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  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    Haya Everyone! Just wanted to make a formal thread for my Talking DCUO Podcast. I basically try to cover One DCUO topic each episode, even do some Interviews and more. Currently the Podcast has 8 Episodes total, and I try to upload at least twice a month. I hope y'all will find it interesting and enjoy listening. I try to keep it short, but not too short. I might return to some topic if I feel like it or It's being requested. I do plan to do some Podcasts live too.


    First Episode:


    Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the support! :)
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    Latest Episode:
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  3. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Yay podcasts
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  4. Zoe· YouTuber

    <3 :D
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  5. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    Nice stuff. :)
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  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    Thank you :)
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  7. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Honestly i think it would be awesome to bring on various forum users who are willing to talk to see their point of views on topics of the game. You could be the Zo-Rogan of DCUO xD
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  8. Zoe· YouTuber

    Haha, I did Interview Obsidian Chill last year through Extra Life, definitely looking forward to Interview other players aswell and discuss DCUO with them. Currently this is just me.
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  9. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    Hit me up if you ever need a guest. My mic is always ready to podcast. Keep up the good work.
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  10. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    I'd be willing to pop in sometime if I can find a good time (prob best for it to be once the semester ends). IDK what I'd talk about but maybe something like:

    Things I wish were in the game

    The craziest glitches and AI moments, both funny and infuriating, we've each encountered whether first hand or second hand

    The most out there characters and bases we've each made or seen

    "Lifehacks" we've each used or seen for character and/or base making

    Ideas/speculation for base and league hall themes

    Random little things about the game that are significant (whether just for being cool or on a personal level) to us

    Funniest (intentional/scripted) moments like cutscenes or random dialogue or briefings/investigations or collection piece names or so on

    Unintentionally non-glitch/scripted moments

    Or something else along those lines.
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  11. Zoe· YouTuber

    New Episode is out now! :) Requested by my Twitter followers:
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  12. Zoe· YouTuber

    New Episode of my Talking DCUO Podcast is now out! Another topic requested by my twitter followers, that I was intrigued to discuss:
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  13. Zoe· YouTuber

    Latest Episodes:

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  14. Jaden Law Well-Known Player

    It was interesting. I like ideas about League Halls update. Monthly Boss, maybe some events with escaped criminals(similar to one in safe houses), additional vendors, new themes... Idea to fill official channel also sounds very good. DCUO lacks of guides and shows like Friday Nights Legends. Btw about Legends, it's a mess... Legends mode need a total overhaul. Probably devs don't care about this mode and never will touch it like PvP, but for many players it was a great mode(LPvP & LPvE). It's a shame it was abandoned! I hope one day devs will fix this and more so add new maps including new Iconic Solo. That was a very good way to tell little stories about iconic characters.
    Thx for good content, Zoe!
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  15. Zoe· YouTuber

    I appreciate it! I was wondering if the topics I picked were interesting enough. I'm sure there is still a lot I can bring to the table topic wise.
    And I'm with you, 100%
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  16. Kreachure Committed Player

    I'd love to hop on one of these with you
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  17. Bullistikz Active Player

    I wonder if there is a licensing issue with providing more detailed stories involving the iconic characters. As far as LVPE, I don't think new maps fixes anything there. New characters for LPVP and maps could be a nice change. Anyway great work on the content Zoe-
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  18. Achikah Committed Player


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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    We definitely can! We just need to decide if it will be different DCUO topics or a Interview :p
  20. Zoe· YouTuber

    New Episode is out for Friday :D
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