Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Booster Bundle exclusives don't return. They're one time only.
  2. MISS ANNE RICE Active Player

    this game has almost all the weapons the comic books have but one a whip like the one cat woman uses can you please add a whip as a weapon
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Devs said whips are a no go. Whips attacks are treated more like a loadout ability. Catwoman uses a specialized martial arts ingame.
  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Was running Power Core last night and realized I need a Phantom Zone Material. And it needs to have the handprint animations so it looks like Kryptonians are trying to escape my body.
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  5. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    that would have been fitting in the kryptonian capsule, though it would be equally fitting in the time and space vendor, more available too i'd imagine.
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  6. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    This could be a beautiful material!! as you Powering up

    And this aura or material.. That could be pretty cool

    [IMG]This could work for gadgets..

    i think this one would be an awesome material..

    a bird aura

    [IMG]Bat aura
  7. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    i just sort o want to see a ghost material to go with the halloween ghost aura. based loosely on the titan sim duo holograms, but slightly greener to match the auras, ghostly green palor. [IMG]
  8. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    This .. it could work like (Appearing & disappearing)
    i would love that **
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  9. Accept New Player

    "Reality Material" a material that has every element in it like Fire, Ice, Earth, Water and etc. P.S I have so much hope the team with be able to try this out.
  10. myandria Item Storage


    Just to be clear, I haven't read through all of the 26 pages of this post, so my idea may have already been mentioned.

    Disappearing Footprint Trail Auras that match the Booster Bundle Materials (former, recent and upcoming) and simple ones that allow color changes. A ghostly, misty Disappearing Footprint Trail Aura is a must and should come out first for Halloween.
  11. The Dark Kryptonian Well-Known Player

    I'd like it so was can change the color of the aura's, I know this wouldn't work for every aura but maybe we can change fire from orange to green and celestial to crimson? Also the color of the powers themselves as well :)
    And I'd like to see aura for the eyes add to the quark vendor, as in say atomic that you can pick either one that covers only hands or hands and feet but with this we can pick either just eyes or eyes and hands etc,
  12. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I would like materials to not just blanket over every peice. How about letting us use materials in place of one of the 4 color palates?
  13. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I love your signature. I played City of Heroes since it came out. Was sad to see it go. Pocket D was cool.
  14. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    sadly that seems to be a complexly programmed in limitation that development and programming said would be a technical impossibility. they said they just couldn't do it and make it work.
  15. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    I got an idea.. Is it possible if you Mepps, and the Devs.... I mean* can you make an Limit breaker form aura.





    As you are doing a great job on the glorious aura *** that's why i'm asking
  16. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Like this?
  17. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    If you completing the collection Sourced from "The Source". you'll get Fourth World New God Aura. It looks like a polygons triangle Aura.

    limit breaker aura
    his aura more wild and calm. The aura takes on a darker royal coloring hence on a blue tint with light particles displaying the strong glimt.. Hard to see but the little sparkles from the aura of this form actually bursts like fireworks occasionally and it's really cool in my opinion
  18. Phantom Supreme New Player

    I don't know if this would be considered aura area, But wings that disappear when you're on a ground, When you're flying they come out, Fire wings electric wings nature wings, But as soon as you land they go away
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  19. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    ^ this needs to happen, green, yellow, and red glowing materials for halloween this year..... i could use it to turn my yellow energy hand blasters green XD. to fit the ghostly motif i'm going with, that or a ghost material either one works.
  20. Blacwyng New Player

    Would love to see more options for material application. For example, instead of applying the material to the entire chest, leg, or other part; why not allow specific color options to be changed to a material? Be a great way to have the best of both worlds and im absolutely certain that some amazing character designs would develop.