Tank base items are meant for halls?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Seismicfesr, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    Are they too big for bases?
  2. Backseid Devoted Player


    Regardless, items that are too big, or meant for League Halls, need to be flagged as such.
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  3. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    About the same size as mammoth display, perhaps a bit longer.
  4. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    I actually have one inside of my base :), it was kind of a tight fit, but I can confirm they will indeed fit inside of player bases!
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  5. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Tanks will fit in a base. The massive diesel generator will not.
  6. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I have the hanging tank in between the Demon Worm and the Trigon's Skull in my base so it's a tight fit but I would love if there was a way to increase the size of our base maybe add a room or two more.
  7. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    Me and the gf, run a 2 person league. So, I have all the space in the world. I just leave a room for her to decorate.
  8. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    can we see pic to see how about you placed it?
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  9. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    ah crap :(

    I got that and consumed it already had I known that I would of put in broker or bank
  10. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    we need more bases TBH, possibly a upgraded base from what we have. Like bigger bases I mean.

    Yea the upgraded 1s from the free 1s are bigger but the 1s you pay for arent even that big IMO. I'd like something like half of a league hall or something lol
  11. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Here's my youtube video of my whole base, the tank is there.
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  12. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    Now that, that is an awesome looking base. I love how everything is laid out. It makes it look like an actual base of operations. I did I spy a little torture chamber in there ;)
  13. areacode8O8 Committed Player

    You sir, have the best base in dcuo hands down no competition
  14. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Dude....seriously thanks so much, it means alot, I spent alot of time on my base.