Tell us what accessories you'd like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Megzilla, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. YummyFishsticks New Player

    I'd actually really like to see us have a second accessory slot if possible. I've had some ideas for styles on this game in the past and I've always felt as though the restriction to one slot had been preventing me from doing them. Its no problem if not though I just wanted to see.
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  2. k7tadas New Player

    Please give us Poseidon beard or hair or crown. Please and thank you
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  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I would like something similar the the eels but of a darker nature same type of pattern but darker and more wispy like the corrupted aura or blighted I think its called

    just pure evil whirling around you like a loving pet
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  4. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    if were talking styles we need more Beard styles
    viking beards with beads and braids
    long beards
    longer ones ;)
    just down for all different facial hair styles
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  5. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    I would really love a floating ranx/ mogo to follow me around :)
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    Another type of crown ! Those were really popular and have the best drip PERIOD....

    Also a cloak of pure darkness or energy cloaks unlike capes should cover the body
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  7. LoganCaron Active Player

    Well, its not a accessory..but since you cant have the BVS emblems could at least make it tradable for people that as they would redeem it and could sell or trade it
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  8. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    If we ever do a rerelease or reskin of the Future Drone it would be nice to advertise that we can change it’s color and display our emblem on it instead of advertising the face emoji’s that come with it. That’s one accessory that came out during a not so good time, and wasn’t really promoted properly when it first hit and wasn’t very well praised when it did come out so I feel myself and others kinda said pass on it. Tho now wouldn’t mind seeing it return to the game, maybe with a reskin or a neat new ability to let us apply a material to it or something. Kinda wish we had a second chance vendor for some of that stuff.

    Still definitely prefer the Batwing accessory the most, as the future drone looked kinda silly at first launch, tho being able to rock our emblem on it has had it kinda grow on me and wish it got a second chance as it would probably be better received.
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  9. Ergotth Committed Player

    its simple, REALLY simple, but how about armbands, be it metal or cloth, something a little rambo-ish to have on your forehead, arm, even leg, even a blindfold! As well as holsters for guns and knives, sheated swords on your hip..., and "for the ladies" that tiny pistol on a garterbelt xD
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  10. Lord Arctic New Player

  11. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    From the Cinematic trailer from wayyy back then, this was always something that amazed me. I doesnt have to be battle reactive like in the actual video but having the claw as an accessory option would fit so well with many styles...
    Making it a simple hands style would narrow down its usability in general for more diverse styles, so i see this as a possible accessory.
  12. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    an evil (Corrupted or Blighted version) of the serpent accessory
    same type of motion or animation but have them Smokey or smoke like or corrupted like the blighted auras

    just as evil as you can get them
  13. Toshknight Loyal Player

    I 100% AGREE, facial hair additions, is a very cool thing, i was trying to make Dr strange the other day, i could easily make him, using either, the Con Artist , or bruce wayne hair, or the New king atlantis hair, but no goatee, the hair/goatee from the Vinella release of the game are awful, its not the dev's fault it was just made at a time of when NO unique stuff like look alike styles, were allowed, let alone, having to fit everything into the ps3 , not just the PC, so most look the same,

    i have the big jolly beard, which is kindof odd, i love how it works. and it is colored with the "hair" color under the colors area along with skin and eyes, but the beard itself is located in the Face tab, where usually glasses/domino/ face apearance items are, if its the only way for them to add more facial hair, im down, but we couldnt use anything else, i mean , as an accessory it would work too, so i would almost rather new facial hair be added to Accessory rather then Face,

    cause there are some good looking newer mesh imports /styles created for either some on newer character rdesigns, or just new hair styles in general, except i dont know what about the old mesh's created aka old art and hair in game/ items, are clipping with new items/ not showing up at all "for instance" "The Jr. Speedster aka Wally west hair really only works right with the Jr speedster cowl, or without any head piece/face piece. if you put say the 6th dimension kryptonian piece or the fallen god head piece, it totally clips and looks wierd, same with another collection longer hair totally clips bye bye, with a head piece that covers side/fore/back of head but leaving the hair on top to show like a "Gambit" Style traditional cowl head piece.

    the game is over 10 years developed there is obviously new devs, working on someone else's mesh imports can be tricky i get that, cause you didn't make it, so someone coming in to make new stuff for the old Imports will clip is not done and looked at perfectly with every style in the game, and might of been a time thing, just curious. but i agree, MORE BEARD/GOATEE / facial hair with more reg hair additions like were getting now , like the con job, bruce wayne hair, carol farris hair, with like 3 different wonder woman type hairs, and starfires hair, "the magician hair" which is zatana's, it goes on just want MORE :) glad to collect them all like freaking happy meal prizes back in the day
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  14. Toshknight Loyal Player

    so....since we got the Flash and reverse Flash Rebirth outfits, is it possible, players could maybe get a Non emblem version of superman NPC chest piece, if possible, the only chest piece for a great man of steel / superman is the Fugnaught or the Stalwart one, the former, gives the appearance of the neckless slimline, like the Noble warrior does "only chestpiece that would work but cant use emblem L:(, and the Fugnaught one colored skin color in the neck area, even with material makes ur neck look like noodles, and the stalwart defender is the terrible new 52 superman, it would be awesome if it had the free neck area but, just curious.

    i have been looking at materials, like the scaled chroma that have that BVS, Man of steel, pattern, like a cloth chain mail look , the comic mat has it but its very..... fine, very cool, the composite ones, are a bit too bulky but usable, the scale material, looks teal, so it would be awesome to just get a chest with the look of the NPC supermans chest material, that would rock.
  15. Reverse Sentry Active Player

    Tiny cute little Jarro as a back accessory :oops:
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  16. Donna_Troy-Dc New Player

    Hello, here are two questions I asked myself about the Donna Troy Rebirth outfit during metal pt1, will we have a possibility to have the Donna Troy Rebirth gauntlets? the shoulder pads have a difference in distance between the top and the shoulders, is it a bug that you will fix or is it normal? And is it possible to have a version that fits the torso? Thanks for answering you are great
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  17. TheBlackCanary New Player

    Similar to the Harbinger hologram, how about an ORCL Hologram Accessory?
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  18. SigmaAtom Committed Player


    A left handed Lantern Ring accessory for RP'ing Lantern powers with the current powersets.
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  19. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    A batmobile that we can drive around in
  20. Toshknight Loyal Player

    to be honest, they might be able to code a trinket one, like the batwing, we got , it's a bit smaller , its the size the Midget would fit in, but i think they could do a trinket batmobile, using the running movement mechanic, if they build it on already existing working systems