Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. N-IX Well-Known Player

    already started by regrouping all the auras and materials at a seller has this effect ... !!!
  2. EvilDeeds Active Player

    i got a feeling devs don't really look at this channel based on the auras we keep getting despite no one asking for them.
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  3. BanesRampage Well-Known Player

    Can we have the aura on the essence of the fiery skeleton it’s like the fire aura but better and bigger
  4. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Animal Print Chromas!

    Leopard, Tiger, Zebra...
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  5. Titanik Active Player

    It would be really nice to see/have Cosmic Aura. I don't know if it has been said before.
  6. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    I'd love to see a stars & stripes chroma material pack. Perfect for Wonder Woman / Homelander / Captain America styles.
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  7. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

    We need a red ultimate aura with orange on the inside
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  8. TomShepard Active Player

    Can we please get more black auras??We REALLY need more of those.I mean we got black smoke(still to this day the most wanted aura to come back but never will),the ember and thats about it?Ohh and dark water or whatnot..what about the source aura/zeus fury but black?Or dark grey color?what about dark flame in black?Gosh that would be the perfect bad *** looking aura!Furious in black?Scorching aura in a slightly bigger version?As much as i love these auras youre doing they are cool and all but noticed we only getting light colored auras for a long time now.Like the zeus' fury looks very similar to the source(yet if you look closer you actually see the animation going down and comes back up so its special,good job on that)..we REALLY REALLY need more black auras.Please give us the dark flame aura in different colors,including black.That will put evsn the black smoke in shame!
  9. Legoman Active Player

    There's also Black, Slim Black, and Corrupted
  10. thedemonocus Loyal Player

  11. TomShepard Active Player

    Correct.But what i was saying is this:if you create a cool character,youre thinking hmm it needs a good black aura like black smoke.Youur only option would be either the dark flame or the ember.We do need 1 or 2 reaaly cool blacck smoke-kinda cool auras.
  12. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    a kryptonite material
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  13. valiant Villian Well-Known Player

    A dark gun metal blue. You know, a dark metallic blue that is so dark it almost looks black until light reflects off and shows a blue glint.
  14. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    There are certain styles in the game that already have this effect you describe, such as the Enhanced Beyond High-Tech Style Set and most of the Human Skins. It's quite annoying when what you're trying to achieve is a TRUE black. But I can see how some people would like it on some costumes.
  15. Draconiano Committed Player

    We have "Corrupted Aura" and "Purple Blighted Aura".
    I want a "Red Blighted Aura", it's in the game already, Dr. Destiny wears it on JLD: Fellowship of the Arcane.
  16. Legoman Active Player

    What about having 1 Chroma per Chroma Pack but allowing us to switch which colors in the chroma go with which color slot
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  17. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    a caregiver aura
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  18. C3alix Committed Player

    Being able to modify your auras (thin/normal/heavy, speed of animation, and combine them with other auras) and streams (stream, dashes, smoke, sparkle, wavy, long/short, phase).
  19. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Really simple... take the Watchful Aura (the Munitions Power-Based Aura) and re-release it in other colors! The Power-Based version is green, and that leaves a whole RAINBOW of other colors it could be done in! That aura works really well for larger characters and/or style sets that cause problems with most of the other auras. :cool:
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  20. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    Orange ,Brown and silver croma material

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