Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I love my wayne manor , would like to see more stuff like that in the future, maybe an FoS base for superman themed characters or a flash museum base. 1 base item i think we need badly is some doors that swing open and closed so we don't have to smash them to go through them.
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  2. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I would really like this vault door from the end of the Iceberg Lounge solo. Those money bags on the wall are neat too

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  3. Im Mavis New Player

    I understand with the recent release of the Manor lair and with it being bigger than the rest of the normal base lairs, would it be possible if the Gazebo base item from the Patchwork Themyscira of the Supply bot alpha be able to be placed in the Manor lair? Maybe at the front entrance to the Manor lair or at the back part where the cave is at?
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  4. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    - Can we have this aquarium as seen in the Iceberg Lounge solo?


    It would be nice to have this original one and a variant with other animals like small sharks, seals or rays ets. etc.
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  5. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    More Green Lantern items. Maybe a Power Battery we can interact with for a fun little animation or sound, or maybe a hologram of a Guardian (Of The Universe) similar to the little oracle displays. You know what I like ;)
  6. Aren Sul Committed Player

    A league donation kiosk.
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  7. Wonder Boi Well-Known Player

    You remember in the Superfriends they had that table in the middle of the Hall of Justice. Yeah that's what I want with the big read trouble alert globe on top
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  8. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

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  9. Volle Active Player

    Cosmic Space Windows, Hovering Bed LED lights under, Gaming Computer, Desk with LED lights
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  10. Feat Hunter New Player

    Alfred the butler as base pet for manor lair
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  11. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player


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  12. SuperCorp Level 30

    WONDER DOME! This would be a house/base like you have for batman's manor and cave combo
  13. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Well, within the parameters of the game that's pretty much what he amounts to.
    I mean either he walks around the base dusting things and making slightly snarky comments.....
    Or he just stands in one place until activated and gives you some meaningless little nothing (and occasionally a base item)
  14. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Now then, in the "BEATING A DEAD HORSE" category.....
    More Flash Museum items please....

    [IMG]flash museum sign and wall lights by Michael Kramer, on Flickr

    [IMG]flash museum doors wide banner and small long banners by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    (Maybe make the doors floor item like the Wayne Manor doors so we can set them either against a wall or or in and an alcove opening?)?

    [IMG]tickets and admission signs by Michael Kramer, on Flickr

    [IMG]curved reception tables with computers by Michael Kramer, on Flickr

    [IMG]flash museum long banners by Michael Kramer, on Flickr

    [IMG]Restroom doors by Michael Kramer, on Flickr

    [IMG]HeatWave Portrait and gadget by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    [IMG]WeatherWiz Portrait and Gadget by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    [IMG]Piper Portrait and Gizmo by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    [IMG]CapCold Portrait and Gadget by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    (Not limited to just these four...but with the portraits, if you interact with them, they play the corresponding clips from the dexter Myles tour briefing. With the Gadgets, they flare out the audio/visual effects of what the gadgets would do but without dealing damage to any surrounding base items.)

    The existing Science of the Rogues, Physics and Entering the Speed Force Signs currently available

    STANDING POSE FLASH STATUES (Regular and League hall/manor Size)
    and Where to signs!
    [IMG]flash standing statue by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    [IMG]which way signs by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
  15. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    More “creepy” furniture to go in the manor “maybe even a creepy manor pack pre-filled with ghoulish furniture pieces to counter the luxurious/lclassic etc items that are in a standard manor pack
    creepy coffee tables similar to the luxurious versions but in black with black magic books or some other kind of horror based items.
    accent tables with dead flowers.
  16. DeeOweEnn New Player

    Luxury Cars. Would be cool to walk into the base with a lambo on display, or into a league hall that looks more like a garage.
  17. DurangoKid70 Active Player

    Id like to have training room sparing targets that fight back and characters that can walk around your base, for example if you had a casino youd have people walking around or surgeons in a lab etc
  18. Objuan New Player

    I would like something that would allow me to gender swap I have styles that only look good on female characters. I have almost no time to create a new character I'm sry work is crazy nd I can only play about 15 hrs a week if I'm lucky so gender swapping would be awsome
  19. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Santa themed Sleigh Bed.
  20. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    A table with a swear jar on it.

    A kitchen counter/sink with a tiled wall backsplash.

    A giant plinko game (hopefully interactive)

    A cell phone charging station.

    Coat racks with different styled coats on them. (both wall racks and standing tree racks).

    End tables with lamps on them based on different heroes (Green Lantern one where it's him holding his ring up and the lamp glows green, Superman one where he's shooting his eye beams upward and the lamp glows red, Aquaman one where he's blasting water upward and the light glows blue, etc.)

    Extra large furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, etc.) so it feels as if you've shrunk.

    A set of farm animal pets (pig, goat, etc.)

    Wooden post fences (like in Smallville)
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