Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

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  1. QuadKing New Player

    X-ray material
  2. Avelox Active Player

    I already know this is the wrong place for this but I feel its my duty to put this out there and there isn't really a section for other types of advances. A lot of us have been asking for faction change tokens since day one and the answer is simply never gonna happen. I accept this because it would be difficult to do without a lot of issues. The reason the bigger games can do it is because they have a larger maintenance staff to oversee these things. But I have an alternative suggestion which could achieve the next best thing. Create an option where you delete toons to dissolve instead for like 500 marketplace currency. Dissolving a character would destroy that character but would break it down into replay points that can only be used for unlocking feats as well as access to gear boxes of comparable CR range as the toon you dissolved. So I could take my hero who has 220cr and 350sp and dissolve it. Then go make a villain who would be able to unlock most of the feats it had as well as well as get a gear set that would put me within 10cr of my original toon. We'd have to accept that it would have some losses of sp/cr in the process since some feats aren't cross faction friendly. But I'd gladly accept that restriction.
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  3. Cur/merc New Player

    Not related to styles but as a EU villain I personally think that there should be a Morality change in marketplace, the villain side is dying and heroes growing however I have everything ive ever wanted on my villain and it sucks if I have to start all over again on hero
  4. QuadKing New Player

    Do a “Throwback” bundle featuring all of the old auras, you would make loads of money.
  5. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I have an idea for making some materials more useful/usable (particularly looking at fairly simple materials like Opalescent and Chrome here)

    Could we have some materials be made tintable in a way that they’re tinted by whatever palette color is applied to that color zone of a style piece?

    For example, Opalescent. The name to me suggests it should give a shimmery effect similar to pearlescent paint. So, say, my palette colors are white, black and purple and I’m wearing the prideful chest. I set the main color to white, the feather sections to black, and the gemstone looking accents to purple, and apply Opalescent material to the piece, with a result of the main body of the chest getting opalescent’s effect in white, the feather sections get it in black, and the accents get it in purple.

    Would this be a workable partial solution to not being able to apply materials to just one color zone of a piece? It would primarily be useful for relatively simple materials like Opalescent or Chrome with the fancier materials like liquid continuing to function as they currently do, and would at the same time make them more appealing than they are (I’d finally be able to *use* my Opalescent material, which I only have because of the 3-Star feat on the Resplendent Cache. I did buy the Champions material pack, though, because that actually has potential for use.)

    If this is workable (again using Opalescent as the example), a shirt might look like it was made of satin or silk instead of cotton or spandex, for example, and still retain the chosen palette/color settings. It would also make a tintable Gold material viable (a piece with a tintable Gold material could look like a mix of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, etc was used)
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i am happy. i got what i asked for. just saying...
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  7. Mine Mikasa New Player

    I had a cool idea for an aura, the elemental dragon aura. it's basically a animated dragon that moves around your character and it's element is based on your characters power. just an idea for an aura
  8. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    Apologies for not posting a pic of this, but Gadgets players will know what it looks like... and thanks in advance if someone can post it:

    Gadgets Photon Beam - the light blue myst/plasmic cloud like with the black dots.
    Light blue with the black dots. Another would be having that same aura with full black myst/plasma/cloud with light blue dots. (think of it as reversed)
    Now onward with the assorted colors of that and reversed colors. Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Gold with black dots. The reverse the color and have all full body black with the assorted colors above as dots. Or any other solid full body color with other assorted color as dots would be cool and **** ton of auras. Also along with full body, have a head aura, hands aura, feet auras too. Call them Photon Auras.
  9. Volle Active Player

    Pulsing Force Field Aura, like its pulsing so shows 1-2 sec then gone half secund then back 1-2 sec so on, thinck wuld be cool to se this in difrent typ of materials aswell. like from head to toe pusling scan nano typ of aura. a wind lightning store aura material wuld be cool aswell. and hope get a pixel aura soon.

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  10. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    I'd like to comment on the Champions pack/metal materials.. Firstly THANK YOU, I am enjoying being able to put them on all my alts. But I do have a ever so *slight* criticism in that, Silver is more Cobalt and Bronze is more Copper.. silver's colour is very good but the sheen is very low unlike gold.. which is *spot on*. Bronze is.. not really bronze, it's more like a highly polished copper material.. bronze itself is a very dark metal and is difficult to shine. Suggestion; if you were to use the sheen from current silver and apply to 'bronze' and take the sheen from gold and apply it to silver; maybe = ShineyHappyPeople?

    I've had a metal theme on my (main healer) Sorcery of Gold, Copper and Bronze for a few years now.. kinda made me think of Ancient Egypt and all that jazz.

    While I'm here @ main aura thread.. I would just like to give a HUGE thanks to the Devs for doing 60/40* with the current Booster Bundle auras!
    Either way I get an aura I like :)
    Inflation on the broker was going crazy last year, making broker harder and harder to shop on.. also I imagine encouraging Gold Spammers to be able to sell cash.. really.. who has a spare 1 Billion for a material??

    *60% drop rate 40% good aura
    40% drop rate 60% good aura.
    So people don't go crazy.
    People be sane.
  11. swis008 New Player

    Red Tornado red wind aura which covers the whole bottom portion of the toon when flying like in the comic.
    Red Tornado red wind aura for the hands only like in the comic.

    Please consider these suggestions and it would be appreciated by loyal members.

    Thank you for your time sir
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  12. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    I don't really want anymore aura's if aura don't add to my stats. I spend ridiculous amounts of REAL money on an aura that i don't even want and it doesn't add to my stats. Same thing for materials. I say no more auras or give us the change to make an aura with research that gives us a stat boost.
  13. Th3Anc13ntH0rus New Player

    -Dr Fate’s Anhk Symbol (large and behind toon, small and above head, shoulder aura similar to hearts aura)
    -Pulsing glow (slow, regular, fast)
    -Glow in the dark/Black light
    -Atom hands

    -Tree bark (eucalyptus, oak, beech, birch, maple)
    -Wood (eucalyptus, oak, maple)
    -Crystal, Geode
    -Sand (desert, beach, manufactured)
    -Granite, Obsidian, Basalt, Marble, Sandstone, Pumice, Limestone)
    -Feathers, Fur, Scales (Fish, Snake, Crocodile, Lizard)

  14. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    A material that’s a cross between liquid and chrome. Tintable and nontintable versions. (Need a non tintable one for my main - something that will eventually happen in her story :D)
  15. TheFlashNWJ New Player

    Speed Force Auras, with different colored lightning for the different speedster types
  16. Volle Active Player

    I Got an Idea for the Dev: Team that and i would like to run it by you guys on the forums.

    We get high and higher CR in game so all the old content get left out quite often. So this is an idee on how the devs can make use of the old Episodes Content in game!

    Make a new tab on Team-Up menu where you can play a " Paradox aberration alert " We get to play random old raid/alert where we team-up and scale up the cr to 230 like in the events,

    So Paradox aberration alert what that? It shuld be a revisit to a old raid/alert with somthing in it that shuldent be there, like a paradox boss replacing orginal boss fight ore that fights with the boss,

    And by making the alert/raid lv 10+ Event styl cr 200 + scal up it wuld make the old episodes in game a new fun way to play them. and you wuld also make ur own free in game commersen for the episodes. for new and old players get to revisit the old episodes more.

    so what gona be reward? i wuld say make a curency vendor, so u get a new curency in this mode calld Pardox coin and with thos tokens you can trade in them 10x to get 10 of existing currency from episodes of chosing.

    Maby let RIP hunter be the AI that guyds us in this new Alert instanses.
  17. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I have a better idea. Post it in the Gotham forum as a new thread where it belongs instead of spamming it all over unrelated threads :p
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  18. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Material-related QoL request: could we have tintable materials either use a separate color palette or else the hair color setting when applied to hair? That way, costume color choices wouldnt be forced on our hair when a material (such as Liquid) is applied to it. (Turning this on its head, our costume color palette wouldn’t be limited by the color(s) we want to use for our hair when we apply materials to our hair.)
  19. ALEX33016 Well-Known Player

    How about a Dominance/ Resto Equipment Mods?
  20. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Lava lamp aura, with blobs going up and down around the body. Preferably color palette friendly.
    Far out.
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