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    I know that T7 is going to drop soon but I thought I would go ahead and post the Raid Guides that me league and I have put together. We are still working on the Throne Raid and will have that guide up when finished. If I missed anything or got something wrong feel free to let me know.

    This is also the first guide I have posted on the forums so take that for what it is worth.
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    Here is the guide for the Labyrinth Raid. Below you will find all the tips, tricks, and strategies we have for this raid. There are also vids to accompany each room in this raid. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Jenga Room- This room was pretty simple. Tank groups the adds in the middle of the room while the DPS grab the blocks and take them to their appropriate doors so the doors get blocked and stop more adds from coming in. Since the blocks create Line of Sight Issues for Healers and trolls the support roles will be bouncing around the room keeping everyone alive and help contain the adds. After all blocks are in their spots the DPS will then burn the adds.

    Fire Room- In this room the tank will group the adds in the middle of one of the walls. The main goal for the tank is to keep the adds out of the corners with water in them. The trolls will then split up. One (normally the POT Troll) will grab the barrel and take it to its corner to be filled with water. The Backup troll will have stuns ready to stun adds when they come after the Main Troll. One of the DPS will also be there to help burn these adds. The 2 other DPS will be burning the main group of adds and the healer will do their thing. Once the barrel is full of water the Main troll will take it to one of the fire pits and walk over it. This should put out that fire. Repeat until all fires are out. Then burn all remaining adds.

    Poison Gas Room- This room can get hectic but is simple. There will be two switches (one on each side of the room on the wall) and poison spouts coming from the floor. The goal is to cover the spouts with blocks. The way this works is really simple. The tank will pull adds in front of one of the switches. Another person will then activate the switch. It will then turn those adds into blocks. Players then grab the blocks and walk them over the spouts. DO NOT ACTIVATE YOUR MOVEMENT MODE (if you do the blocks will break). Once the spouts are covered the adds leave and you are done. Now this can be done with just the dps doing the blocks. Since the adds leave when the spouts are covered there is no actual need to burn them plus the aoes from the dps may also break the blocks. The hard part is getting the adds in the proper place when the switch is activated. This could go much faster with 2 tanks (one at each switch), but it is up to the team in it to decide.

    Spike Room- In this room you will have a boss fight. If you look at the floor you will see a square on it in the middle and then lots of little dark circles outside of it. That is where the spikes pop up and kill you, they also come from the ceiling. So stay on the square. The general strategy is to keep your back to a clear part of the room (by clear I mean no spikes behind you). The reason for this is because every now and then the boss will do an attack that, if you do not block it, will send you flying back. If there are spikes behind you then you WILL DIE. Think of the L&W fight...when you see the arrow down skull icon above the bosses head hold that block button. Now there will come a point at which there are spikes surrounding the square....by then hopefully you have the block button figured out....or you will die lol. If you do happen to get thrown back (and you will at least once) try to break out of it asap throw a shield if you have one and get out of the spikes...good luck. Also there will be a Ballista that will pop up from time to time. The DPS should immediately burn it so it does not bounce people around and into the spikes.

    Spanky Room- Another Boos fight. Straight tank and spank...no real mechanics to worry about.
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    Colored Spots Room- This room can be done 2 ways. The first way is to just burn the adds as fast as you can and move on. The second way is for members of the team to stand on the Circled spots on the floor. There will be many spots...8-10 I think. When a member stands on a spot it will do one of two things. 1 Light up with a color (Tank=Yellow, Heal=Green, Troll=Blue, DPS=Red). 2 Shoot arrows at you and knock you off. If you get hit with arrows then you move onto the next spot until you find one that works. Not all members will have a spot only 5 spots will be used. At least 1 for each role with a second possible for one of the roles except tank. Note-There is an issue with Natures Bug Form not being recognized by the spots so it will not light up. The reason to use the spots is that when you get them all light up at the same time then the adds will stop spawning. Now to be fair there was a bit of confusion about this room so this part of the guide may change a bit later on when we have more experience with it.

    Final Boss fight- Let me start by saying that there are 2 different Auras. One will get cleansed at the statue in the right corner of the room, the second will be cleansed at the fountains in the other corners. Next, there are 4 toggles by doors that will randomly pop up all at the same time. You have to activate them FAST, but you can only ever activate one. So for this reason look at the rooms first to check if there are any of the "special" adds in one that you do not want to get out. If you find one then that is the only door you activate. For this reason everyone (except the tank) Should be in groups of two by those with one person by them self. The front left and back right doors MUST have 2 people (Troll and Healer combo works well) The reason for this is that the statue in the front right will break and the two pieces will go to those areas always. When this happens one person will have to grab the statue and take it back to is location. This will inevitably happen right before the toggles activate so two people are a must. The tank will tank in the middle and keep a sharp eye out for adds when they come in one or more of the four doors. Tank when that happens be very quick to pull those adds to you or they will kill the group.
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    Hall of Hades Guide
    Cr requirement is 106
    Gear Drops cr 98 common or 100 rare
    First let me mention some special adds to watch for
    1.Punisher- This add will do a special attack where you will see a green shield that pulses around the Punisher for a bit. What it is doing is taking all the damage that is being done to it and saving it up. When the special attacks goes off all that damage is then done to everyone in range. So DPS when you see the green pulses STOP attacking.
    2. Bowmaster- This add will do a targeted arrow attack. You will see this add point at someone and then you will see a red arrow pointing down of that person. What this person MUST do is block and get away from the group if possible. If they block nothing will happen and the red arrow will disappear (although I have seen the person block and others around them die from the one shot regardless which is why it is best if you can roll away from the group). If they do not block they will get one shot and so will everyone around them. Soooo BLOCK

    First thing you need to do is clear out a few adds then talk to the Judges. After you talk to them you will be on a quest to find some Objects of Lore. You will run through the map killing adds and looking for these specific objects all while avoiding Cerberus. That is the raid in a nutshell. If Cerberus catches you it is a one shot and you try again.

    Avoiding Cerberus
    To avoid the Cerberus all you need to do is read the red warnings that pop up on your screen. Before the puppy leaves the room he is currently in there will be a warning stating which room he will be heading next. Pay attention to this warnings and where the Tank is going. The tank should be heading to a safe place. Also you can skirt around in those round corridors to avoid the Puppy. The Cerberus will choose one said to walk through and all you have to do is walk on the other side. You just have to stay close together and out of his sight. The safest option however is to wait in another room completely.

    Now lets talk about the specific rooms.
    The Rooms

    Vestibule-The first room with a few adds at the end. The Cerberus does not come in here.

    Pool of Lethe-A room with a pool. Kill all the adds. If you kill them in the pool you will get a feat. The Shoes are here.

    The Plaza- This room is pretty simple. Kill the adds and defeat the “Escaped Shade”. Then go back to the Judgment Hall for the boss fight.

    Judgment Hall-Adds in this Room. You will receive the Weapon at the beginning. A Boss fight will happen here after defeating “Escaped Shade”. During the boss fight you want to watch out for adds that will spawn behind you and you want to stay out of the pulsing reddish orange aura on the floor around the boss. If you go in it you die. Pretty straight forward tank and spank. The tank just needs to pay attention to when adds come in behind players so they can pull them.

    Torment Chamber- In this room you will pick up one of the blocks and take it to its specified location. Then adds will appear and you kill them. Repeat this with all the blocks until they are busted. Next you will defeat the Torment Master and you will get the first Object of Lore (Hands I think).

    Furnace of Hades- In this room you will fight the Forge Master. First thing you do is make sure everyone gets into the room and no one is standing next to the Spirit.

    The trick to the start of this room is to get the adds down as fast as you can without agitating the Spirit (only players can agitate the spirit so stay away from it). There are 2 different strategies to use here.

    1st one is for the tank to stand in a corner with the rest of the group gathered along the wall. The tank will then pull the adds and the group will burn them. The tank will need to keep an eye on when more adds spawn and pull them asap.

    2nd one is a bit simpler. The tank stands with the group and the 2 trolls stun the adds where they spawn and everyone burns them there. The trolls need to stay on their toes with the stuns and the dps need to be mindful of their power consumption. Which means drink colas if needed.

    If something goes wrong you will be spamming heals and hoping for the best.
    After you have killed some of the adds the Forge Master will come out. When that happens you will then spread out. If you stay bunched up he will do a Doom Spin and you will all die.

    So as a group you can try both ways and stick with which one suits the team the most.

    The Forge Master has a couple of moves to watch out for. 1. His Doom Spin-You want to avoid it at all costs. If you are not the tank it is a one shot and even if you are the tank it is iffy. 2. Hammer Throw-This is a ranged attack where he will throw his hammer and do massive damage. Watch for it and be ready to pick up someone that is caught in it. 3. Hammer Time-I call it that because he will make a ton of Hammers appear all over the room and they will just pound you. When this happens you want to block and roll to a safe spot. Then you check for those that were not so lucky and get them back in the game. 4. The last thing you want to watch for is when he will summon his minions. If you are not careful they will wipe the group. The tank needs to get agro on them all and the dps need to kill them fast. What happens is that when they hit the tank it will put a purple arua or bubble on the tank and he will not be able to get aggro until they are down. So for the tank you have 2 seconds or so to get all of their attention then the dps will want to do as much damage as possible to get them down before the aggro wears off. Once it does the tank cannot do much. While this is going on the Forge Master will be jumping around and smacking people. Stay on your toes, drink colas, supply drops, and most importantly PICK UPs. When the minions are dead the tank can then again get agro on the Forge Master and things are smoother.
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    Shrine of Hades-Last boss. There will be some adds before the Boss Fight but then it is on to the puppy.

    This is your last fight in the Raid. This is who should have the Objects of Lore and what they should be doing with them:
    Shoes- Put out the fire from the Meteor AOE. If someone goes down in the fire the Healer with the shoes should be the one picking them up. If you are being picked up wait until the fire is gone before standing up.
    Hands-Stuns the handlers. A troll should be using these. All you need to do it alternate between the two handlers with a weapon attack. It is pretty easy to smack one at range fast, throw recharge or debuff and smack the other. Rinse reapeat. If done well the handlers should stay stunned the entire time with no issues.
    Weapon- Debuffs the dog so you can actually damage him. A dps that USES weapon attacks should have this weapon. Just do your thing and you are good.
    Cloak-This is a defense buff so naturally the tank should wear it. Just wear it and do your tank thing.

    Some things to pay attention too.
    1.Meteor from the sky- MOVE your butt. That is the Fire AOE
    2.The pup charging- MOVE your butt
    3.Aura- STAY away from everyone.
    4.Pickups-Make sure you are picking up the player and not the object of lore…unless you want it.


    As a side note I did not create the above image I got it from http://s3.mmoguildsites.com/s3/gallery_images/804281/original.jpg?1426681828

    This is what I have so far. let me know if I missed anything or if something is in the wrong place. I am still working on the Video for the room with the blocks. I should have it up this weekend.
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