Tank - Aggro Problems

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Luke©, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Luke© Well-Known Player

    00:00 - Tank Role: Super Power Gain [Taunt]
    00:39 - Tank Single Target Pull: Particle Beam
    01:17 - Tank Single Target Pull: Lasso
    01:36 - Tank Super Charge: Mass Density


    From 00:00-00:38 you can see the reason for the existing problem. When using any skill as tank, it's like using a pull.
    00:39-01:17 shows, that the "single target Taunt" can't be used for single target, because any skill is pulling aggro, even if not hitting the add. If targeting one add, all of the add will jump over to me.
    01:17-01:35 shows, that only lasso can avoid this "Super Power Gain [Taunt]" skill, so only the add focused jumps to the tank
    01:36 Another Tank bug, but for atomic. The text says "Enemies attacking group members are detaunted and compelled to seek other targets" But they keep staying on my group member. (only counts for the 1st part)
    02:00 Just some side bug, which was confusing me, because the group member didnt get my shield at all. I've tried it like 6 times, also relogging, etc. Probably just some random bug.