Taken hostage in a duo by a 157

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ProfessorKanua, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    First of all, this:

    It is obstruction, and thus an action that can even lead to sanctions against his account. However, if you didn't use "dingdong" in the original discussion and used.... "stronger" language, a report may backfire.

    Second: you absolutely CAN expose that behavior. Just not in ingame chat nor on these forums. No one will however hinder you from doing it on your youtube channel or on your own blog or forum etc. You'd need to advertise it and make it a "name" in third party DCUO sites/channels, but you can expose people behaving like jerks there. The same principle as to dealing with scammers applies: make a strong community effort and build a third party side to list these people on your own platform.

    Point is: while just 10 years ago there were lots of third party sites for other MMOs where a "careful" or blacklist entry de facto killed any chance for the player in question to continue their life in jerkiness in that MMO. Even SOE games like SWG had these kind of sites (often server dependent) - but nowadays its just too much effort and people shrug and give up.

    Your choice, basically ;)
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  2. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    4b) Turn on your PS3 on, log in with another account while waiting the guy out on the PS4. Or use the linkdead feature to swap to the PS3 fast with the same account and play on your PS4 with another account.

    And my favourite:
    4c) as you have to do all the work yourself in a duo anyway, stop getting mixed with random people and carry your "alt" on another account through the duo with your "main", by using your old PS3 and your PS4 or by using your notebook for the second account (the game just needs to start, the toon barely needs to move ;) ).

    The most significant problem of DCUO is the playerbase. So try avoiding contact with the playerbase :D
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  3. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    He was helping you train to have MOAR BURN!

    I tried:oops:
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  4. Kroye Loyal Player

    Some of this sounds a bit like harassment. I wouldn't take it that far.

    That said, in the recent past I've had duo partners stopped for long periods of time. One in particular stopped and didn't to group chat and wasn't talking in voice. I had no clue what the issue was. After asking a few times, I said, "that's fine, I need to go take **** anyway." When he finally responded, it was "lol", so I went and took a ****.
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  5. MrB Dedicated Player

    He just didn't want to ruin your game experience by killing everything. Lol.
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  6. light FX Steadfast Player

    The 1rst 3 things u mention are basically acting the same way the other person is. Sinking to his level is imo not the option to take. The goal should be treating others with respect and just be cool. Sadly that doesnt happen very often on here. Sinking to his level also just promotes this kind of behavior even further. Lets say u get your league mates to do what u said. And he gets his to do it back. Idk about u but i dont play this game for that kind of garbage and stuff like that makes me log off.

    OP yea reporting him probaly wont do much. All u can really do is ignore em and move on. The player will eventually get ignored by tons of people and his queue wont be popping for a very long time. Way i see it is this is the best option because there just isnt many options to deal with this.
  7. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I really don't understand. o_O He wanted you solo all the bosses? I thought first maybe he was just trying to be nice and let you play instead of one shotting but yeah... he was a really bad player.
    I usually go in the boss room with the group and let them do some damage so they can enjoy the game. But if they are close to die, I will step in, supply drop or just kill the boss immediately. But this behavior make no sense...

    I would add to ignore. Maybe just report about this behavior so he gets a warning to not do this again, not ban. But I never want to play with these kind of people. I hope you get better players in pugs.
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  8. Biggdaddycane Dedicated Player

    I love when people think they can Out-Wait me. I have 2 PC's and a Laptop. Don't even play DCUO on my main Gaming PC that I play Division and Fallout on.

    While the player is standing there trying to be a A55hole. I'll be standing right beside him, while playing ESO on my other PC.

    An I doubt he could be lying. I've had this happen to me in many DUO's. Countless times. Lets not act like there isn't alot of snobbish, childish, ignorant, elitist, and bigot players in the community. It seems since the server merge the A55holes outnumber the respectable players.

    Yet... another reason I don't play this game often.

    Here is a few other threads of players being held hostage.

    TO ALL PLAYERS!!!! STOP holding people hostage in Alert & Raids.

    held hostage in a duo
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  9. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    To each their own. Imo some people need to be taught a lesson.
  10. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    That is how I helped my wife level up her toon. Now with league mates I jump on my atomic toon and walk them through most 4 man instances as I have soloed all content at tier for the most part. PZR, DPR, DCR, etc....

    This is why I'm all for removal of roleless buff.
  11. Senko Committed Player

    Not really the best indicator I'm trying my best, I attack, I pick up, I close portals when I see them, I revise my build, loadout, sp allocation, modding and rotation fairly regularly, I'm CR 160 then I go into raids and the scoreboard at the end has me at something like 8/9 million and someone else at close to 20 or even over it. Obviously there's either a major power gap or I'm missing something but I can't figure it out and I'm using the advice I do get given so I don't know how to close that difference. However that doens't mean I'm not trying my best its just obviously not as good as some other people's.
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  12. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    That, as it says, will do nothing unless you file a report at the Daybreak support website. Just using the online "report" function alone will be ignored and accomplish zero.
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  13. metalfenix Committed Player

    That is the only thing that gets off my nerves on a duo. I don't care if you queue as support role (in fact, I like it) or even if you only use your weapon and lounges but at least try to do something..yeah, I can even carry you. But if a player stands up in the beginning doing nothing and pretend that I should solo a duo for him/her...that's where you go to my ignore list, and I exit the duo.
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  14. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    The part that really bugs me about this:

    Back in SWG, I had also a couple of accounts (storage - there wasn't such a thing as buying inventory in SWG and their crafting environment requited tons of different resources; whenever you actually decorated your houses in SWG the extra inventory it added was used up by the decoration :D) and SWG had a macro language of its own. I spent some time in setting some macros for supportive gameplay of a second account while I was playing on my main account - follow around, heal, assist in attacks etc. were all allowed actions by macro if you used the ingame macro language for that. But in the end - and despite several of my mules being at max level - I preferred teaming up with people I found in some cantina or at Mos Eisley space port, and the people who actually worked out their macros to the competitive end were mainly hardcore PvPers who wanted their own private medic (second account) following them. Playing with random people was mostly fun in SWG.

    Now, DCUO is basically by the same company and I miss the macro language :D Playing DCUO would greatly benefit from it simply because the random people in DCUO are no fun in majority as it seems :D
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  15. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    I was more speaking and referring to someone who was making claims that I might not be telling the truth and that in fact I was being carried through something higher. I was doing Supply Lines at 104, something at my level, with a 157 cr partner who I got at random. I just mean that having experience running a lot of duos every day on all my alts, I know the difference between someone who is doing the best with what he's got and someone who is just there to play mindgames.
  16. Gimpy Loyal Player

    When you do report using text box it will pop up a response telling the reporter to file a ticket. Forgive me for thinking that part would be seen when doing the report in such fashion.

    Glad you didn't disagree it is one of His options as that is all I said it was.
  17. Gimpy Loyal Player

    You never ran into me then or you would have found different.

    Doesn't matter how many PCs you have or how many games you play on any of them either.

    I'm just a stubborn old man who would set the camera rotating and go fishing, depending on the time of year, hunting maybe.

    I grow my own veggies too so there is an hour or so watering.

    You know, do something that takes a couple of days relax a bit, then come back and see if I can finish the instance.
  18. Bobburt Committed Player

    Hmm. I'm sure someone will know the correct ToS or protocol or whatever for this, and please correct me if I'm wrong.

    What if there was a blacklist of these players on a completely different website- totally unrelated to DCUO/Daybreak? Would that still violate the 'rule'?

    Does the rule state "the forums" or "any public forum"?
  19. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I let heroes kill themselves in duos all the time. It's the lowbies that rush to very fight, run away from the mobs they just aggro, sit back and don't contribute, and hell... don't even hit a button to open the door they just sprinted to. So I don't go out of my way to do it, i just let nature take its course. I'm ruining their experience? They're ruining mine.

    I laugh every time. I will never feel bad about it.

    (It's not as if I'm NOT killing the bosses for them and getting their loot anyway. It's not holding them hostage, they're just my own little psychology experiments!)
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  20. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Maybe he seen all the QQ threads about high crs 'ruining' lower level content...
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