Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

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  1. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    This was Wonder Woman's 80th So How come we don't have Wonder Woman Portrait Banners like the Flash Portrait Banners we got when we started getting the Flash Base Pack?
  2. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    Laying down in the bed, you can do on most beds. Just position yourself correctly and use the sleep emote.

    But I do agree that it would be cool to sit on a couch or sit down and play the piano.
  3. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Another idea dump *winter edition*:
    •Classic Christmas Tree (popcorn & candles)
    •Icicles (the tacky house decoration not the actual real icicle)
    •Various kinds of Nutcracker
    •Christmas countdown calendar that changes daily
    •Working Dreidel
    •Large Holiday Train set w/smoke & choo choo sounds (intended to go around large trees)
    •Model sets on tables (ice skaters, villages, etc)
    •Snowblower, Snow-shovel
    •Pet Reindeer w/feeding dish
    •Pet baby Hippopotamus w/a Santa hat (please)
    •Santa stuck in a chimney with his feet out
    •Christmas Carolers (maybe like 5?) that a capella different tunes
    •Holiday greeting card wall items from different iconics
    •Gingerbread Man npc that gives cookie consumables
    •Working Menorah that can be lit for each day of Hanukkah
    •Fruit Cake in the trash, that can be equipped like popcorn machine
    •Regular Candy Cane floor item & wall hanging
    •Holiday Oven (with window bottom to see cookies baking inside)
    •Sled (not santa’s, the type children use)
    •Stocking full of Coal
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  4. Avelox Level 30

    I'd really like to see more base items like the new 1 Story & 2 Story Ice Brick walls. If you guys just keep reskinning that base item, I'd be happy to use many variations of that. Whether it was your intention or not the base items allow you to place this wall piece with greater freedom than most items. You can cover an entire wall almost like wallpaper to transform the same old reused base theme into something brand new. I'd really like to see ceiling items and floor pieces that do the same thing but right now I'd like to encourage you to keep reproducing this new base item. You could reskin it to fit into every seasonal or make it an episode base item.
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  5. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    More bar/club related items. I've got a pub in one of my bases, and would like to liven it up with some things like:

    Glowing disco ball that lights up the room.
    Dance floor with lights.
    Some dancers (totems?) (I'm not taking exotic, but fishnets would be good lol)
    Wall bar tops with stools.
    More gambling items.
    Colored ceiling lights.
    Beer mugs on tables.
    Beer coolers (upright).

    Anything else along those lines.
  6. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    This would be pretty easy for them to pull off since they've already got people dancing in the Iceberg Lounge. All they have to do is create a totem which spawns them in your base.
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  7. SureOverlord New Player

    I would actually like a total revamp of the deco theme.
  8. daysagling New Player

    I liked the New Wayne Manor lair a lot from the size to the intricate hallways there's even a bat cave and secret bookcase that you can go through but the doors you put on the doorways you cant go through unless you smash through them which is counter productive and the Atlantean and ancient Lairs are Awesome too but decorating them is difficult cuz of lack of content you receive during the game

    I would love to see more occult based themes for heroes\villain's like a hell themed lair or a Magical Dimension lair that adapts to the powers that your heroes/villain's have
  9. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    It isn't necessarily an item.
    But perhaps a FoS base theme would be nice.
  10. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Wall Mounted Exit Signs...
    [IMG]Museum Theater by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    The Ceiling Mounted ones we have hang a little too high up over their respective exits
  11. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Most likely asked for in the past, but what about a Fortress of Solitude type? We have Cave (Batman) as well as his Mansion, even Brainiac's. Maybe, the "Eradicators" as Henchmen. Heh.
  12. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    the statues of the Justice leaguers from the Sixth Dimension raid would make great base items.
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  13. Achikah Committed Player

    Suggestions for the next Winter Seasonal

    I know the Winter Seasonal just ended, so I wanted to get a jump for requesting next year's furniture since I know these things take some time.

    Cabin Walls/Ceiling/Flooring/Dividers/Columns- the means to make a log cabin aesthetic would be amazing, especially paired with the frosty windows, festive fireplace, and firewood piles.

    Cozy Table- Just a nice wooden dining or side table, with or without a tablecloth. The main focus would really be the set of steaming coffee mugs on it and maybe an assortment of treats or cookies too.

    Hat/Coat Rack- a standard floor standing one for long/heavy coats and then maybe another for the wall for hats and scarves.

    Gingerbread Walls/Doors/Ceiling/Flooring/Columns- basically the means to transform a base into an actual gingerbread house, or construct one in a room. Candied furniture and accessories to go with it could be very cool too.

    Freestanding Ice Walls- I'm sure this has already been requested, but thought I'd add it. (Also, sidenote- thank you for the walls and their generous hitbox/clipping abilities. So great!)

    More toys/gifts/plushies- The smaller toys are nice but hard to use in an actual base other than under trees. Hanging versions or table/pedestal/shelf versions would be really nice. Additional toys could also be added, such as hanging airplanes, blocks, action figures/models, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.

    Red Curtained Frosty Snowy Windows- The Space Hog windows are amazing, however, logistically it doesn't make sense to have them on all 4 walls of a room seeing as the moon is clearly visible. The only alternative would be the Frosty Windows, but then there's the problem of the curtain sets not matching since theirs are blue while the Space Hog's are red. I purpose a variant reskin/recolor of the Frosty Window so that it can coincide with the Space Hog. I'd also be ok with a reskin/color of the Space Hog in blue as well.

    Orange Lantern Corps Furniture- A leaguemate of mine adores the Orange Lantern Corps and though it'd be a very niche want, the Winter Seasonal is Larfleez' domain. I know there are Orange Lantern constructs/gifts, but I was thinking something more like an Avarice furniture drop such as the Zamaron one for Valentine's Day (bed, couch, chairs, table, etc.) It could be opulent and and gilded with the insignias, maybe a higher priced animated item that rains gold coins in some way, or some slot machines even. Really, a request for more Larfleez love is all.

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  14. Avelox Level 30

    I'm hoping to see more instances repurposed into Base themes like with the Wayne Manor. There are a few I'd enjoy playing around with. One that I bet a lot of ppl would enjoy is the Titans Training duo or that episode's alert. I know we can't expect to have too much map so therefore I am requesting either the training room or the hallway that includes the Titan's bedrooms.

    The training room would be amazing to play with as it would be the largest single room space we'd have to work with.

    The hallway with bedrooms would be great too because many of us have recreated versions of the Titans Tower or other team locations and having that setup would certainly open a lot of creative doors.
  15. sebfm Active Player

    My dream decoration, would be an animated Alfred Pennyworth walking around the manor lair :p

    I really love Statues of Triumph, soooo, as much I can get, as much I'll take :D
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  16. AmbrosiaStar New Player

    With Krypto, it would be nice to see a water bowl as well as the dog dish. There could be a running water spicket appear like the dog food does when is water dish is used. It would also be nice if we could pet Krypto or allow him to be one of the pets that we can use in our trinket spaces when we fight!!!:)
  17. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    oh how i want an eagly.
  18. CrazyFran24 New Player

    Hello, I wanted to give a suggestion to the developers of the game, I would like to have different allies in my healing function instead of having allies to deal damage and keep them in the armory. ty❤️
  19. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Just a THANK YOU!- for adding stuff that will make my bar/club more lively!
    *How about some backup dancers for the dance floor lol.
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  20. Yoko New Player

    Those Lexcorp vehicles would be good base items.