Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. dceuverse New Player

    Leatherette tintable textures would be really cool! Nearly all media has been using that material for over 20 yrs in comics and would be extremely popular for fans!
  2. DiscoSoupGL New Player

    I would like to see the "regular" auras, you know, like violet, red, slim violet, slim red, etc. done in the modular versions. So you could have a gold aura just for your head, or a red aura just for your feet, etc.
  3. dceuverse New Player

    ...and tiintable!
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  4. PolkaMadness New Player

    Polka dot material
  5. C3alix Committed Player

    Instead of types of auras, what about being able to MODIFY them? The aura plans can be drops similar to the weapon styles, but we'd have to use the R&D station to edit them. Plans could be:

    -Speed up or slow down animation
    -Blink (set speed)
    -Strobe colors
    -Merge auras
    -Increase size
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  6. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player


    •The Other Kryptonite Colors (like the red & green we have)
    •Lucky 7’s aura
    •Bang Pow Boom etc type aura, like the trink but permanent to go w shaded comic material
    •Meteor Shower Aura
    •Variants of Urchin Aura

    •Kaleidoscopic Material (animated)
    •Sand Material (animated)
    •Infested Material (like shaded comic, leaves colors alone but adds bugs on your gear)
    •Slime Material (tintable & animated)
    •Paintball Material (adds random blots of color to your gear)
    •8-Bit Material (another filter like Shaded Comic)
    •Animatronic Material (adds tears in the gear w/exposed metal elements)
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  7. Trended Active Player

    Og ripple
  8. Shadobi Level 30

    Clone Aura (Or Material) - Switch character look temporarily to match one of your Armory locked looks.
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  9. sebfm Well-Known Player

    My wish-list would be :

    more tintable textured chroma/material (like scale chroma, comics shaded material, bleed chroma/material)
    Actually, the look of the scale material is sweet but give quite a sad sentiment when you discover it's color locked (doesn't prevent to appreciate it tho and love the textures).
    I really loved the Dark Crimson Material and perfectly understand the purpose of having it color locked, but it might be interesting to be able to choose on each piece of gear where a color of the 3 composing the chroma would appear (same as color palet usage actually)
    Would love to have more textured ones (scale chroma/material is amazing and providing much possibilities, same as metallic ones such as tungsten)

    As an aura, my dream aura would be one who would give a Nightmare (Flashpoint raid Grodd) or a speed force (paradox reapers) to characters (typically for my nightmare-ish batman suit :p)

    In movement styles, it would be a black smoke movement style that would help finish my nightmare-ish Batman suit :p
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  10. ¤Cold¤ New Player

    Bonjour à tous,

    Mon poste ce situe peut-être pas au bonne endroit, mais je voulais tous de même tenter le coup. J'aurais voulue savoir pourquoi entre plateforme, ne ne pouvons pas s'échanger par exemple certains catalyseurs alors que d'autre oui ? C'est vraiment contraignant sachant que je ne vois personnellement pas l'intérêt d'une telle restriction. J'aimerais donc savoir si un jour cette possibilité nous sera donc offerte.

    Merci de votre réponse.

  11. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    Black and White Jail style Stripes as an chroma Pllsss
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  12. YummyFishsticks New Player

    I would like to see a blue and green version of the forge metal chroma, sorta like how we got with the phoenix materials. I think it would look sick on some styles.
  13. ¤Cold¤ New Player

    Et si on innover un peux au lieu de toujours parler d’auras et de matières, si on parlais d’animation et d’émotte ? 11 ans que l’on à les mêmes émottes. Ajouter en des nouvelles voir mêmes interactive avec notre équipement ou un joueur ! Des émottes à deux ! Des émottes en fonction des pouvoir etc.. y'a une idée à développer je pense sur ce sujet.
  14. mwhite1069 Level 30

    I'd love to see an aura like Corrupted, only instead of just black, make it vines and thorns, for nature
  15. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    What if your gear looked like it was dripping your power choice...


    Dripping water, dripping fire, bits of plants and leaves, snow drops, etc...

    It would start over the front and back of your shoulders and arms.
  16. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    How about lantern rings for all the lantern corps to be available on the market or at the vendors?
  17. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    what about an rainbow/oil polluted Chroma were we can change the main colors example the one we was became from last dev invasion event was really nice but i really wanna get a version like this were we can change colors
  18. I00III0 Active Player

    You need an invisibility material. It should be limited to feet, legs, chest and hands.
  19. sebfm Well-Known Player

    A tintable vinyl material/chroma (like the Scale material/chroma)
  20. xxXIRolandIXxx New Player

    How about a shaded material that makes our costumes look battle worn (rips, tears, holes with smoke coming out, etc.)?
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