Targeting / Navigation help (Trying PC version)

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  1. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I've been trying out the PC version, and, while I absolutely LOVE the PRETTY factor, the depth of sound, color, lack of graininess, and while I love using my keyboard instead of R and L buttons, I am going BATGUANO INSANE trying to navigate / turn / and target with the mouse. I mean, trying to constantly spin that thing around and trying to target is making me feel like a moron.

    And no, I am not a moron. I have no problem with targeting mobs in groups of more than 2 in other games I play on the PC, even using the mouse to move the camera. (Yeah, I'm used to the console version but I *do* play other mmo games on the PC without issue.)

    So I'm thinking, I must be missing something here. Is there a guide for PC users on a more simple way to move around / navigate groups of mobs / target effectively? (I've never played a game that I had this kind of trouble with, not EQ, not WoW, not CoH, not any of them!) Or if not a guide to link to, any advice / tricks?

    Thanks a bunch!
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  2. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Hmm, strange. I mean, the targeting in this game sucks and we all know that lol. But i usually always hard target everything and let the aoes do their work. The auto targeting is terrible and will often target things likes barrels across the room rather than the ad thats rearranging your face.

    So thats the only advice i can really give. Hard target, in other words, select a specific target with tab.
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  3. Impulsively Committed Player

    Yeah, PC targeting is quite a pain - especially after they removed the reticle. I just bound my Q key to target the nearest enemy. I can usually get by with just that.
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  4. EPHEMERAL titan New Player

  5. JustSome_Chick New Player

    LOL @ the barrel thing- my frustration exactly!

    Thanks for the advice, will try again tonight :)
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  6. ChuckLess New Player

    I moved the Target Lock to buttons as far away from any keys I use. I hate Target Lock and never have had an issue with Free Targeting.
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  7. TechBender New Player

    The struggle continues. As primarily a tank, tabbing through the crystals to get to actual living enemies in ZCC is super fun. Thank goodness for cc'ing trollers. I haven't run LAW too often due to limited gaming time, but same situation. I wish I had an option to only target living enemies not inanimate objects. I have no problem shielding up and tabbing around but after several tabs and I'm targeting a crystal....time to shield up again and start tabbing around.
  8. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    This game has horrible targeting.

    Nearest, farthest, Next, and Previous targets should virtually always been an option for key binding in an MMO - as well as break/end/disengage target lock. And I'm always for "next" to always trigger "nearest" if nothing is currently targeted - so you can key bind "next" and it moves untargeted nearest to next.
    (I'm not going to expect the level of customizable targeting that was in City of Heroes! THE CITY ruled and far surpasses ANY MMO that I have ever played on a great many levels.)

    This game seems to be completely crazy when it comes to what it will select to target next. Sometimes it is generally where I'm pointing, sometimes it is off to one side of where I'm facing, or behind me ... or even off screen!

    I can't say how many times I've been fighting and my key clicks have gone past the last of the damage on a character and I go lunging into a completely different group - often without finishing fighting the enemies that are currently doing damage to me.

    If this game could at least change the target focus to an enemy that has most recently done damage to my character when the enemy I have hard targeted was defeated - it would be a great improvement.

    So my advice is,

    Stand back and click target until you target lock the enemy you want before staring combat.

    Be careful to stop your attacks so you have a chance to reacquire a lock on the enemey you want to attack before attacking again.

    Give up the idea that the game will select targets in any rational manner and just click the target button until the target you want is target locked.
  9. Trial 1 New Player

    There's an option regarding how the game targets under settings. I'm sorry I can't direct you exactly I'm.... "in the field" right now ;)

    However, if memory serves having that targeting option off or on changed how it worked for me on my PC dramatically.