Tala vs Circe

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  1. Circe New Player

    Tala is a mistress of hell, a demoness set on causing chaos throughout the world. She is a major adversary of Phantom Stranger.


    Circe is a sorceress, a powerful witch known for turning people into animals. She's a major adversary of Wonder Woman, and a master of trickery and deceit.

    Who wins?

    Battle 1: Who is hotter?
    Battle 2: Who is more powerful?
    Battle 3: Who is overall your favorite?
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  2. blazeing fire111 Loyal Player

    1. Circe
    2. Circe
    3. None. Hate magic.
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  3. Skylez New Player

    Circe DEFINITELY is sexy, and looks pretty strong. Circe all the way!
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  4. TK PUSHA New Player

    is it possible?
    a thread from circe not asking to get something for free?
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  5. Rebelled New Player

    1. They're comic book characters but redheads win so Circe
    2. Circe
    3. Tala
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  6. Shadowdragon Loyal Player

    Circe. Tala is kind of plain whereas Circe wears a variety of textures that are fitted together without looking too busy. Tala's got the exotic accent, but I'm going with Circe's evil smile.

    Circe. Well, one is a mentor and one is a salesperson in the HoD general store.

    Circe. Circe has some of the best lines in the game. There's of course "stupid cow," but I like the expressive sarcasm when she gives out quests.
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  7. MetaMax75 New Player

    I don't know. I've never read any of Tala's posts.
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  8. Dametria Loyal Player

    Who wins?

    Battle 1: Circe is gorgeous (redhead biased :p). She's tall and strong, plus she has that whole "I am a goddess!" attitude which is such a turn on. Tala gets points for the hot accent, but she kissed Grodd in JLU which is not something sexy Circe would do.

    Battle 2: Tala edges Circe out but not by much. Tala seems to have a variety of magic spells at her disposal, and frankly after I while you can only throw so many rhino and pig guys at a problem before its time to rethink your bag of tricks. I think if Circe ever manages to gain power from the pantheon of Greek gods, she would win hands down.

    Battle 3: Circe...hands down is the favorite here. Again she has a commanding presence, a fantastic look and here in the DCUO Michelle Forbes sounds really seductive making Circe a pleasure to listen to.
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  9. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    free complements ;)
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  10. Drifting Dreamer New Player

    I'm going with:
    1) Tala - I got this thing for the goth/dark looking ladies ... now, pardon me while i melt for a second
    2) Tala - Mistress of Hell I think beats minor Greek Goddess - but that's just me
    3) dunno, kinda impartial on this last one

    Cheers :D
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  11. Circe New Player

    True, but Tala has appeared as more than in HoD. She's appeared in the Halloween seasonal where she rivals Klarion the Witch Boy, which is nothing to laugh about. Klarion being a pretty powerful magic user. She also has appeared in Hand of Fate, "A Black Dawn", where she spreads her chaos among the world and attempts to create an apocalyptic army. She fights Doctor Fate, another very powerful magic user. Both of her appearances outside of the HoD have shown her to be pretty powerful.

    Anyway, here are my answers:

    1. Both are so different in looks it's hard to decide. Circe's looks are always changing, though I have to admit in DCUO she looks spectacular! As Drifting Dreamer said, Tala has that dark look going for her, something that Circe is missing. Tala also has that accent going for her, like others have said. However, Circe looks too magnificent in the game so I have to give it to Circe.

    2. This is a VERY hard question. Both ladies are very powerful. Circe has gone toe to toe against Wonder Woman, and rivaled her. She has proven her power time and time again in comics, and is definitely a really powerful member of DC. Tala has also proven herself to be greatly powerful, having attempting to conquer the world and destroy humanity. In addition, Tala has rivaled the likes of Phantom Stranger, a big feat in itself. I'm going with Tala on this one. While Circe can create an army of beastiamorphs, Tala can create a much stronger army I think, as shown in both comics and the "A Black Dawn" operation. I believe her link to Hell would put Tala over the top.

    3. This one is also pretty hard. I love Tala. She was a HUGE part in my childhood in Justice League Unlimited. She is an awesome character. As for Circe, DCUO has really made me fall in love with her. I really liked her before, but DCUO has put my interest in her over the edge and has made me LOVE her. Tala and Circe are both favorites of mine, I love them a lot. Tie.
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  12. CarlynnCarnage New Player

    1. Redhead
    2. Redhead
    3. Redhead

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  13. JonnyD New Player

    Uncontested winner!


    Tala can go suck it with WW.
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  14. Circe New Player

    Here's Tala's voice clips just in case people need them:

    And here's Tala in Justice League Unlimited:

  15. CCBatson New Player

    In comics continuity, Tala's just a demon-wannabe. Circe's a demigoddess. There's no comparison, Circe's the more powerful and for me, the more interesting of the two.
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  16. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    Circe all three.
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  17. Circe New Player

    In comics continuity, Tala has tried to conquer the world and send out the four horseman of the Apocalypse to destroy humanity. These are pretty big feats.

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