Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. tiberiusblood New Player

    Beast weapon style. No brainer
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  2. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    ¤Cathedral Bell - 2handed
    ¤Rubber Chicken - 1handed
    ¤Trick Pistol - dual pistol
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  3. Kuno Loyal Player

    We been ages without new weapon sets, in the marketplace or in the vendors. What's even the point of this thread? Whatever...
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  4. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    May we get some way to add the different animations of weapon attacks that some Legends have? Like how Catwoman and Cheetah have these really cool kicks for their Martial Arts combos that I'd rather have than the standard animations. Please?
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  5. NightHex New Player

    I second the whip! But i seem to recall seeing it somewhere that the devs couldn't do a flexible type weapon for some technical reason? But if they could make Tamaranian hair happen, I think they could probably do a whip at some point...Not sure if it would be under one-handed or get it's own category?
  6. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    I would like to see a One-Handed style that is a Purse.
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  7. FoolsFire Devoted Player

  8. NightHex New Player

    THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!! Esp. for an old lady character, would be awesome...
  9. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Mop? Well, since we have Halloween just around the corner, why not a broom, instead?
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  10. Hurly-Burly Active Player

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  11. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I can settle for a broom.
    My alter-ego works in maintenance. So anything involving cleaning I would want. Mop or Broom staff, Dual Wield plungers, spray bottle guns, two-handed dust mop, rifle leaf blower, etc.
    After all, when your alter ego only gets a 15 minute break, you sometimes have to weaponize whatever you have on hand. :)
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  12. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Well, the mere reference to the broom was connected closer to Halloween, most specifically, the witches' broom.

    Although, the point of anything at arm's reach, used as a weapon, makes perfect sense.
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  13. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Oh I wouldn't expect anything less from a Halloween event than a weapon that looks more like a witches broom than a regular one.
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  14. Templarx1z5 New Player

    I know this is a weapon style thread. Can we get a power set idea thread? Please. I have a few ideas I would like to share with the devs. Cybernetic/powerarmor, speciality ammo, etc
    Thank you for your time
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  15. Awsome Well-Known Player

    We need more sports themed weapons!
    Hockey sticks, Tennis rackets, golf clubs, croquet mallets, lawn darts, cricket bats, pool cues, etc.
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  16. slyvanman New Player

    When are we ever going to see some iconic weapons in the game? i.e. whip, umbrella gun. I realize these post are old, but it's time to reignite this conversation. Since there is now an entire make-over of characters going on, we also would like to see the implementation of a few new weapons. After all, there are still some weapons used in Dectective Comics that have not yet been realized in the game. Honestly, this should have happened before updating characters, but I understand why updating the overall look to the game was/is essential. The WHIP has been requested for the past 3-4 years now. Why isn't anyone paying attention to this request? (Looking at all of you, DEVS)
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  17. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    i'm sorry i just had to make this reference ;).
  18. AquiloFury Committed Player

    I mean..maybe because it's a power, it's different...but wonder woman already has an animation for a whip in her solo iconic instance. Not to mention the lasso pull animation. Could they start from there? I know it probably mean taking away the iconic lasso pull..but for a new weapon, I don't see why it would be an issue. I'm also aware that some tanks use lasso as their pull..but we have other powers for the pulls as tanks. Thoughts?
  19. Stilway Well-Known Player

    Forget about weapon styles... I just want nunchucks as a new weapon.
  20. LegenDaddy New Player

    Can we please get Aquamans trident in the game?
    its already there so it shouldnt be that hard!
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