Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

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  1. coco1851 New Player

    Since I’ve been playing since beta and was told how exclusive cosmic material was, smoke aura, nimbus to name a few were supposed to be when it first came out, and spent lots of money to obtain some of, yet cosmic material was brought out of exclusivity because of whining into the remix, my question is when is there going to be a remix for og smoke, or even nimbus aura?
  2. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    I want a material like blue spark or negative speed force that's yellow and also a green one as well
  3. CéIia New Player

    Metal/chrome color

    I would like a metal/chrome palette material that we can simply choose our colors ourselves. thank you

  4. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    Brother EYE can think of some good materials
  5. Incineration Inferno Level 30

    What about a very well designed

    1.) Animated Dripping Blood Aura(That actually is is color of blood)
    A.) Full body
    B.) Both Hands with Blood Dripping off
    C.) Each hand
    D.) Blood running out of Vampire Fangs Teeth Mouth

    2.) Animated Blood Material (Actually looks like Blood)

    3.) Can we get a Material that would allow us to only have 1 entire arm, leg, body part etc made of solid rock or metal, like Death Metal Superman arm for example so we can build certain looks.

    4.) A Material where the Human Skin is covered in Scars or cuts like Rambo(NOT the dead looking style we have now).

    My number one choice is this game for 12 years isn't a Material or aura, it's a style, so we'll save that for another thread,.

    Thank you
  6. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    What about a constellation material? Each joint would be a star point connected by a line. The background would be smaller stars in a color choosable background.
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  7. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    There's a possibility the blood ones would run afoul of content limitations set by DC Comics and/or Daybreak Games themselves to keep the game "Family Friendly", so I wouldn't be surprised if we never see anything like that.
  8. Incineration Inferno Level 30

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  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Okay, yes, Rated "T for Teen", which would be the equivalent of a PG-13 movie, BUT DC Comics has their standards for what's okay to show in this game, which they hold Daybreak Games to contractually, AND Daybreak Games has their own standards, as well. I've never seen any obvious, overt gore or bleeding in the game over the last 12 years. So, I could be wrong, but I suspect most of what you asked for probably goes against the standards the game is being held to by DC Comics and/or Daybreak themselves.

    Like, I've never seen the in-game Red Lanterns vomiting blood, which is something they DEFINITELY do in the comics! And for that matter, they don't seem to have done it in the Green Lantern Animated Series, either. So, I just expect that stuff to cross a line with them until the Devs clearly demonstrate via in-game content that it doesn't.
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  10. The Bad Guy New Player

    A swarm of Owls.
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  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Whenever someone mentions "Family Friendly" I think of the Bruno Manheim mission where you literally sees him stabbing someone.
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  12. creatine1 Well-Known Player

    blackhole aura
  13. creatine1 Well-Known Player

    poop emoji aura
  14. creatine1 Well-Known Player

    popcorn aura
  15. kallader Active Player

    a Chess Material with the black and white square Royal Flush Gang material
  16. Drgnx New Player

    A chroma pack set that's 2 parts black and 1 part neon (changeable)
    And a white version
  17. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

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  18. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Yep, and it took me something in the neighborhood of 300-400 Time Capsules opened just to get it 1 time! That's why I'm so mad we didn't get another Resurgence yet, that particular Time Capsule is long overdue for being retired, so that Chroma Pack and all the other goodies can finally be available from Boo$ter Gold for Quarks!

    For the Black version, there's the original Black Neon Chroma mentioned above, and there's also a Black Composite Neon Chroma Pack, same idea, but with a Carbon Fiber look to the black parts. I used that one for a couple years as a stand-in for the proper Black Neon Chroma Materials Pack because the "Carbon Fiber" one is actually much easier to pull out of a Time Capsule. Much, much higher odds of getting that one, so it's also cheaper in the in-game Auction Broker.

    I needed the Black Neon Chroma Materials for a couple Batman costumes, especially my Hellbat. Here's how the stupidly rare OG Black Neon Chroma Materials look on a costume:


    It's applied to the Head, Chest, and Legs on that costume.

    And for comparison's sake, here's the Black Composite Neon Chroma Materials, used on a Stealth Batsuit from the comics to make it look a bit fancier:


    So, my recommendation is to get the Black Composite Neon Chromas as soon as you can, and then grab the OG Black and White Neon Chroma Materials Packs from Boo$ter Gold for Quarks whenever they finally get moved into that Vendor's inventory. Start stockpiling Quarks now, those Chroma Packs are guaranteed to be 5,000-6,000 Quarks EACH, so 10,000-12,000 to have both Black and White Neon Chroma Materials Packs is what it's expected to cost.

    Greed, as they say, is good, apparently. :rolleyes:
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  19. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

    a chroma that is fully fabric looking that can be colour changable.
    3 Chromas with each different chroma making metalic elements to different parts of the outfit (Slot 1, 2, 3)
    Additionally. An aura that is divine similar to the picture below. comes with different colours. (Not the "Glorious" Type)[IMG]
  20. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    Can we get a red variant of the "Royal Sorceress Neon Chroma" set? The basic idea is switching out the blackish gray vinyl material for a dark red vinyl material. Personally, I'm hoping for something similar to what's seen in the "Dark Crimson Chroma" set..


    I'd love to use theses chroma sets to recreate this Circe outfit.

    I think it'll epic with the gold and glowing gems.