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  1. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    I am just curious what people think about playing a Tank, because they are such an important and required (elite and elite+) team member. I liked to hear peoples' experiences and how we can get more people to pick up the Tank role. Watching LFG, I always see people asking, almost begging for a Tank. Also, anyone one whom is Tanking, let's encourage others to Tank and build up the ranks so it can relieve the shortage.

    Thanks everyone

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  2. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    It’s a lot on a Tank’s shoulders to keep as much damage away from the group but mechanics these days have one shots going out regardless so while there’s that it’s still a huge burden. That’s why there’s very few and far between availability of Tanks for Elite content. It’s also not very fun to do just tedious in most content but that’s the same for Healers too and to a certain extent for Trolls. In fact Support in general is a very thankless role in DCUO and it honestly looks like it was more an afterthought than an actual laid out and well planned system in the game. Most of the playerbase thinks DCUO is all about pew pewing in Damage role just killing enemies before they overrun you and you see that attitude in pug groups heck I see it in Leagues and LFG groups too. The game does little no actually nothing at all to give help or even hints on how to do support roles and it’s a travesty the Devs never went back and made at least a basic tutorial on how to do them. I’d hazard to guess they just don’t care. If any new players need to find out how to do support roles it’s on them to figure it out. That’s the reality.
  3. Ryan_Ragenolds Active Player

    My advice is dont tank for LFG groups.
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  4. Grip Committed Player

    I appreciate the spirit of the thread, and wish the op the best because it'd be helpful. The challenge (from my perspective) of joining whomever asks for our tank roles is less about the content and more about the collegues (which is likely what a previous poster was saying). That said, if I'm available on a tank, I'll try to peek at my LFG tab more for the love of the game, but asking for tank mains (something I'm not right now) to blindly join tough runs is a tall ask.
  5. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Also to add that current content is geared towards having high Artifacts so not only are people asking for Tanks for Elite content they’re obviously asking for a Tank with arts 160+. Currently the dev
    team don’t do double arts weeks at all so people are expected to pretty much pay for them. I dunno if it’s worth it too given the situation with this game really. The Elite community are getting slimmer every month too. Daybreak expects you to pay win for Elite content but also doesn’t stop cheaters and hackers. Players are giving up on DCUO simple as.
  6. kallader Committed Player

    It's the hard-knock life for Tank
    It's the hard-knock life for us
    'Stead of treated
    We get tricked
    'Stead of kisses
    We get kicked
    It's the hard-knock life
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  7. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I couldn’t possibly agree more. That goes double for someone who is still learning.
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  8. VariableFire Loyal Player

    I'll tank while blind queuing but almost never for LFG. LFG groups more often than not don't understand what tanking is beyond "just keep us alive....somehow." Quite often tanking is akin to playing matador, except the "meta" is to pop a billion henchmen, Quislets, RSK, etc, that reduces the tank to praying that the healer is maxed out, otherwise toast. Other times they don't understand the tank powers work differently, ie, the pulls are different (not everyone has Atomic's teleporter pull, buddy). Even basic positioning, like turning the boss away from the group, is negated by all the pew-pewers that follow along.

    Groups that blind queue or open it up to blind queue are usually just happy for the body.
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  9. Dene Devoted Player

    The issue is that tanks get no practice.. then suddenly are expected to be experts in E and E+.

    Even then, if they are anything but perfect 100% of the time, they get kicked, blamed for things that aren't their fault, discouraged etc etc
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  10. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Right. I’m so tired of the tank hate it’s weird.
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  11. Dedikated6 Well-Known Player

    fun, easy role. DPS use to be fun before the fotm power started then came arts. and that dumb ahh stat clamp..
    Not being scared to speak up is big too I'll tank for any group but look bigdawg we gonna communicate lol
    IMO when content is new is the only time it can be a challenge if you haven't seen it on the test server/YouTube etc.
    such an easy fun always in demand role. Tank DCUO Dps ESO
  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Tanking is the hardest role in the game and is normally the first one they blame when things go south (closely followed by healers). Because it’s generally harder to master most avoid tanking. Then you have a lot of players who do tank but don’t tank for people they don’t know. A great tank is always highly sought after. A decent tank is normally labeled as a bad tank most often sadly,
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  13. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I love my fire tank but i tend to stay away from elite content, too many 1 shots that you can't always see and the lag issues make it even worse. Also when things go wrong no matter who is at fault the tank gets the blame 99% of the time.
  14. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    I have a tank as a secondary major toon and early on, while I was brand new, I got some really horrible comments which put me off playing her for a while. Now I feel more confident, but I kinda wish I had other tanks to talk to. I'm sure I don't know everything about earth tanking. Unfortunately in my league the other tank is ice and feels earth is out of their wheelhouse.
  15. iTiredOfTheLies Active Player

    The problem with tanking: is that you can’t rely on dps to do THEIR jobs. Take the Hecate fight: ******* after ******* will stand in the pools that form, trapped, and rapidly losing health, they’ll think that’s the healers fault. When the ads come outta the doors, will the dps kill them? ***** no they won’t! It’s pew pew pew on Hecate, as the tank tries to keep them from entering her, making the tank incredibly vulnerable. (That’s also not the healers fault) dps sit back and think because they see some tanks do it all effortlessly, that all are like that - I’ve seen many tanks and others get taken out by the glowing balls of light that branch out during the end fight (I never take notice of the names) that’s an attention issue on the tank. But regardless of the odd mistakes… most issues with tanking stem from dps not doing mechanics, and prolonging fights. But they try to blame it on the support roles. When I tank… i take charge instantly! And if I watch you fk up continually, I see you as a liability, and if things need explaining, they’ll be explained. Once it has been, and you still fk it up! I’ll stop the raid, and not move any further until I’ve said my piece. NEVER would I allow a dps to dictate a raid to me. It’s my playpen, I just allowed you to play in it.
    Tanks are terrified of the abuse they take. Same as healers. If I see a heal or troll giving it their all and still struggling, I’ll never criticise them, I’ll pm them after and offer any advice I have (as I run all roles, as do many) the game has enough abuse without supports hating on each other. Dps aren’t the “enemy” by any means, but they are the most expendable, and when I run the show, they’ll know it! Because I see all! But sadly, many don’t have the confidence to speak up. Im irish! I’ll say exactly what’s on my mind lol!
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    If players were more patient with tank players and stopped being ******** to them whenever anything goes wrong we'd probably end up with more players willing to play tank.

    It's also very frustrating when players who clearly haven't tanked in their lives suddenly become arm chair experts.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    It's pretty much at this point, I don't bother playing end game content outside of the league now days unless I'm looking for a laugh, it's just not worth it.
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Tanks aren't allowed to have off days either.

    You aren't focused today Mister Tank, on the community black list you go.
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  19. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Weirdly, the only time I ever had a problem was with my Fire villain, and we wiped during the first boss battle, in the ARGUS facility. And even then, it was one person asking if the tank could tank, please. The actual problem was a healer who kept spamming magic lasso all over the place, instead of healing. That player quit after the wipe, so when we got through the second attempt with no problems, I just said "You were saying?" and left it at that as we moved on.
  20. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    I just don't do LFG, period. I pug a lot, but the one time I responded to an LFG for a raid, I was the first one to join the group (besides the leader, of course), as a healer. Then one DPS joined, and before anyone else was added, I suddenly found myself out of the group, with no explanation. Probably because I wasn't running EoG, or some other artifact I had was wrong. Pug groups tend not to be so picky.
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