Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

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  1. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    They've existed for years, called Glowing Material, Sinister Material, and Furious Material. One each for each of the 3 playable Corps. There are also Chroma versions as well. You can find them in the Auction Broker and/or through private Trades.
  2. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Just returned to the game over that name reclaim thing - returned to the forums over the current server issue - and noticed the accessory slot which wasn't there when I quit like ages ago. Wondering if it is possible to copy some of the partial auras - head, hand, feet, head&hand etc. - to the accessory slot - like devs did with the seasonal bunny/wolf/cat ear styles - so we could technically combine auras, like the original nimbus with red doomed hands? Pretty sure that would make for some cool new looks....

    Also, is there a thread to suggest new stuff for the accessory slot? Didn't find one with a quick search....
    EDIT: Nevermind the "also" part, found the thread. Helps to feed the search in correct spelling....
  3. Icon Active Player

    Chromas, chromas, the chromas

    Please add:
    -Digital Chroma material
    -Translucent Chroma material
  4. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    What if we had a Negative Superman material/chroma like Cosmic Shader. An overlay on top of the styles you already have which still show the details.


    Have one that's Black with white details, White with black details, and one where both parts are Color changeable. (Red on Blue, Green on Yellow, etc...)
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  5. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    It's been a while since I brought up the Elvis style. I get that it was a one shot special offer. Its also one of those styles that while i would desperately love to have it's also something that really doesn't work for any of my characters. The pants would need more flare ("bell bottoms"), there would need to be a working heel that allows for the leg style to stay put and I'm certain most chromas won't channel the way i would like them to.

    My point here is that its a style that has a lot of potential.

    You should somehow turn the textured studded look into a chroma and a material!

  6. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    I have a soft spot for iridescent martials and despite some disappointments with the Scale martial I still see some potential in it to make a line of Chromas inspired by Aquaman with multiple variants of iridescent martials and a golden martial.
  7. Randarch Active Player


    Not all heroes have super-powers. Many rely on their brains.
    But most auras/accessories are designed around powers.

    Therefore, I'd like to see and aura/accessory called "Super Genius".
    Similar to the Riddler style "?" or Joker style "HA!", it would have a series (maybe a half dozen) of mathematical equations that would pop up around the character's head to show that their intelligence is their power.
    Examples: Relativity, Gravity, Euler's Identity, et al.
    Perhaps, it could look like the equations are written in chalk, like on a black board?

    I believe this would be a popular aura that many people would desire.
    Kind regards.
  8. Drgnx New Player

    It would be nice if materials respected color shades the same way chromas do. Or if there was an option to toggle. Think of costumes that have emblems in them like Superman's "house of el war suit" or "fallen God" suit, when you have materials on them you often can't see the emblem well anymore.

    Obviously if it's a dark material it would not be seen as well but It would work for the lighter materials.
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  9. amoul21 New Player

    Can we get classic hero inspired Materials with 3 color channels? IE Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash. Something that integrates small versions of their emblem to make a textured mat. If these aren't possible then possibly a leather type material with 3 separate color channels.

    Also if you guys could add Shaded Comic material to the Marketplace that'd be amazing
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  10. sebfm Well-Known Player


    here is my wishlist :

    A material with effects similar to Negative Speedforce/Blue Spark/Sparking Mat/Sparking Chroma but working with 3 colors the way Shaded Comics/Wet Paint works.

    And that's all, cause it's what I though about :p
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  11. Ughitsjaylon Level 30

    3 color way Vinyl, Leather, Cloth (like on the tropical chroma) Metallic (that works well with dark colors) chroma/material, just more basic chromas/materials we can use to cover up the outdated textures on old styles
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  12. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

  13. M3RCURY97 New Player

    I would like to see some natural landscape auras such as ;
    Moonlight night sky
    Ocean waves
    Sun rays

    And large heart monitor beat aura monitor hue with the large peaking neon line through it.
  14. Zargon7 New Player

    IDK if it's been asked already but more movement auras. I like the smoke ones the most. I wear a black smoke aura but to have the black smoke movement would be amazing. The Pink, Purple, Light Blue and other smoke colors should be added for the feet.
  15. MegaDCUO New Player

    Chemo/Chemoid/Chemling etc material and chroma.
    Fighting him in Dakota and becoming a Chemling made me realize how cool such a material could be.

    Have a color changable bubbleing chemical portion then have the rest be a sleek black and the texture of his metal parts for the final portion.

    And while we're at it. Color swappable variants of the current powerset materials would be nice too.
  16. Mister Scopey New Player

    I'd like to see an aura which gives you a cosmic/astral alloy style of an aura that surrounds your character. Maybe there could be cool nebula explosions periodically :)
  17. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    We already have the Cosmic Aura and the Nebula Aura in the game.

    Cosmic Aura on Left, Nebula Aura on Right

    But they were only available in a Boo$ter Bundle from December 10th, 2020 to January 6th, 2021. Being in a Boo$ter Bundle, you were also subject to the RNG Lottery in regards to whether or not you could actually get them.

    A second chance to get them was probably also available several months ago when we had the Boo$ter Resurgence Bundles which gave another chance to obtain various Boo$ter Bundle Styles.

    At this point, the only way to obtain them will be either through the Auction Broker, or through Private Trade, both of which are undesirable to players that aren't sitting on a mountain of in-game cash. :(
  18. xGMZen Well-Known Player

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  19. Agent Adversity New Player

    there are enough auras

    more base items would be cool
    walls and doors to suit the theme of bases
    an updated gun rack/weapons wall and table
    table of stacks of cash :)
    hologram tables of Gotham city and Metropolis city
  20. Kayla El Committed Player

    Greetings, DCUO TEAM

    Not sure if it was already suggested or not but i would really love to see a material version of Zeus Source and Source Energy chromas. Thank you @ DCUO TEAM for taking our suggestions into consideration and keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,
    Kayla El