Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    I second this request. My current league has a really cool nature/garden area and some large cherry blossom trees would pull it all together nicely.
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  2. SuperCorp Level 30

    It would be nice to have more choices for displaying our Armor.

    It would be nice to not have a LIMIT of how many armor stands we have as well.

    Maybe have a Closet/Armory added to the BASES. Like a walk in closet where you can switch the armors.

    Maybe a Hologram of the outfits rotating in place that flips after every second rotation of the armor to another armor we have in the system.

    Or if that's too difficult maybe a Display that shows the armors we have made into sets for our character.

    Just something better than what we have because I purchased another base thinking I could stick more armor stands in it and come to find out it dosen't work like that.

    The ones we have are Big and Bulky and it would just be nice to only have to use one for all the sets instead of placing multiple in the base.

    But for those that do can still use the old ones but maybe make more visual options...
  3. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    this scarecrowbatsignal as halloween deco
  4. Doctor Proteus New Player

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  5. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I second this. Also, basically anything in Hive E, those cables in Clocktower. and those terminal machines the resistance fighters are at when we have to protect them. in the daily mission.
  6. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Arcade Machines
    Foosball Table
    Air Hockey Table
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  7. Caroline Dedicated Player


    This base item for the next Spring seasonal. That little fountain on top would look so nice if it had water in it. :)
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  8. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    It took a long time of being patient, waiting for Survival Mode to come around again this year, but I finally got Oan Charging Consoles for the bases of all but one of my Green Lantern characters (I only just noticed that I forgot about it for that character. :oops:)


    But now we need these recolored and possibly restyled for the other colors of the power rings! Yellow and Red at a bare minimum, because those are the other 2 playable Corps. But ideally we'd have them in every color there's ever been a Lantern Corps for!

    Oh, but they need to be available somewhere other than in Survival Mode! That event is too rare, and too short-lived, to be the sole way to get these things! :mad:
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  9. JKR Well-Known Player

    How about truly interactive base items.

    I posted this in gotham but this seems more appropriate:


    Mini-games, a small game that the active player(s) is(are) dropped into that takes you out of the normal DCUO world during the duration of the game visually although other league members could still see you physically within the league hall/base space. The mini-game can be played potentially by multiple users depending on the base item.
    Some examples:
    - Poker Table, four players with 5 card and Texas hold-em where players can bet their own DCUO money.
    - Craps and roulette tables where multiple players can play and bet their own DCUO money.
    - Pool tables 2 - 4 users.
    - Boxing ring 2 users.
    - (Valentine's) Theatre screen that can at least play the origin iconic hero and villian videos.
    - table tennis - 2-4 users.
    - Knife Target - 1 user where you can pick up 3-5 knives and have to aim and throw.
    - Archery Targets - multiple users
    - Gun Range - multiple users
    - cornhole (lol) but why not, 2- 4 users.

    Hopefully the devs and community gets the idea that this is about creating more avenues for fun and communial experiences within leagues and amongst friends who have these items in their bases. Sometimes players just want to chill out and these options could help keep more players engaged in the game but in a slightly different way.
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  10. JKR Well-Known Player

    1. Here's a couple of additional suggestions:

      - Dance floor, up to 8, 12 players where there are several sections of the floor that trigger different, new or random dances. Possibly even different theme dance floors like salsa or square dancing or whatever.
      - Table Soccer (phoose ball lol), 2 players
      - Bowling Alley(s) 2- 4 player per lane.
      - Big Block "Jenga" (probably would have DCUO the name), 2 - 4 players (i've seen in pub atmospheres).
      - Fishing pond (outside-of-the-box idea)? Maybe 2 players trying to catch fish? could interest somebody?

    2. JKRLevel 30

      even more suggestions:
      - Chess
      - Checkers
      - 3D Chess (Sci-fi inspired)?
      - Space Monster Chess (Sci-fi inspired)?

      Games and activites that promote social interaction with a few solo activites but I would avoid games like solitare. lol

  11. The Blurr Level 30

    I'd say themed base items that make sense to the lair theme.. And yes plants and trees too.. indoor pools ?? ponds.. more pillars, walls, better furtniture.. Perhaps base items that you can mix to make it look like 1 base item.. I do a lot of deco mixing in my lairs and ive been doing a lot of decorating in other games.. its something I like to do?
    Make walls tie up against pillars so you dont have gaps between an lair wall or pillar and the baseitem wall.. just some pointers from my view.
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  12. Zoe· YouTuber

    • I am asking again for Lantern base Items. I know we have some in Christmas, but they are *Christmas* themed. I would love to decorate my base with console batteries for each ring. Maybe more lantern posters.
    • I would love for Christmas event if we can have a table with a plate of cookies for the feel that Santa might visit our bases xD
    • More Harley Quinn Inspired base Items. Mallet on the wall or ground, retextured clown faces. Maybe Harley prints.
    • For next Summer Event, Perhaps briefcases with Iconic Emblems on them.
    • Can we have animated small fairies for Spring Event? And Fairy Statues, etc.
    • Posters of the new Models and NPCs. So Like Zatanna's NPC posters and such.
    • And, More Thanagrian related Statues of Hawkman and Hawkgirl maybe or Generals.
  13. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    Harley themed graffiti (or other character's graffiti that Harley has "painted over") and her hyenas Bud and Lou as base pets.
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  14. Big Will Level 30

    Don't think it counts as a base item but can you add the option for a shared bank account for ingame cash cause we can't mail money nomore
  15. DCLegend83 Level 30

  16. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    After a bit of boredom (and finding a random item), I took a look at the possible bundles. Well, the item was a "Rustic Leather School Desk", but where is the classroom bundle? How about a few chalkboards, those desks... gonna need some dividers to create a true classroom, too. Maybe even grab a few mysterious bookshelves as well.
  17. valiant Villian Well-Known Player

    I have a really nice base, Penthouse theme. I would like to have a Butler or Maid that walks around doing meaningless activities such as dusting, sweeping, etc....Batman themed people would love to have a 'Alfred' type butler. I personally would like to have a sexy French Maid with a skirt that goes a little too high and heels a little too long if you know what I mean. If Ambush bug can run around a base, a maid or Butler could as well.....right?
  18. Blonde Woman New Player

    Hello DCUO and MEPPS. Is it somehow possible to add this Wayne Poster for the league hall and smaller for the bases into the game? Possibly flat like the picture one. That would be very cool and nice.[IMG]
  19. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    A coloured version of the Superman Statue would be much appreciated. I know, this edit of mine quite sucks, but I think it does the trick just fine :D
  20. Tree Well-Known Player

    Perhaps mirrors? Body length mirrors that is a free-standing, wall bathroom mirrors, and any other mirrors. We’d also like more plants!