Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. BanesRampage Well-Known Player

    So true I was actually annoyed when I found out I couldn’t get the full black from royal with the ugly as white and gold parts really annoyed me
  2. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player


    Yes, the bees. I want that too.
  3. Wildcat Committed Player

    Negative Speed Force Aura/Material/Anything

  4. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    I know this will probably be controversial, but I don't care... currently, with the Chroma Materials, we get 3 versions of each one, with 3 different orders for assigning the colors to your Color Slots. It sounds like it's enough, but it's actually NOT! Let me give you a for instance... take a look at this character's Chest Style:


    Literally all I wanted was to use either the Red Royal Chroma Materal or the Purple Royal Chroma Material, assigning the 3 Color Slots as you see there, with the primary named color as the color of the main part of the vest, the metallic gold as the trim on the vest, and the white/off-white as the color of the turtleneck underneath.

    Seems simple, right? Seems like an order you'd expect to get from one of the 3 Chromas, doesn't it? Well, you'd be wrong. I tried Red Royal Chroma 1, Red Royal Chroma 2, Red Royal Chroma 3, Purple Royal Chroma 1, Purple Royal Chroma 2, and Purple Royal Chroma 3. And NONE OF THEM order the 3 color slots like that! :(

    So now, every Chroma Material in the game needs to receive a FREE UPGRADE that adds a (Whatever) Chroma Material 4 into the inventory of every character that has that Chroma Material that puts the colors in that order! MAKE IT SO!!! ;)
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  5. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    I know it's been mentioned, but I'll mention it again anyways, but I want a Cosmic Chorma. This is something that I would love to have since I'll never get my hands on the actual Cosmic Material. (which I'm ok with) I could definitely make a Cosmic Chroma work for me!

    My suggestion would be the Cosmic material, a mat black color where we could match with the regular black color, but nothing shiny, and white.
  6. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    Thunderstorm is just that.
  7. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    Auras we can alter the colors of and materials we can choose which part to use it one like the chest piece only having color slot 1,2, or 3 materialized or having each of those different materials on the same gear piece.
  8. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    It's come up a few times now. My suggestion was to replace the colour channels with the Chroma's channels, so we can apply them where we see fit. You'd also only need one of each material colour to do it that way, rather than the current three.
  9. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    I want a red ultimate aura we have blue pink and yellow so why not
  10. glggty New Player

    hi! want to see cosmic aura and cosmic material on market for real money. ty!
  11. Mo Kenway Level 30

    Would be nice to have floating unstable tachyon particles as an aura that can be colored similar to Zoom's trail[IMG]
  12. UltraDCFan Level 30

    I say it all the time but for many of us the customization of this game is half the fun!

    With this in mind, please start making all game styles and materials available for purchase in the market place!

    Also, please don't make things that role specific. It's really not cool for the other loyal subscribers like myself who for the most part tend to focus on one character.

    I have seen some amazing outfits that I'd love to have for my main toon. But sadly,upon looking into where I'd need to go to hope to collect them I have found that they are only made for Healers and Controllers. My toon is an Ice Tank. Really? A style that's available for two-thirds of the gamers that leaves the other third of DCUO fans out?

    I don't understand, with all the customization and seemingly limitless possibilities this game already has, what does it matter what power and role we are if we want our toons to have a certain appearance? And why give these styles to two-thirds of subscribers while leaving the other one-third out to boot?

    If you guys want to keep them as items that only certain roles can win than that's fine, but please at least give the rest of us the option to purchase them with real money in the market-place if we so choose.

    And while we're on it, why not just start opening up the real market with many more, if not, ALL available styles for purchase with real money? I know there'd be stuff I'd be buying all the time! What do you guys have to lose by doing this?

    Certain iconic looking armor pieces for certain tier runs I get. You should have to grind a little to collect them or there's less to achieve. But things that are just more 'stylistic' should be something people (especially loyal subscribers like myself) should be able to purchase. (in fact I have two accounts I sub for so our kid can play as legendary as well)

    Styles can still come as drops and rewards in the game. But why not make it easier for those of us who are willing to pay to just have what we want for our characters?

    There's some sexy outfits I see others rockin for their toons, and I can't get them for my own because she's an ice tank. Not cool. Not fun. Don't like being left out because of the power set I chose for her. Please change this and soon!

    Thanks devs! :)
  13. Stardazer Committed Player

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I would love to see more nature-themed materials in the future. Particularly, I would love the material to look like the leafy/plant that the new remodel of Poison Ivy has.


    The "Wild" materials we have now are too Swamp Thing styled with the mud and roots appearance. I would like something more floral or leafy for my nature toon, please.
  14. Napoleon Active Player

    I realize this is a sock, but that sock is not what matters. It is what is around the sock that matters. Pretend that sock is actually your toon and everything around it is an aura. This is what the people want. A trash aura. I wanna look like pigpen from Charlie Brown.[IMG]
  15. Brit Loyal Player

    Could we get tintable _______?

    Take your pick.
    Tintable Powerset Materials, allowing us to make Black/Orange/Red/Blue/Green/etc. Fire or Ice or Atomic stuff.
    Tintable Powerset Auras, allowing us to make Black/Orange/Red/Blue/Green/etc. auras.
    Tintable Smoke/Tesla/Radiant/Slim/Energy/etc. auras, so that we can put them into the colors we want them to be.

    Basically, can you take all the awesome work that you've already put in, and then make the items be tintable so that we can use them in conjunction with our existing pallets to actually make them match with what we're doing.
  16. travelingtheory Well-Known Player

    for the love of god put sparking auras back on the market, everyone wants them. Would there be a way to add a material or aura to make you semi transparent
  17. travelingtheory Well-Known Player

    i always wondered why you couldnt change the color of your fire or ice. WoW put dye in for free like ten years ago.
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  18. Elda Mad as a Hatter

    Lex's source aura from the fire and brim raid!

    A very strange color aura that i would love to work with
  19. ScytheMisterNate23 New Player

  20. Sh00ting Ninja New Player

    I would like to see a better lightning aura. it needs to not be like all the others. One that fits the whole character and something that should have been in the Shazam Capsule. Don't get me wrong the Shazam capsule was AMAZING! I just think there should be lightning to match it. If you can do this it will be a dream come true.
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