Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Heel2daPANTHERS New Player

    Steppenwolf's axe. Survival knives, Bowie knives, repeating rifle, new hammers and spears/staffs. New shields. It's been a long time since a bunch of new weapons were added. They all need updates. Please and thanks.
  2. Heel2daPANTHERS New Player

    Yes all of these things, and some newer styles for martial arts like nunchucks, sai daggers, kamas etc.
  3. Heel2daPANTHERS New Player

    I know a certain Indiana based character that sure could benefit from a weapon style like a whip.
  4. Brit Dedicated Player

    This style exists in game. It is one of two styles that both share the name "Cutlass". This one exclusively comes from the level 24 "Nightstep Knives", which can primarily be found as an uncommon drop in the Aquaman instance.

    The default "Cutlass" style available from all other sources has the player dual-wielding two of the cutlasses. This one uses a cutlass in his right hand, and a survival knife or bowie knife in his left hand. It is clearly displayed at the center of the image.

    That knife. The knife that you have already completed in game. The knife that is done and available as a weapon style in this one exclusive pairing.

    I want that knife as a one-handed style.

    I would begrudgingly accept it if it became a dual wield style using two of those knives, one in either hand. But more than anything, I want that knife that you have already finished, and I want it released as it's own one-handed style so that it can be used by itself.

    My biggest complaint with melee weapons is that so many of them are cartoonishly overly large. And that's fine for something like Harley Quinn's mallet. There is room enough in the game for super-strong heroes and villains to swing 1000 pound hammers and 10 foot long swords.

    But some of us like our characters grounded more in realism. And, other than this one specific knife which isn't even available by itself, every single other knife in the game is proportionately at least 18 inches long. What is supposed to be a dagger is actually a short-sword. What is supposed to be a jambiya is larger than a machete. What is supposed to be a machete is practically a katana. And what is supposed to be the monk's knife looks like somebody attached a shovel head onto a small handle.

    I want one knife in the game that looks like an actual knife. One weapon for one-handed that actually looks like it should be wielded one-handed. Please, for the love of Zod, it's already finished in the game. The style is done. The rigging is finished. We just need you to release it as a one-handed, instead of locking it away as a part of a dual wield.

    Personally, I wouldn't complain if you made an original knife model and made it even smaller, but since this one is already done and in the game and requires almost no work to introduce, I am trying to meet you waaaaay further than the halfway point. You can even put this style into the marketplace store and I will pay you $10 for my character to have a normal knife. I just want it to be an option.
  5. Engendro Nefasto Active Player

    how about to have the option to choose to only have one pistol, instead of dual wield?
  6. Contrasts New Player

  7. IceRaider Committed Player

    Not necessarily a style but I'd like to see a Weapon of Omnipotence. I'd also like to see some fresh new weapon tactical mods introduced to the game. But for the OP weapon you build a weapons box and choose the weapon based on your unlocked weapon choices. With the addition of the ability to buy extra OP pieces this would be nice. Could also use this to introduce new shiny weapons that rival some of the more impressive elite/enhanced gear sets.
  8. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Reactive expanding weapons for tech cannon emitters (like cyberpunk) for meta talon tendrils (like tyranids)for magic rune projections (doctor strange) in which these weapon parts expand out from those 3 themes wrist types while in combat but retract while out of combat , for both martial arts brawler and hand blaster they would expand from wrist , And then for melee weapons maybe reactive part expand out from hand palms and from projectile weapons them selves have expanding parts .
  9. Cutie New Player

    i really would like to have catwomans whip for one handed and a police riot shield for shield
  10. Captain Wonder Active Player

    We need a beast weapon fighting type since we have all the animals styles. Weapon style claws
  11. Arkage New Player

    Swifter 2 handed weapons. Something that would move more like a samurai or a jedi. I'm sure a lot of existing weapon styles could be recycled with it.

    Maybe it would be a nice touch to introduce that with an episode focussing on Katana and/or the League of Assassins.
  12. greystar1223 New Player

    Not so much styles, as I would like to see a whip weapon. You could do styles and make it look like a lasso or a giant yoyo, though.

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