Teen Titans Time Capsule!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Damn that is so cool. Shame I’ll never get it. :(
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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Love 'em.
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  3. GoldenBrownDragonFire Well-Known Player

    Love the smoke chroma and some of the raven gear but everything else is kind of underwhelming especially the emblems
  4. Megzilla Developer

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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    That is super cool. I totally love it. If you're a Raven fan this is probably your dream.
  6. Dramatic Rainbow New Player

    I specifically came back to the game and subscribed because of this event. I wanted to make a Raven themed character, and so this was perfect. In one capsule I opened the Drifting Feathers Aura and selected it. I never received it. I contacted support and they could not verify that I did nor that it appeared in a capsule I opened. I immediately cancelled my sub. I won't pay for something that can just have items disappear with no way to verify it even happened.
  7. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    You got a collection piece. You need to complete a collection in order to get the Aura.
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  8. Dramatic Rainbow New Player

    That's what I thought, but I went to collections and it wasn't listed there.
  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Did you consume it from your inventory? It will be in the Global Collections section, probably at or near the very bottom in the "Teen Titans Pet Club" section. Click on that and it will expand to show the collection pieces you have.
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  10. Dramatic Rainbow New Player

    Hi, thanks for the help. No it isn't there. I have the two others, but the Aura one isn't there. It doesn't really matter anymore. I can't unlock any more of them because I ran out of the proper currency and it is nearly impossible to farm. I've run out of store credits. I have around 30 unopened capsules.
  11. Dramatic Rainbow New Player

    Hi, just wanted to provide an update. I couldn't edit my first reply for some reason. I managed to find the collection. I feel dumb, thanks. It is a reward from a pet collection, so I just didn't connect the two together. The UI also doesn't let you select the reward to actually see what it is, just shows an icon. Thanks for the tip.
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  12. RahRah Level 30

    It doesn't show the actual reward in the collection list, but it does say what the reward is on the collection piece before you collect it... Which is also what you saw when you opened the capsule and saw the collection piece thinking it was an aura. P.s This is the first time they added the description of the reward for finishing a collection, on each collection piece.
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  13. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    Having worn the new styles, I kind of didn't feel comfortable with this whole set except the boots. Thank you for the whole thing, but from what I experienced as a user not many people are wearing this set. Maybe something more elegant next time right? :) it's just about the fact that you spend the same amount of time and effort and the results are not fulfilling as usual. For example an alien Starfire or Rebirth Supergirl set would fit the Titans Time Capsule more...
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  14. Dramatic Rainbow New Player

    I managed to get all of Raven's costume which I'm very happy about. On the other hand, trying to collect all pieces for the aura is next to impossible.
  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Before you spend millions buying the collections.... here is what the aura looks like. ;)
  16. Dramatic Rainbow New Player

    It's okay, I don't have millions anyways. :p I feel better knowing now that they are mediocre and I'm not missing out on much. Raven's gem is something I'd love to have though.

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