimal animation.

    House Bot- Large: Same as above, but the larger, more bulky bots, much like a Bank Bot in frame just as a house pet.

    Valentine's Day Seasonal Furniture Ideas

    Record Player
    Record Player with Headphones
    Vinyl Records- Scattered
    Vinyl Records- Crated

    Guitar: Much like the Harps/Speakers, but a chair with an acoustic guitar seated by it that'd play music when interacted with.

    Balcony of Love: A proper balcony, affixed to the wall, that characters could stand on. Think Romeo and Juliet; could also be done in several styles.

    Open Curtains: A wall item that's two parted curtains. Would be great for framing doors or windows.
    Open Curtains- Floor: Same as above but freestanding

    Gilded Vanity: A large, ornate vanity with various items on it, as well as a large, attached mirror, maybe some lights as well. The surface doesn't have to be reflective by any means, just a surface reminiscent of the Olympian Moon Mirror would be great.

    Stained Glass Door: A wooden framed door with a stained glass design on it. Maybe something very art nouveau, with a rose even.

    Concession Stall: A tarp/tent for a street vendor, could be accented with a table, chair, or any other accessories to add to it.

    An assortment of different colored carnation bins/buckets for a florist display case/rack/cart would be awesome!
    • Carnation Bin-red
    • Carnation Bin-orange
    • Carnation Bin-yellow
    • Carnation Bin-green
    • Carnation Bin-blue
    • Carnation Bin-purple
    • Carnation Bin-pink
    • Carnation Bin-white
    • Carnation Bin- assorted
    Sunset Window:The same window from the White Drapes but without the curtain, was thinking it'd be the same size and design as the Aquarium Windows from summer.

    Sunset Window- Large: The same window from the White Drapes but without the curtain, was thinking it'd be the same size and design as the Aquarium Windows-Large from summer.

    St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Furniture Ideas

    Cobblestone Flooring- Large
    Stepping Stones- Large

    There's a ton of awesome architecture from early Celts that'd go great with all the statues/stones that you've given us over the years. I'd love to see a set of these which includes:
    • Celtic Archway
    • Celtic Stone Arch Door
    • Celtic Frieze
    • Celtic Corbel
    • Celtic Spire
    Meadow Grass Patch:Long bladed patches of grass, up to average size character's knees or waist.
    Meadow Grass Patch-Large: See above, just bigger.
    Tumulus: A mound/grave of raised earth, usually covered by grass.
    Tumulus- Cursed: Same as the above but it's an interactive item. Upon a button prompt a Banshee scream emanates from the mound.

    Slot Machines: I know Vault of Chance was an exclusive item, but since exclusive items have started to be given away once more, I'd really love for these to be added to the game again, even if it's a reskin.

    Poker Table: Similar to the other gambling tables but more suited to poker.

    Wheel of Chance: An interactive item; press the prompt and the wheel spins.

    Spring Seasonal Furniture Ideas

    Cumulus Clouds/ Cumulus Clouds- Small/ Cumulus Clouds- Large: We've been dying for these for ages. Please, something cloud/sky based besides Snow Cloud. There's an asset from the Olympus raid and open world Patchwork that's just cloud, adhere that to the ceiling and we'd be golden. Or, just take the snow out from the Snow Clouds. PLEASE.

    Full Cherry Blossom Tree: Just like the Full Oak, just Cherry Blossom repainted/textured

    Large Rock Waterfalls: Small Rock Waterfall but big
    Stone Cascades- Large: Cascade but big

    Bambooline: Just like a Treeline from Summer but with some larger bamboo trees on the side and a bamboo forest window

    Treeline- Cherry Blossom: Exactly like Treelines from Summer but with Cherry Blossom trees on the side and a cherry blossom forest window

    Hedge: a well maintained, average hedge design to match the other Topiaries.
    Hedge Cluster: same as above just in a set of 2 or 3.

    Wild Brush: a unkept bush or shrub without a base.
    Wild Brush- Medium: same as above just medium sized.
    Wild Brush- Large: same as above just large sized.

    Fallen Oak Tree: if a tree falls in a base and no one's around we might not be able to hear it, but I'd definitely love to see it.
    Fallen Oak Branch: Matching above but just a large branch on the ground that's fallen off.

    Willow Tree: Large tree with ivy/willow branches/vines
    Raised Rooted Tree: Similar to trees in the Amazon Rainforest
    Wilted/Uprooted Trees: Pretty much the ones used in Death Metal's Open World DC

    Various water/swamp related items:
    • Cattails
    • Lilypads
    • Water Lotus
    • Pond scum/moss
    Banjo:Interactive item; a worn chair with a banjo rested upon it that plays a tune when prompted

    Or... if you want a pivot for a spring theme, maybe a western one?

    Tumbleweed Base Pet: similar to the Lawnmower, just a tumbleweed that rolls around.

    Circling Vultures/Crows/Ravens: Ceiling item similar to the bat found on the stalactite from halloween. Nothing too detailed, just some predatory bird-like creatures circling above.

    Painted Desert Window: A window to a gorgeous desert scene, potentially a sunset. Could be framed with rocks, or freestanding like a Treeline between 2 tall cacti.

    A variety of cacti: Could include the following:
    • Cacti-Small
    • Cacti-Small with Flower
    • Cacti
    • Cacti with Flowers
    • Cacti-Large
    • Cacti-Large With Flowers
    Also wouldn't mind some crop items either for spring, specifically some from Limbo Town in the Fellowship of the Arcane raid.

    Plowed Plot: rectangular plot of tilled soil
    Plowed Plot with Crops: rectangular plot of tilled soil with sprouted crops
    Garden Plot: Rectangular plot of tilled soil with various grown crops/flowers.
    Sprouted Crops: one of the above, just free from the plot.
    Sprouted Crops- Grown: fully grown crop, could have several variants for different items grown. I know the one in Fellowship seems to be some sort of grain, and I'd be just fine with that.

    Farming Fence: A waist-high wooden fence.
    Stacked Barrels: Just like the Limbo Town Barrels but a triangular stack of 3 as seen in FotA.

    Other farming/production items could include:
    • Bag of Seeds
    • Water Bucket
    • Watering Can
    • White Picket Fence
    • Millstone
    • Windmill
    • Water Wheel
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  14. Achikah All About That Base

    Pt 2:

    Summer/Tides of War Seasonal Furniture Ideas
    The theme of this suggestion would be Desert Island, filling in the gaps from the smaller showcases of pirate styles and island themes throughout the various years of Tides of War.

    Oceanline- Sunrise: Much like Treelines but instead of Oak Trees have Palms and the view would be a sunny beach.
    Oceanline- Sunset: Same as the aforementioned, but with a sunset in the sky.

    Arid/Desert/Island Rocks (leaning/group/formation): A reskin of the St. Patrick's Day rocks, just in a warmer color pallet to feel more attune to a desert/island locale.

    Grotto Cavern: A larger base item that'd be a dome/cloister of rocks that a character could venture into, like a small cave. Possibly with an oculus, maybe some ivy/moss/markings on the walls.

    Driftwood: Just a washed up piece of driftwood for any beach/ocean theme.
    Large Palm Trees: Just a size variation on the Palm Tree item from the past.
    Fallen Coconuts: A few scattered coconuts that could be placed on the ground, or on a sand mass.
    Leafy Island Shrubs/Bushes/etc: Just a variety of tropical/island based flora.

    Tide Pool: A rocky enclosure, similar to the Miniature Pond, but more oceanic themed, maybe with some shells, oysters, starfish or other various sea life.

    Seafloor/Reef Porthole- Ceiling: Just like the other portholes, just on the ceiling
    Aquarium Window- Ceiling (large and regular): Just like the windows from this summer but a ceiling panel
    Aquarium Window- Floor (large and regular): Just like the windows from this summer but a floor panel

    Shipwrecked Set
    This would be a set of debris that resembles piece of a crashed wooden ship. The piece could be self-sustaining or be placed in sand mound to facilitate the shipwrecked effect. Potential items could include:
    • Shipwrecked Mast
    • Shipwrecked Figurehead/Foremast
    • Shipwrecked Crow's Nest
    • Shipwrecked Cannon
    Also, Shipwrecked Debris (Various/Scattered/Sparse):To go with the set; various waterlogged pieces of debris from the ship, such as planks, crates, barrel, ropes, nets, etc.

    Lighthouse (animated): This would be a larger base item, probably only able to be placed in larger base rooms or a league hall. It'd pretty much function as a large Lighthouse spire with an animated light at the top that'd rotate around.

    Crashing Tide: Absolutely no idea if this is possible, but if there's anyway to simulate an animated tide ebb, that'd be amazing. It could be a transparent item, like the Blankets of Fog, that could be placed atop the Water Puddles and moves some seaform or gentle waves. Again, no idea if this is even doable or worth the work it'd take, but just wanted to add the idea.

    Halloween/The Witching Hours Seasonal Furniture Idea

    Van Helsing Doors- Open: Reskin of the Van Helsing Doors but have them opened.

    Enchanted Broom- An animated base pet that floats around, possibly with a sweeping animation.

    Haunted Mirror- I know logistically making a reflecting surface in-game is a ridiculous ask, but I did have a fun concept that would satiate the want for a mirror base item while also making it more doable. Much like the animated paintings, maybe make an old Victorian mirror, tinted over like the Olympian Moon Mirror, and animate different effects onto it. One could be a ghoulish face, another the mirror slowly cracks, or it could fog up with a spooky message, maybe drip with blood. Bottom line- a spooky mirror.

    Limbed Clusters Floor/Ceiling/Wall- this one is a mighty want for my haunted house: hands much like the Arkham Grave hands but in large clusters on varying surfaces, as if something is reaching out and grasping from behind the wall/floor/ceiling. They could be opaque or spectral, but ya, just a bunch of creepy limbs for maximum spookiness.

    Sanguine/Inky Ooze-I know blood and gore have probably been asked for a million times over, and I understand why they haven't been placed in the game yet given the grizzly aspects. However, given the fountain added during Wonderverse and its coinciding blood room in FGS, I propose making Sanguine items for the next Halloween seasonal. If that's too much, maybe instead of red you tint them black, like ink. Green could also work as well to go with the Haunted items, or heck, all three with recoloring/skins. You could do various iterations of it such as:
    • Dripping (Ceiling and Wall)
    • Puddle
    • Pool
    • Splatter
    • Hand/Footprints, etc.
    The following could also be for the Spring seasonal, but since the Autumn Trees drop during The Witching Hour I figured I'd place them here.

    Old/Tall/Sparse/Full Autumn Tree variants- Same as the current Autumn tree but just having different variations as the Cherry Blossoms and Oaks have from the Spring seasonal.

    Autumn Canopy variants- Just to complete the autumn foliage set for a cohesive base. A recoloring of the Cherry Blossom set would be perfect, especially with the fallen leaves coming down.

    Harvest Moon Skylight- This would be a reskin the Enchanted Forest Skylight. It'd have the same autumn leaf colors and the portal aspect could be replaced with a warmer-toned black night sky and a bright yellow harvest moon, or there could be a blood moon variant too with the gnarled Halloween branches and violet or black foliage.

    Treeline- Autumn: Exactly like the Treelines but with Autumn Trees and a fall-oriented window

    Dead Grass Patches (Large and Small variations)L Again, just another thing to add to an autumn base to utilize the trunks and branches already in the game. A recolor of normal grass patches but just brown/browning for more of a fall ambiance.

    Flower Patch- Black- Recoloring of the Spring Flower but black.

    Unearthed Corpse- similar to the Shallow Arkham Graves, but more a body having risen. Maybe even taking the Bricked Skeleton and placing it in a mound of unearthed dirt would be great.

    Haunted Gravesite- essentially a Mound of Dirt in the shape of a newly dug grave with animated spirits flowing out. Could be the same spirits as the Ghost Aura, or simpler spirits such as orbs or Boos.

    Spirit Orbs (large and small): just like the fireflies from the Firefly Grass Patches without the grass. Could be more substantial too and match the colors of the base scheme like the new auras from Springtime.

    League Hall Sized Masses- Larger versions of the Mass flooring items from the 2015 Witching Hour (Grass and Stone, Spread Dirt, Calcified Bone, Rocky, Charred Stone, and Massive Dirt Pile.)

    I'd also love some Limbo Town items as well put into the game. All these are found on the last boss area (Limbo Town) in Fellowship of the Arcane:

    • Limbo Town Trees
    • Limbo Town Plowed Field Plot
    • Limbo Town Fences
    • Limbo Town Crops
    • Limbo Town Stacked Barrels
    • Limbo Town Stacked Crates
    • Limbo Town Trees
    • Limbo Town Dock
    • Limbo Town A-Frame
    • Limbo Town Barrel with Lantern
    • Limbo Town Mineshaft Entrance
    • Limbo Town Cattails
    • Limbo Town Platform
    Suggestions for the next Winter Seasonal

    Cabin Walls/Ceiling/Flooring/Dividers/Columns- the means to make a log cabin aesthetic would be amazing, especially paired with the frosty windows, festive fireplace, and firewood piles.

    Cozy Table- Just a nice wooden dining or side table, with or without a tablecloth. The main focus would really be the set of steaming coffee mugs on it and maybe an assortment of treats or cookies too.

    Hat/Coat Rack- a standard floor standing one for long/heavy coats and then maybe another for the wall for hats and scarves.

    Gingerbread Walls/Doors/Ceiling/Flooring/Columns- basically the means to transform a base into an actual gingerbread house, or construct one in a room. Candied furniture and accessories to go with it could be very cool too.

    Freestanding Ice Walls- matching freestanding divider for the Ice set from 2021.

    More toys- The smaller toys are nice but hard to use in an actual base other than under trees. Hanging versions or table/pedestal/shelf versions would be really nice. Additional toys could also be added, such as hanging airplanes, blocks, action figures/models, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.

    Red Curtained Frosty Windows- Just like the Blue variant from years ago to match the Lobo X-Mas windows from last year.

    Orange Lantern Furniture- A leaguemate of mine adores the Orange Lantern Corps and though it'd be a very niche want, the Winter Seasonal is Larfleez' domain. I know there are constructs, but I was thinking something more like an Avarice furniture drop such as the Zamaron one for Valentine's Day (bed, couch, chairs, table, etc.) It could be opulent and gilded with the insignias, maybe a higher priced animated item that rains gold coins in some way, or some slot machines even. Really, a request for more Larfleez love is all.
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  15. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Fall/winter treelines
    one with leaves turning red/gold/orange
    the other with no leaves but a snowy coating on the limbs and the window showing snow on the ground.
  16. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    a shorter (height) version of the stand-in pub bar that can fit in the alcoves of the basic bases. I could do a lot with those if I just had either a bit more fly-space or items that could fit in those smaller spaces
  17. Doomsday/Godspeed New Player

    Fortress of solitudes Phantom zone portal plus the rings around it

    Jor-El hologram device(Harbinger’s size)

    Lara and Jor-El fortress of solitude statues large size like Statue of Superwoman (large)

    Superman’s kryptonian ship(the one that sent him to earth as an infant) but the size of Alexander’s dimensional ship
  18. Achikah All About That Base

    Just spammed some ZooE for a bit tonight and realized there are some pretty cool items in there I'd love for a base. I think some of them may fit in with the Anniversary, Valentine's Day, or even a future Homecoming drop now that we know what the rewards look like:

    Ticket Booth- Wall: At the very beginning of ZOOe, there's a ticket booth to the right. I'd love to have those windows be available, especially with all the movie theatre stuff that's out already.
    Ticket Booth: Potential freestanding version of the item above, maybe mounted on a wall/divider
    Ticket Sign: There's also a sign on the wall reading TICKETS that'd be great to have as well.

    Food Truck Vendor: Right after the first archway in ZOO, if you hang to the right there's a concession/food area. The food trucks/vendors here would be a great addition for base decorators.

    Patio Table with Umbrella: In the same area, the round outdoor tables with the umbrellas in the middle.

    Large Mounted Lion Statue: The giant lion when you first walk in. Be great for larger bases and league halls.

    Gotham Zoo Sign- Gift Shop: Just like the Restrooms sign that's available, there's also Gift Shop signs already made I'd love to see in circulation for decorators.
    Gotham Zoo Sign- Restricted: Same as above, just the sign labeled Restricted.
    Gotham Zoo Sign- Storage: Same as above, just the sign labeled Storage.
    Gotham Zoo Sign- Arrow: Same as above, just the arrow sign that's seen with the other various signs.

    Rainforest Window: Since both the Penguin and Bat habitats seemed to be an environment/architectural aspect and not a premade window, could we maybe get the window effect that's in the back area of the Bat Exhibit? It looks like a very atmospheric bird's eye view of a rainforest with a river snaking through it and I'd LOVE to be able to use it.

    Stable Wall- Short: During the second boss fight there's a caging area for what I assume are veterinary check-ups. In there to the left are some large, horizontal fencing that seem reminiscent of stable or livestock walling. I'd love both a Short version (about waist high) and then a Tall version (divider height) of these walls.
    Stable Wall- Tall: Aforementioned above.

    Leaking Steam Pipes- Ceiling: At the end boss fight, there are some long pipes above that leak steam I think would be awesome to have available for decorating.

    These could also all be new Elite Furniture drops too which I outlined a few months ago to encourage more EEG Elite queues/grouping.
  19. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    More Olympian Statues
    [IMG]Olympian Gods by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    We Have two different versions of Hera (plus different sizes of the Hera Effigy)
    as well as Hippolyta and Hecate
    but also a full (complete) statue of Poseidon
    Hermes (speedsters could really use this one in particular)
    and Artemis

    also we could do with statues of Heracles (Hercules)
    I mean there's dozens of old Gods, Demi Gods, Heroes and Titans that could be done.
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  20. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Fire hydrants
    hedge maze dividers
    Metropolis city view windows
    small, (like the Windows to Gotham)
    largeroughly the size of the large comic cover posters
    Wide (same size as the large but set horizontally
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