tank gear on fire dps good or bad

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by nick singleton, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. nick singleton New Player

    the title explains itself....Question is Tank gear better on a dps than dps gear
  2. raaddd New Player

    Tank gear is for tanking. DPS gear is for DPSing.
  3. Mini Lini New Player

    You CAN do it. It is NOT the best option though. The socket affinities you get from DPS gear are much better.
  4. PKMN12 New Player

    No offense, but that seems like a very, very self-explanatory question.
  5. Clutch New Player

    Is dps gear better for tanking than tank gear?
  6. recespieces31 New Player

    Depends on what you are going for...Tank gear naturally has better survivability, but DD gear has better stats for damage output
  7. Aqua New Player

  8. Tocimus New Player

    where is the down vote option? we need it for just this sort of thing.
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  9. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    For PVP, PVE or both?
    For PVP most fire tanks use DPS (from what I have read). Warchief uses tank gear and is very, very hard to kill.
    For PVE I imagine most use tank gear. Falex uses DPS gear for both (I believe).
  10. Magnificent Dedicated Player

    Prior to R&D tank and DPS gear was not really different enough to merit using it. With R&D, gear had innates for slotting the correct color mod and this made a biiig difference in the two sets. So before that, the answer could have been yes. Since then though, no.

    One of our fire users (Deathloli) runs in Tank role when doing DPS and racks up crazy numbers (also a heckuva PVP'r). If I remember correctly I think he uses DPS gear and has his mods and SP spec'd for DPS (so the reverse of your question).
  11. Mini Lini New Player

    For PvP using DPS gear is probably the best choice while in Tank role. No one is going to target you first anyways and you will be able to do more damage then, plus still cleanse your debuffs.

    For PvE it just depends what you want to be. As a DPS use DPS gear.
    As a Tank use Tank gear.
    With solo content or a Duo instance I'd say use DPS gear, it'll go faster.
  12. nick singleton New Player

    survivability so Tank Gear Right
  13. nick singleton New Player

  14. raaddd New Player

    If you want to survive more, why not just tank?
  15. Sytenia New Player

    For PVE you can actually get away with getting the chest, leg, head and shoulder pieces and modding them for the affinity.
    On a full T4 set like this you will have around 300 (+1311 for the weapon) precision and 1500 might depending on rings and stuff but you will also have well over 4000 health and around 3200 defense which really helps on taking some of the big hits in raids if you like to play it a bit risky.
    Downside to this is that tank gear comes without power so that will also be a bit lower than in full damage gear.

    I've done this before and even managed to put some nice damage out with both fire and earth as powerset.
  16. recespieces31 New Player

    Keep in mind though, wearing Tank gear will severly **** your overall damage
    Tank Gear= High Survivability, Low Damage
    DD Gear= High Damage, Medium-Low Survivability
  17. Sytenia New Player

    Sorry, I meant get those as damage gear and the rest can be tank gear.

    I wonder why I cant edit that post...
  18. Magnificent Dedicated Player

    I use tank gear for PVP and run in tank role. I'm bloody hard to kill.

    In the higher end PVP game, groups run without tanks because at that level they don't really bring anything to the group. For the low and mid-skilled groups though, a tank can be a massive thorn in the other team's side.
  19. ARI ATARI New Player

    DPS's job.... do damage.
    dps gear is designed for doing damage.
    i feel like im stating the obvious.... this thread is flawed.
  20. Captain Just New Player

    This is silly

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