Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

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  1. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    I want you to stop killing the game with this garbage
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The Cosmic material was from a Booster Bundle. Booster Bundle styles are exclusive styles meaning they will never make a comeback. They are one time only.
  3. The Dark Kryptonian Well-Known Player

    I'd like to see a aura thats electrical, not unlike Solar but maybe more like the Speedsters electricity around their feet. Have it flowing and rippling throughout the characters body. Maybe change how materials work so we can say have a black and white style, and we can either cover the whole or just the black or white with the material.

  4. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I'd like to be able to pick the material as one of my color pallet options instead of it covering an entire body part.

    Example :: I created a character with a gold-like color as one of the color pallet selections. Say it is color 1. I would like to be able to change that color to one of my material colors.

    Really, i would think that is how it should be used.

    I would also like to be able to change my character's skin color to the material color.

    Auras with sound FX would be cool (with a toggle off option).

    Water aura with some kind of tide or crashing wave FX would be cool.
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  5. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I do like the color pallet idea for materials. For a material I would like maybe a flat base material where you can choose any color you want. One of my character wears pink and so far no pink material came out. I've seen red, light blue and dark blue, some purple materials but I would like to able to choose the color shade. The material doesn't need a glow to it.

    One can argue why not use one color for al 3 pallet? Because not every style give the option of the same shade. Also if you want to use say white, not ever style makes it white, it may come out gray or silver.
  6. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Doom plague crystal material
  7. Brad Sisto Well-Known Player

    I am sure some of these have been suggested before but figured I would suggest them anyhow.
    Atlantis Caustic - The only material that I can think of putting in that is Atlantis themed would be a Caustic Material. Looking at how the Enhanced Drown gear worked with Caustics I would hope that this is a material that we could actually control the color of.
    Leather - A Leather material would be really nice if we could use it to put a uniform material on our gear and then use one of our color channels to set its color.

    Worn Leather - A leather more along the lines from the Drown gear that is a lot more worn.
    Metal - Same as leather but with be the generic non shiny metal texture from the game.
    Shiny Metal - Same as leather and metal but with the more shiny metal textures that have been added in the last year or so.
    Snow Material - Just take the snow from the Snowman trinket and put it as a material. Some peopel would probably really enjoy this.

    I put some of this over in my Seasonal Style post as well but wanted it in the proper location also.

    Winter Blizzard - Using the same design as the Ice skill Bitter Winds. We have already seen an aura designed like this last year in the Valentines Seasonal. This would make a good Winter Seasonal Reward.
    Summer Tempest - Using the same aura channel as the Valintine Seasonal

    I know this is an Aura/Materials thread but really Skins fit the same mold.

    Snow Skin - Like with the material just take the snow from the Snowman trinket form and give us a skin of it. This would make a good Winter Seasonal Reward.
    Ice Skin - Using either the Ice Elemental or the Arctic material or maybe even one for each make a skin of this. I know a lot of Ice players would absolutely love to have this in. This would make a good Winter Seasonal Reward.
    Aqualad Tattoo Skin - I really want a skin designed similarly to Aqualad with his lit up tattoos. The tattoos would of course use the Tattoo color channel.
    Atlantean Gill Skin - Just a normal Human skin that has gills on the neck.
    Werewolf Skin - Ever since the Werewolf styles were put in for Halloween I wanted a Werewolf skin as none of the other Animal Skins would work well with those items. I really want to change how there Animal skins work have the Fur color go off our Hair channel, the Skin off the Skin channel and any Markings off the Tattoo channel.

    Movement Styles
    Here are a few ideas for movement styles. Sorry but most are specific to a single movement.

    - Both hands forward .
    - Both hands at your side.
    - Both hands out to the side in a wing formation. Look at Batman Beyond. This could even have a rocket boot trail out of your feet.
    - Rocket boots. People have asked for this since launch. The animation is already in with Toyman robots so just use that please.

    Super Speed
    - Black Speed Force Lightning
    - Red Speed Force Lightning
    - Blue Speed Force Lightning
    - Hands to the side trailing behind you while running. Look at anime like Naruto

    - Hands to the side trailing behind you while running. Look at anime like Naruto

    The 3 Hands at your side/trailing at your side could be merged into 1 joint movement style perhaps.
  8. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    you mean like Wally used to do?
  9. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Please make an Earth power material that isn't based on mud or sand, but rather rock and crystal. Like the Wild material had the upper parts mossy. The Terrestrial material goes with the aura, but neither are appealing and visually make no sense with anything I put it on for my Earth toon.
  10. Brad Sisto Well-Known Player

    I had totally forgotten there were times where Wally ran like that. But yes that is exactly what I was meaning. If people want picture references for these different ideas I can easily provide them. I just gave a general description and listed a modern well known example of ones that might be puzzling.
  11. Gwen Dylan New Player

    can you please make a star sapphire material?
    maybe even backup/side kick star sapphire lanterns or constructs? perhaps for valentine's day because this would really do for me till we get star sapphire powers one day or artifacts which changes the color of lantern powers to pink. then again even if we do get the power one day or an artifact to make it look like we have the star sapphire ring id still want the material and backup/side kick.

    p.s im sure others will want the same for the other lantern colors.
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  12. Quantile Active Player

    I really like this idea!
  13. Wastrel New Player

    I would really love silver and/or chrome time-torn and phoenix materials.
  14. Wholesome Pervo New Player

    how about you guys lets us put material not on a full set of gear but in parts of that gear
    like this:
  15. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

  16. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Can we have a “Dark Blue Kryptonite” aura please?
  17. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    Didn't go through 28 pages... but what about an Anti-Matter material like the Anti-Matter wall that destroyed universes in the first Crisis on Infinite Earths?
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  18. BriWi Well-Known Player

    How about adding textures to the color palettes instead of a material that overwrites everything to one solid texture? When I saw gold, silver, and bronze textures for sale in the marketplace, I was kinda hoping it would unlock those color/textures as a choice in the color palette instead of an all-over suit. One color, no matter how textured, tends to consume all details on the armor you folks so painstakingly coded, so a bit more choice there would be awesome.
  19. Phoenix Five Active Player

    A Brainiac controlled Aura like Supergirl / Powergirl / Bizarro in the FOS raid would be cool.
    So there is like this sinister material which was created and described as the yellow lantern material.
    Is it possible to make a yellow or green construct material?
    So that you can look like a construct in one of the colours within the emotional spectrum?
  20. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The Glowing/Sinister Materials are based on hard light constructs.