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  1. MrStoob Active Player


    I note that for the artefacts/augments designated 'Controller, Tank', there's increased Dominance, and that the Dom stat is tied to the effectiveness of Shields/Heal in some way.

    Should I be going this way if I'm trying to be a tanky Tank?

    TBH, when using Dominance based gear and I activate my own shields, I don't see any increase to defence compared to when using Superpowers plugins...?

    Thanks for any advice.

    I'm currently CR292 and using the Mighty or Domination Thanagarian plugins (maxed), Ice power, if that makes any odds?
  2. Trexlight Loyal Player

    If youre Ice then yes Dom is what you want to increase your Shield strength.

    Im unsure what you mean by plugins but I gather you mean your Augments which should be straight Dominating. You can mix in the Mighty Augments if you want to provide a little extra damage to be a true tank, you go all Dominating.

    Dom will help all Tanks but there are some that are more built around it like Atomic. Ice especially.
  3. MrStoob Active Player

    Cool. Was beginning to think I'd wasted a lot of resources levelling up the augments. :)

    So yea, for general purpose dailies I'll go for the Might based, then switch up to Dom for alerts, bosses and whatnot.
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  4. RahRah New Player

    To be honest, you don't need to be a full tank for alerts really (most don't even need tanks, except in certain groups or to make certain feats easier, I guess). Personally, I run alerts in battle tank role. My main is a 294 ice - 411 SP - and my full tank armory has full maxed dom augs, 10/10 heal crits, 255 in dom, 100 in resto, about 20 in health (Not sure health's even needed, though). I use resto gen mods, to help with shield strength but mostly to buff the healing from the Mystic Symbol art a little. I currently have 160 Mystic, 141 Manacles, 120 dilustel (might replace with EoG for a few extra stats, as it's higher). My battle tank is full tank gear (apart from weapon), with 160 Mystic, 171 EoG, 120 Venom Wrist, Full weapons expert prec stat points and augs - prec gen mods - using perfect poise SC from the acrobat tree to proc EoG. Can use it often, due to being a 2500 SC, and good for a quick mini heal, temp shield, cc immunity, and occasional quick getaway. I can tank any alert no problem with this (and many older raids) whilst still adding a decent amount of damage to help get through the content quicker. I can also solo most open world bosses with it (not the Thanagar ones as of yet), and even solo'ed the whole of Machine reg raid with that setup last night, with no trouble... It took a little while, what with all his phases, but it was a fun. I switched my dps from might to prec recently, as might just wasn't cutting it anymore, so already had the prec augs maxed for my battle tank, but you could probably make a might based ice battle tank too. I just like having a 4 shield loadout with a pull/taunt, and a supercharge (for EoG proc and benefits I mentioned). I use personal dampening fields and chronometric emitters in utility belt for extra survival, but rarely ever needed in alerts.

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