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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    OK. The role of the tank is to get aggro. The Tank has a higher amount of defence so he/she can endure the aggro that they gain.

    It is not the Tanks role to:

    * Give you immunity

    * Heal You

    * Make your role defunct

    * Carry the team

    I don't know whether its because the holidays are here and the kids are out in force on DC, or people are just clueless.

    I can play one raid, everyone knows what they are doing and on we go. Then I play the next 5 or so and suddenly its the tanks fault that players who drop don't know how to defend them-self, or Earth tanking is weak when it comes to aggro.

    For example, I played the Relics raid, and as usual I go with the group. We got to the 3rd boss. I stayed in the middle so I could tank the boss and the adds when they pop. This was wrong, I need to drag the boss away from everyone else. OK, I went with them, and dragged him away. They all dropped to the adds.

    Then, I need to keep the boss away from the relics, generally doing what I was already doing. Again, adds popped and down they went.

    So now I need to get the adds, generally, do what I started off doing in the first place !

    I got the adds and the boss, and still they dropped.

    The conclusion was, earth tanking doesn't work. It works in every other mission, with every other player, but players who don't know how to block, yeah earth tanking is messed up !

    Give me strength....
  2. Korlick Loyal Player

    What other role can give immunities to the whole group?
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  3. Sir Arcanium New Player

    Actually I kind of feel tank is being put of out a job because they don't want to expand their horizons. I mean you said their job is to get agro and take a hit.. yet most big bosses now have scripted moves that ignore the tank and walk around beating crap out of the rest of the party. It really limits the value of a tank if they can't even be the one take a hit.

    To be fair I also think healers are being short changed as well. So many 'tough' battles deal in one shot, or near one shot attacks. Those don't really leave any room for a healer to do their job. Half the time I feel the only healer a healer really does is getting people back up to full after they die. Most of the time your either at full life with little HoT's ticking every now and again but not real movement in HP and then your dead for 20k+ dmg....

    But in the end most support roles are a thankless job. People want you when they need you and hate you every other time. When new content comes out and deaths are on the rise tanks tend to get the blame since most of winning or losing in new raids is figuring out how to glitch the boss in your favor. Lock them in the corner, learn their tells etc. Before everyone really knows what to do, you just go to experiment.
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  4. DivineSire Dedicated Player

    Obviously not the right group make up so disband and re try
  5. Tre Day New Player

    I remember a time when a tank only gave immunity to themselves and 3 other players.

    Bring in another tank...problem (mostly) solved.

    As far as the support roles being left hanging or shortchanged and whatnot, people can choose to grab two 'beast' DPS that don't mind showing their 'true strength' and another tank to help survivability in raids and whatnot...

    Of course, that would probably never happen. I mean, one DPS has to seem like the king while the rest fend for themselves. :p
  6. Sir Arcanium New Player

    Yeah the multi DPS bit isn't a bad idea in theory and since any power can be a DPS it doesn't really leave any one out. The real problem I feel is most of the time when you run with 4 or 5 DPS you get one or two good ones and the rest are garbage. End result is the burn isn't really any faster but the healer/troll/tank have to work twice as hard.
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  7. space outlaw Well-Known Player

    I have also tank before in the past and I also try to step in people shoes to see what it is like and lately I have been trying earth tanking and I would have to agree, you would have to block as a earth tank to stay in the game and I know blocking is something a tank is suppose to do to try to stay alive and keep their health up but I kind of hate being the punching bag for the team when im just standing in one spot and blocking.

    o and you cant drag or pull boss in raid but however you can taunt them to follow you which is useful if people are going to block a lot.
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  9. IrishRKG New Player

    lol you just made a post about yourself. Maybe you should sit down and study what a tank is suppose to do
  10. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Im sorry IRISH, was I supposed to make it about somebody else?
  11. Kharhaz Committed Player

    My apologies, I meant Immunites that are continuous. I can give a break for a few seconds but for crying out loud, the rest of the time you have to look after yourself ! Learn to bloody block !