Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. bboy-rei Active Player

    We already have many colors available, but I'd like a purple smokescreen movement mode, also the purple lightstream should have a separate option to purchase rather than be tied exclusively to the lantern pack.

    The red nightmare chroma from the current episode was nice, would like to see other color variants particularly blue and purple.
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  2. Ingrando Active Player

    Smoke material
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  3. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    We already have the Blue Smoke Material, which looks like this:


    That's been in the game for awhile, so I'm surprised we haven't had other color variants yet. We definitely could use some other color choices for it.
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  4. chrisb0841 New Player

    1) White or silver sparking material
    2) Metallic material chromas
    3) Pink smokescreen/lightstream color (and other unavailable colors)
    4) More movement style graphical types added to marketplace like smokescreen/lightstream (Maybe a lightning/sparking based one, whipping wind, Ice, fire, magic, maybe even a whole set of power based ones, etc)
    5)Side Idea (not sure how feasible): Maybe try combining existing auras (existing fire and ice based, water and elec, anyones that might mesh artistically)
    6) Powerset accesories (ie: circulating fireballs, ice chunks, magic spheres, blood//water orbs, etc)

    **P.S. Also thanks for the sizeable expansion of orbital strike styles including multiple ice based ones that I was looking forward too.
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  5. XBlue Well-Known Player

    I wish there was a supply drop of Ice Crystals and Ice Being Hechmans. That would certainly go well with the winter event.
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  6. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    What did you have in mind for the Ice Crystals? :confused:
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  7. XBlue Well-Known Player

    Similar to the Kryptonian crystals, only visually more like ice. For example like the seahorse supply drop, only with ice crystals :)
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  8. Wild919Pois New Player

    Hopeful Chroma - Blue Lantern Glowing Material

    Similar to what we have with Glowing, Sinister, Furious, and Impassionate Chroma's


    Love for my Blue Lantern Version To Match and glow

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  9. Drgnx New Player

    Why not give us the ability to better customize existing materials and chromas better?
    For instance let us choose where to apply the chroma/materials colors, example: I may only want to use 2 of the 3 colors in the chroma but fill up all the areas (so if a chroma has three colours I may wish to apply to one colour and two areas and one colour in one area of my chest, and not apply one color at all)
    Also give us the option apply a specific chroma to select areas and use color palette in the areas chroma is not applied to.
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  10. Drgnx New Player

    Just wanted to add a screen shot to better explain
    • When you select a chroma, you would have three additional options at the bottom of the palette allowing you to choose where to apply the specific chroma element
    • If you choose a material, then you'd only have one extra slot, or just have the other two slots grayed out
    • If you don't have a chroma or material, then hide the 3 slots or grey them out
    • This would allow us maximum customisation, and eliminate the need to for Devs to create multiple versions of the same chromas
    • for chromas where you can actually change the colour tint (neon), a quick workaround might be to have them choose the pallet option at the bottom, but still manipulate slot number one to get the color tint (not perfect, but people would still get the hang of it)
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  11. YummyFishsticks New Player

    How about a reactive material similar to the auras that we already have. It could have the patterns of those and speed up while in combat.[IMG]
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  12. YummyFishsticks New Player

    an aqua marine version of the cursed aurora material with two color channels? [IMG]
  13. sebfm Well-Known Player

    A swarming bat reactive aura plz :)
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  14. Omega91 Well-Known Player

    A material that can make your character look comic like.

    The catch is this one will be sold in the latest SOBA vendor for Coins of Ra.

    I want to believe.
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  15. Zoe· YouTuber

    Raven's Pre-30 Purple aura, please!
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  16. RipTide New Player

    A color changeable speedforce chroma material would be cool
  17. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

    A Mystical aura with similar style to the picture below that flows up the character and can be dyeable or have many different colours aside from the standard aura colours. Such as Rose Gold or Source energy colours

  18. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Although the RED Cross (and only the red), is under the Geneva Convention, this request is for the GREEN (which is still public domain). A floating Aura of multi, GREEN Medical crosses (solid/empty. Large/small) much akin to the Butterfly Aura in movement.
  19. XBlue Well-Known Player

    Transparency Light Construct Materials (for Lanterns), like the Weapon Packs, that you can buy from the marketplace.
  20. Kayla El Committed Player

    Silver or White Phoenix Material!