Tanks... Supercharge...Weapon Attacks... T5 Raids

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  1. Epic Wins New Player

    are you talking about t5 or tiers below that?
  2. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    Pretty much any raid except wave. I use a staff in there.

    Mind you I make no claim of being invincible, but I do understand Agro quite a bit :D
  3. J Zmooth New Player

    I wouldn't support building a sc based on damage in for the simple fact that a fire tank would take a higher amount of damage than normal tanks , so he would build sc faster than a normal tank.
  4. StitchFace New Player

    An easy fix for this could be adjusting the conversion rates of damage to SC between the tanks. But then again, all Fire has on the other tanks is more health. If Eternal Flame stayed at 100% SC, it could still be viable without being op. They can't walk around without blocking, they don't have damage mitigating pets and, well, they're not Rage. All the other supercharges available wouldn't make much of a difference as they're either for damage/PI or they heal for an amount that (without an adjustment to our already insulting restore amounts) would only help so much.
  5. Gadget*Switch New Player

    we just need more buff neck wear. There is a t3 neck that gives 150 SC for over 5 sec when you hit a target. although the stats may not be worth wild in t5 but such a buff is floating around in game. This is the only low lvl item that I wear on both of my Tanks toons. (ice & earth). and I couldn't see myself without it. So Devs can we get more necks buffs like we did in t3 or can we get an update on neck buffs in HT. ?
  6. Shad0wReap3r Committed Player

    Rage doesn't have to block at all. If it was build SC off block we would get the shaft on that note. I believe it should relate more to the power, or possibly just as said above, damage in. Granted damage in wouldn't help an ice tank as they can run a raid with around the same damage in as the DPS'S and be doing a perfectly good job.
  7. Shad0wReap3r Committed Player

    That said, there is no SC in rage worth in imo.
  8. Kiryu New Player

    NEW idea for Earth users (Tanks mainly) Let Earth users burrow underground for their supercharge (in regards for healing) insteed of that ******** sandball
  9. savageprime New Player

    You use a SC as ice tank? A white mod neckpiece would alleviate all issues. Give the option for tanks to convert damage in to SC. That way you can keep tanking the way you have been or change it up and dare to take more damage in for a SC tradeoff. Versatile tanking for all powersets.
  10. CypherXone Committed Player

    I think it's fine how it is... Nobody should just stand there and block all day! Fight!
  11. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    I have finished Nexus as a fire tank, and done plenty of runs where I did not. The supercharges are almost useless there. Lately I often run without one in my loadout in the T5 raid content.

    In Nexus, it is possible to build supercharge in the corridors, and I used to go out of my way to do that. The problem I've seen with that idea is how wipes play out. The times I could use the SC bonus most are when I realize my group is having trouble with healing after a wipe. But it's that exact situation where you're going to have zero SC built up. It's really easy to burn a full SC bar trying to survive what turns out to be a wipe, and then you're facing Lexes/Batmen again without any. I know things are getting bad when I get excited to see a new sentry wake. I don't know that this will be any different with an incoming damage based SC build mechanism.

    This is part of a larger trend that makes me sad, away from using fire powers if I can avoid them. CR90 geared fire tank powers are expensive enough now that I keep tossing powers out in favor of improving my efficiency with the iconic boosts. Both boosts to critical heals, +25 dom, +100 health on the tank side; both crit boosts instead of getting the expensive fire powers.

    I'd run without even buying a SC, to save a power point, if it were possible to do so usefully. Nowadays I buy Reignition mainly to reach Burnout in the Immolation tree. Casting either Flashpoint and Meteor feel like wasting power that could go to DPS players instead. I used to head to the bottom of that tree to hit Stoke Flames, but by similar logic in raids it seems better to hope healers use the power effectively instead. The only powers I feel good about casting now are control effect busters that also help out the whole team, either Burnout or Burning Determination when the situation warrants them.
  12. General Powers New Player

    I'm all in for something like this. As an earth tank, I guess I have it easier than someone of a different power. Also, if these ideas were to actually go through, we'd need to think of the drawbacks in PVP; imagine going against an ice or fire tank with these kind of mods coupled with explosive block in node capture arenas. Good job Epic for starting this interesting debate.
  13. Shad0wReap3r Committed Player

    Ice would benefit the absolute least from a SC based on damage in.