Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. creatine1 Committed Player

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  2. creatine1 Committed Player

    pinball machine and arcade cabinet
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  3. khera New Player

  4. khera New Player

    Ce qui serait bon pour la salle de la Ligue les objets événements centrés jolis mais trop petits pour la salle Ligue donc c’est vide et pas joli ce serait bien pour vous faire des objets de base de l’évent pour l’ancienne Ligue dans une plus grande flaque d’herbe champignon de glace d’eau la lave chaque thème de chaque événement plus grand pour la salle de la Ligue certaines salles prennent quatre-vingts objets une fois placés il est si petit cela ne ressemble à rien que nous puissions choisir pour notre salle de ligue et pour notre base, ce serait génial
  5. sebfm Well-Known Player

    My wish : a butler for my manor or maybe, with a lot more luck, Alfred Pennyworth with fun voice parts :D
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  6. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

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  7. Drake Malice Dedicated Player

    I don’t think we ever got those base-game wanted posters as furniture (Joker, Riddler, etc). I desire those (plus many more variants)
  8. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I would love some George Perez and Neal Adams covers.
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  9. myandria Item Storage

    I would love to see larger rugs, similar to the sand and snow piles but geometric shaped (square, triangle, rectangle, circle). It would also be nice to have larger versions of the Black, Blue and White Luxurious rugs so we dont need 15-20 of them to cover an entire floor if we so choose. More colors for the Luxurious rugs are needed, such as: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple,Interactive autumn leaf piles would be nice; small leaf piles that can be kicked to scatter the leaves and large leaf piles to jump into to scatter the leaves.
  10. myandria Item Storage

    Another request: May we have some fruit and nut trees/bushes/vines for the seasonal event vendors now that we have a "honey" tree? I would like to see a generic offering of fruit trees so we could purchase them all year instead of waiting for that particular seasonal event to get them (Apple, Chestnut, Orange, Peach, Mango, Banana Cherry Trees with Cherries in them, Pineapple, ect). It would be nice to have some grape vines on a wall trellis and grape vines on a ceiling trellis with the grapes hanging down. The Vernal Trellis' would work well with grapes, in my opinion.
  11. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    Hey team,

    This is a lot, but I’ve thought about this a lot.
    Apologies if I’ve listed something already spoken about.

    For your consideration.

    The rest of Batman Who Laugh’s framed metal cards, the new ones featured in BWL ally’s support ability.

    Magic Shop-
    Magic shop potion bottle rack
    Magic shop comic books rack
    Magic shop Crystal stand
    Magic shop ingredients stand
    Magic shop sale sign

    Hex appeal merch display
    Hex appeal poster
    Birds of Prey/black canary record/CD merch display
    Record/CD stand

    Outdoor things-
    Sky ceiling - day
    Sky ceiling - night
    A moon that changes phases
    Full cherry blossom tree
    Full autumn tree
    Plants or moss walls (not unlike the ice brick walls, but nature)
    Holes - like broken wall/ceiling holes that show the city or somewhere else

    Effects base items - like
    Pollen gathering (seen in Gotham)
    Fire (I’m thinking like the animation that appears when bookshelves are on fire)
    Sparkles, just some sparkles.
    Glowing stars

    “Spare” windows for older windows-
    Example- the blood moon window - another window without the moon in it to place near the one with the moon in it.
    (To give a better effect)
    (Hopefully that makes sense)

    Music related items-
    Drum set
    Guitar on stand
    Base guitar on stand
    Electric keyboard
    Nightclub visualiser screen

    Subway (like the mode of transport)-
    Like a subway sign
    Subway timetable sign
    Subway carriage (somehow)
    Like an “entrance to street”

    Batman who laughs batcomputers etc
    Batman and Wonder Woman statues
    Zatanna posters
    More female posters in general
    More Corps specific base items, (like the green lantern items available during Survival Mode, or like the valentines seasonal Star Sapphire items, but for other corps)

    And some big ticket things,

    “Crystal” base theme
    It could be similar to FOS but tintable?
    For use with like lanterns etc.

    Cathedral base theme

    Outdoor base theme. (Clark’s barn?)

    And base pals.
    If I remember correctly there were issues regarding more base pals but you never know!

    Zatanna walking around doing magic tricks.
    Alfred (obvie) doing his thing.
    Black canary walking around talking about her band.
    Even like an Amazon or lantern. Omg.
    Constantine complaining about something.
    Death metal Batman/superman like tuning and playing their guitars.
    Any base pals!

    And finally, the ability to archive base items.

    All of these things I’ve listed I would pay for in a heartbeat to really drive my bases home.
    Thanks for reading.
  12. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Also a red version of the Ivy Cluster base item.

    Also please can we have white variants of the Cherry Blossom base items?
  13. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Sanguine puddles ,for Halloween)
    Toxic bubbling puddles (Would look great with Lexcorp barrels
    Or to make a “toxic acres” type place for Poison Ivy to hang out in)
  14. Yanobu New Player

    Plz make a Poseidon statue, like the one that's in FGSE, same size n texture so we can place it along with the other statues, i Can't believe There's an Hecate statue rather than a Poseidon statue, i would pay for a Poseidon statue if necessary
  15. Clawed Active Player

    More villain statues like the Heatwave one.
    Joker, Lex, etc...
  16. creatine1 Committed Player

    tricked out desk top game pc
  17. creatine1 Committed Player

    diving board
  18. creatine1 Committed Player

    vacuum cleaner, chicken coup, washer and dryer,
  19. creatine1 Committed Player

    league of assasins lair
  20. d36williams New Player

    I feel like there's a lot of shoddy unmatched furniture and not enough light fixtures. It's weird how much I want to decorate my base. I would also pay real Earth money for an atrium my player character can fly around in, in their base. I know this game isn't the SIMS... but what if it was? If you played for X amount of time you could have a spouse at the Lair, eventually little super babies. A non-super pet that hangs out at home. The spouse would say nice things, encouragement and congratulations from time to time.

    And then say stuff like "my mother is coming to visit" and your character is like "I must confront Lex Luthor!"

    How about a suburban lair? With a garden space and sky above.