Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

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  2. MaatAset Well-Known Player

    Yes I want a broom as a Staff then I can make a witch
  3. MaatAset Well-Known Player

    If they do a variation of lightsabers I'll stop playing Star Wars the Old Republic all together!
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  4. MaatAset Well-Known Player

    Not really
  5. MaatAset Well-Known Player

  6. Wallachia Loyal Player

    - Gattling Gun/Minigun as Rifle, because TFC and TF2.
    - Brass knuckles for Brawling, because hooligan.
    - Giant pen for 1-handed, because the pen is mightier than the sword.
    - Surfing board for 2-handed, because surfing board.
    - Giant PC keyboard for 2-handed, because keyboard warriors.
    - Steering wheel for Shield, because carwreck.
  7. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    It's as if you didn't read the whole thread! Otherwise, you would've seen my posts only ONE PAGE earlier!
  8. Wallachia Loyal Player

    After that aggressive approach I am going to edit my post and remove my minigun suggestion.

    ...or not, since I'm past the timelimit to edit my post.
  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I was simply trying to make the point that the Devs have ALREADY programmed several versions of Miniguns into the game, including 4 Rifle Styles at present count. So they're likely to look at it as they've already given you what you want. Therefore, it would be more helpful to them if you were more specific in regards to what style of minigun you're looking for, assuming that none of the current ones are what you were asking for.
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  10. Wallachia Loyal Player


    I wanted a minigun exactly like Quakeworld Team Fortress' minigun/gattling gun.

    Is that better for you?
  11. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Yep! And here's a better picture (the first guy on the left) 'cuz the one you linked to comes out too dark to make out much detail:

  12. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Excellent! Now can we please stop overlooking the other FIVE suggestions I gave based on ONE of them, pretty please?
  13. DeviousDon Active Player

    I'd quite like to see Crossbows as a dual pistol style, considering the ones Huntress has work exactly the same as pistols except different animations and sounds.
  14. Sasha Savira New Player

    I'd like to see whips, like Catwoman would use. Also, there are a few heroes/villains who also use a claw type weapon, like Catwoman, and Cheetah as well as Vixen from time to time. Obviously not Wolverine claws, but actual claw claws. Explosives, to. Also, I know this isn't the thread for this, but, I'd like to see the CR easier to achieve, as there's no clear, well, I feel there's no clear, way to raise your CR.
  15. TheDaiyu New Player

    Not sure if it's been said yet, but I'd love to see a Dual Pistols style where the pistols are wrist mounted instead of in the Hero's hands.
  16. bagofboom Committed Player

    I don't want to be THAT GUY goes.....
    Devs have said in the past (apparently) that a whip isn't achievable with the current tech in game or something like that. I had the same argument that "Well, Catwoman uses one IN GAME, as well as Lashina", but for some reason it doesn't translate to us somehow. Maybe now that they are asking for ideas that will change, but that's the story so far.
    Also CR is raised by equipping gear. Nothing else. Get higher gear than you have on, equip it. Equip enough, CR goes up. Take gear off, CR goes down. Overall CR stays the same but equipped (as in your "strength") drops. There is a graph that shows the exact percentages of each piece at Example: Rings, Face, Neck = 6%. Chest = 12%. So on and so forth. Use their ratings calculator on their main page to tally up your gear anytime you want.
    Hope that helps.
  17. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The whip effects that Lashina, Catwoman etc. use are all visual fx rather than weapon animations. The whip attacks they use are more akin to powers rather than weapons, and weapon animations take up a lot of resources according to the devs which is one of the reasons they never made new weapons after the shield.
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  18. Knightmare Active Player

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned something resembling this idea, but my thought is they should add iconic weapons to the game , possibly tied to an alternate progression system that has been teased in the past.
    Imagine being able to progress your character , and after a certain amount of skill points reached, or game time played you earn Hawk girl's electric mace from the Justice league cartoon, or Batman's Batarangs ( MA skin or entirely new weapon ) and the weapon is a legendary or artifact level item that scales PERMANENTLY with the rest of your CR .

    I'd log in 20 hours+ a week for the grind to earn some truly awesome gear not tied to the existing mark grind, at least not directly.
    DCUO devs , give us something to do besides grind gear like a job !
  19. Treskar Committed Player

    So to SUM this up

    CHAINS weapon.

    example MOTORBIKE as a weapon<some kind of vehicle animation><yes I know lanterns have powers that summon things> this as a skill how who knows.......

    AND LOBO AS A LEGENDS PVP WEAPON!!!!!<I know I know not exactly what your asking>

    Dev Discussion Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

    Since weapon styles tie into movement. AND I GOTTAS SEE MY MAIN MAN run these BASTICHES DOWN!.

    We need vehicle "HOG"<hover motorbike>movement could be a new style that works like stealth or shapechange. You can then have powers to use the bike to do dmg or get away or etc etc<I guess this could also be a weapon vehicle as a weapon, yet would prefer it to be a movement mode tie in>

    SO the weapon would of course than be.........


    <not sure this has been posted so many to go through yet it best to reinterate if it has> <so plus one to whomever stated this already>

    <and yes I repeated myself>
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  20. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    I think a bare hands style where the hands seem to give off electricity for brawling and hand blasters would be nice for Shazam wannabes like me. I hope the electricity's color can be customized using the color slots. It's nice to have a thread like this. :D
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