Teleport to Mogo Command Center

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by juicejar, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    USPS3 doesn't have the title of the teleporter. If you look at the OP, you will see the picture is in the PC Watchtower.
  2. Kid Sorbet Well-Known Member

    Ah, well since the UI splits the 8-man group content into raids and operations, I thought I would follow suit to clarify.

    "Last night" was the NYC meet & greet with Jens. There was a thread about it in the announcements and there's another thread here where those of us who went are reporting what we heard. If I could provide a url to an in-person meet up at a bar I definitely would ;)
  3. DARKKNIGHT Active Member

    lol the picture isn't there for me
  4. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    Ok. Please cite the thread to which you are referring. Also, did you bother to make a video of the meet and greet? If so, please cite it.
  5. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    It's just a picture of the character standing in the watchtower on a teleporter that says in white text above his head: "teleport to mogo command center". You can tell that it's a PC character because all of the abilities in his ability tray have numbers rather than corresponding PlayStation buttons.
  6. juicejar Well-Known Member


    US PC but it only rarely shows up to interact with. It has to do something with groups it seems. Not everyone is able to see it either.

  7. Lacedog Well-Known Member

  8. MrMigraine Well-Known Member


    How are you hiding a whole planet? :)
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  9. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    Green glowing planet at that. ;)
  10. Too Many Toons Well-Known Member

    "This is not the planet you are looking for" :p
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  11. twist Active Member

    LoL...this is not the teleporter you are looking for?
    Edit: LoL, I just read up...
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  12. Anarcho-Captain Well-Known Member

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  13. Kid Sorbet Well-Known Member


    Really? The guy was gracious enough to have an informal meeting with some players in a bar to discuss the game. It didn't occur to me to stick a camera in his face for two hours ;) If you check the meet & greet thread you'll see a lot of info posted from me and the other attendees.
  14. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    LOL! You still haven't cited ANYTHING. Post a link, please. You keep referring to a thread, but we need the link.
  15. Kid Sorbet Well-Known Member

    It's extremely bizarre that you can't track down a thread that was active today and maybe simply slipped to the second page. Search is your friend! Also, someone else posted the link to the thread. You're welcome for all the information I posted :)
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  16. Jamie Well-Known Member

    Actually it does show on the USPS3. I was in a group in case that made any difference.
  17. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    They should just leave it up at this point...We are coming up on the announcement for it anyway and they havent given us any info

    Just leave it up and let me salivate over it dammit!
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  18. LV~ Well-Known Member

    Except for a tease at MOGO THE LIVING PLANET!

    Pretty hype!

  19. TheLoneLantern Well-Known Member

    kinda off topic, but i noticed another leak.

  20. Gargamond Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks for nothing. Not even interested in your post anymore. XD!!!
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