Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    Yes friend, and that's basically the issue. I meant something totally different from their thoughts.
    ▪Nature powers using Hand Blasters shooting branches of plants.
    ▪Fire powers using Hand Blasters shooting actual fire and flames.
    ▪Light powers using Hand Blasters shooting lantern light strings and bulbs such as Hal Jordan's.
    ▪Sorcery powers using Hand Blasters shooting actual magical beams and strings.
    ▪Ice powers using Hand Blasters shooting cold air and snow and freezes balls.
    ▪Atomic powers using Hand Blasters shooting Energy Projection and flaming atomic rays.
    And so on . . .
    What you meant is right and I've seen some of those Weapon Styles in the Marketplace but you know what I mean, colors do not make much of change. Personally I would welcome such the item in the Marketplace and purchase immediately like mad.
    Maybe can name them, "Hand Blasters Animation or Styles" and if designed for other weapons too anyhow (that would be weird though) , can be named "Weapon Animation"
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  2. Engendro Nefasto Level 30

    I don't know if it was requested before but, it's possible to add an option for having your weapons visible, even if you are not using them?
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  3. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    I would love to have the god killer and sunblade as weapon styles in game not just for mom raid but for actual weapon styles too. Like God Killer Two handed, one handed, duel wield. Sunblade Two handed, one handed, duel wield. And duel wield style that is one hand god killer other hand sunblade like that other duel wield style.
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  4. Khameleonx New Player

    Weapon Styles I'd Like To Request Are:


    *- Sai (Duel Wield)
    *- Steel Fans (Duel Wield)
    *- Kwan Dao (Staff)
    *- Kobu Jutsu (Duel Wield)
    *- Bojutsu (Staff)

    Note:: Will Update If Other Thoughts Come Along.
  5. BSEison Active Player

    Some sports based items would be fun. Like baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, etc
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  6. infinitygauntlt Well-Known Player

    Good afternoon
    1. Flaming animated weapons
    2. Shadow weapons style
    3. Metal style weapons like terminator.
    4. Bone style weapons
    5. Long Chain whip for 1H
    6. Bazooka/ missile launcher rifle style
    7. More Trident styles
    8. More Sword styles
    9. More shield styles like an energy shield.
    10. More 2handed styles
  7. Joe Aguiar New Player

    PLEASE MAKE MORE SWORDS FOR TWO-HANDED. And i think that the Two Handed weapons and the Staffs are too long, some styles could look a little more proportional.
  8. BlackJak New Player

    DEADSHOT style wrist guns for Dual Pistol
  9. BlackJak New Player

    Green Goblin type style for Acrobatics, think the Goblin/Spiderman fight in Times Square in Raimis Spider Man, when Acrobatics is activated it comes from off screen, player jumps as part of animation and glider comes underneath them
  10. RunfromDanger Man Committed Player

    I know I posted this before, but I don’t remember if I ever expanded on it.
    My alter ego works in Maintenance. So I, RunfromDanger Man, know that sometimes you have to use whatever is on hand as a weapon.
    So what about styles fitting those people with hourly jobs that fight crime on their breaks (you know, on the days I get them).

    For example we already have a two-handed shovel and a shield trash can lid.
    So how about adding some every day objects for all of the weapons:
    Staff-mop or broom
    Two handed-we already got a shovel but maybe whichever one of the above doesn’t get the staff position
    Dual pistols- spray bottles (preferably with the bottles a different color slot than the head, that way we can choose whether it’s red, blue, pink, orange, or white liquid in the bottle)
    Rifle-leaf blower
    Dual wield- plungers
    One-handed- squeegee
    Blasters- the elbow-length rubber gloves (you know, the kind for jobs that require more than just regular rubber gloves)
    Shield-we already got a trash can lid, but maybe a piece of plywood or a sign of some kind (like a stop sign, no parking sign, drive through sign, etc)
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  11. 40Cakes New Player

    Riddler cane for staff. No seriously why hasn't this been an option yet? I feel this is due any time. Get creative with the design(s) - ornate, hooked, jeweled, plain.
    Double goes for umbrella tech. Parasol weapon class that doubles as shield/rifle? Maybe umbrella weapon skin for rifle?
    Do we even have a whip yet? Whip class might tie into a lot of things - agile acrobatic attacks with perhaps some bleed damage?
    Maybe boomerang class for future too?

    How about some ridiculous everyday things for weapon skins too. I want to get really wild and fun.
  12. VolEl New Player

    I would like to see holy weapons. Like a sword with a cross on the hilt with like a prayer engraved down the blade. Would complete my angel character. Also armor that looks like runes tattooed into your skin. That would be epic. But really what I would LOVE to see is more alternate character outfits. Like Earth 3 Batman is cool af, but I want to see a Gaslight Batman outfit, or a Russian Superman outfit or Damian Wayne Batman. With the popped up collar. Lastly (For now XD) I would like the ability to change the lightning color for my speedster. When I say lightning color I do not mean trails. The actual lightning. From that yellowish color to blue or red. Could easily be accomplished by adding a new color slot and making the first slot the prime lightning color. I guarantee a LOT of people would love it. So please consider (and ponder and accept XD) it dcuo. BTW more teen Titans missions. GET GILBERT DODFREY* TO DO THE MXPLITS** VOICE HE WAS MY FAVORITEXDD
  13. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Sunstone weapon pack.
  14. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Also, I want one of these.
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  15. AdmirableRandomness New Player

    A wand.
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  16. infinitygauntlt Well-Known Player

    Good morning I would like whip/chain style
    1. 1handed chain/ whip styles.
    2. Dual wield (sword and shield style)
    3. Warhammer styles 1handed and 2handed
    4. Bigger cannons rifle styles
    5. New mace styles like hawkman (1handed, 2handed).
  17. CROVAX New Player

    Giant buster sword for 2 handed
  18. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    While cool, you just HAVE to know that if they actually did that, EVERYONE and their Uncle's Brother's Cousin's Former Roommate would be running around with them in all the Safe Houses and HQs and other gathering areas, making things even MORE impossibly obnoxious and ridiculous than they already are with all their Accessories and Pets.

    So that would be a HARD PASS from me. :p
  19. Mighty Hyperion Committed Player

    Whip/double Whip
    Sword and Sheild / Qwardian bolt and shield
  20. Heel2daPANTHERS New Player

    Yes whip and dual whips. Rather see it as an actual weapon instead of just a style but I'll settle for one handed and dual weild styles.

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