Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

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  1. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    Yes friend, and that's basically the issue. I meant something totally different from their thoughts.
    ▪Nature powers using Hand Blasters shooting branches of plants.
    ▪Fire powers using Hand Blasters shooting actual fire and flames.
    ▪Light powers using Hand Blasters shooting lantern light strings and bulbs such as Hal Jordan's.
    ▪Sorcery powers using Hand Blasters shooting actual magical beams and strings.
    ▪Ice powers using Hand Blasters shooting cold air and snow and freezes balls.
    ▪Atomic powers using Hand Blasters shooting Energy Projection and flaming atomic rays.
    And so on . . .
    What you meant is right and I've seen some of those Weapon Styles in the Marketplace but you know what I mean, colors do not make much of change. Personally I would welcome such the item in the Marketplace and purchase immediately like mad.
    Maybe can name them, "Hand Blasters Animation or Styles" and if designed for other weapons too anyhow (that would be weird though) , can be named "Weapon Animation"
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  2. Engendro Nefasto New Player

    I don't know if it was requested before but, it's possible to add an option for having your weapons visible, even if you are not using them?
  3. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    I would love to have the god killer and sunblade as weapon styles in game not just for mom raid but for actual weapon styles too. Like God Killer Two handed, one handed, duel wield. Sunblade Two handed, one handed, duel wield. And duel wield style that is one hand god killer other hand sunblade like that other duel wield style.
  4. Khameleonx New Player

    Weapon Styles I'd Like To Request Are:


    *- Sai (Duel Wield)
    *- Steel Fans (Duel Wield)
    *- Kwan Dao (Staff)
    *- Kobu Jutsu (Duel Wield)
    *- Bojutsu (Staff)

    Note:: Will Update If Other Thoughts Come Along.
  5. BSEison Level 30

    Some sports based items would be fun. Like baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, etc
  6. infinitygauntlt Active Player

    Good afternoon
    1. Flaming animated weapons
    2. Shadow weapons style
    3. Metal style weapons like terminator.
    4. Bone style weapons
    5. Long Chain whip for 1H
    6. Bazooka/ missile launcher rifle style
    7. More Trident styles
    8. More Sword styles
    9. More shield styles like an energy shield.
    10. More 2handed styles
  7. Joe Aguiar New Player

    PLEASE MAKE MORE SWORDS FOR TWO-HANDED. And i think that the Two Handed weapons and the Staffs are too long, some styles could look a little more proportional.

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