Teleporters: Base, HQ, and poliece station/nightclubs problem.

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  1. KatoriaTheRed New Player

    I can't find any specific topics on what I'm experiencing, so I'm posting it here. Lately, whenever I try to use my base teleporter to go to a nightclub/ police station or even to another of my own bases, it only lists the Hall of Doom/ Hall of Justice respectively. And when I'm at any of those...there is no option for my bases at all. I do not know if it's on the bug tracker or not, cause I can see a lot of other teleporter problems on it, but not that exact issue. I hope there is a fix in the works, because it is annoying to have to wait the time limit to teleport back to my home base via the map.
  2. KatoriaTheRed New Player

    Forgot to mention...this is on Xbox One.
  3. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Usually that means you need to go to the Generator in your Base, and Replace the Power Cells, which costs you in-game money. Have you checked your Generator's Power Levels lately? :confused:
  4. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    That and you didn't mention if you actually have those mods available in your generator, by default you can only go to the HQ I believe. You need those respective mods in the generator to go to locations like Police HQ's, Bases, League Halls, Metro, Gotham, etc, etc.

    I say that because you mentioned while at the HQ's teleporters you don't see any option to go back to your base, that as far I know has never been an option. You have to either travel back to your base, or use the map to instantly go back and wait the timer out to do so again.
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  5. KatoriaTheRed New Player

    Since when did the Watchtower, Hall of Doom, police stations and nightclubs become mods that need to be input into the generator? last I played they were ALWAYS there for you. it was special the Wayne builiding that required mods. I am saying that the locations you NORMALLY get WITHOUT mods...are not showing up. and my generators are ALWAYS at full capacity. I make SURE of that every time I log in.
  6. KatoriaTheRed New Player

    at least, I could have sworn you could get to police stations and nightclubs via home base teleporter. cause i rmember going to base teleporter to get anywhere i needed to go. hmm.
  7. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    The Watchtower/Hall of Doom are available in teleporters by default, and unless they changed it on the X1, everything else needs mods that have to be earned or bought from the broker.

    They only thing I can think of is either your membership ran out and you may have lost access to the generator and therefore the mods you had with it. Other than that, if you had the mods and you membership is fine, your batteries may be dead and you didn't notice it when you checked. But of course some kind of glitch/bug could have happened as well.
  8. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    Since teleporters were first introduced they required those mods. However, I assume you must HAVE them if they once were able to teleport you other places. The generator batter is a great place to start. I'd also like to point out that if your legendary expired or you were in between payments, that also would cause this to happen.
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