T5 Trolls

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Catwoman, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Catwoman New Member

    Majority of the T5 Trolls don't enough know how to power dump let alone throw PoT. How the hell do some players get from T0 to T5 without learning basic Controller duties?!!! I'd rather not deal with teaching them so I just add them to my ignore list and it's filling up quickly. I run into them every time in Bia/Fam.

    ~ End Rant
  2. Physique Well-Known Member

    I tend to do the same thing with whiny DPS, overconfident, elitist second-tier trolls, and anyone else in this community who drains the fun out of the game for others.

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  3. Cicatrix Active Member

    These are the some of the "casual players" that just started playing a couple weeks ago get grinded out, walked into stuff, reset raven bounties etc. get 97 CR and straight garbage. Power leveling is not the way to go if you want a strong informed community. At least through a tutorial in there if you are not going to find ways to prevent it form happening.
  4. Badname654 Active Member

    If I had one exobit for every time I see "best troll on usps3"
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  5. Catwoman New Member

    You hit home on the last sentence. When my fun turns to frustration due to non-elitist who like to be carried by the elite like myself. There have been many times in Nexus where when I got tired of carrying noobs, they got the boot.
  6. BumblingB Well-Known Member

    Congrats Best Troll US PS3 with 164 skill points and 100 combat rating. Here's your cookie:

    It's been nibbled on a little bit, as I got a little hungry waiting for the best troll out there, but it's still good.
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  7. Catwoman New Member

    Thanks it's about time my prowess as a Controller is being honored. All my old friends from TKJ server would be proud.
  8. Amanda Bailey Well-Known Member

    The thing that really, really gets me is trying to understand how they got to T5 without knowing how to Troll. It amazes me every single time I get a bad troll. Controlling is so easy!
  9. farm3rb0b Well-Known Member

    What really amazes me is how anyone else got to T5 and still has this crazy notion that I'm supposed to run around during every instance using only sticky bomb and defibrillator. You think that's all my job is as a Controller? Fat chance. I mean, what the heck did I even spend those other skill points on? If I'm only getting three powers...that leaves me with 12...and there are only 10 innates in the iconics...hey, I could get WoP...or, here's a crazy idea, maybe I'll get crowd control powers! Y'know, since people like to run their 4-mans without a tank nowadays. Geez. The world isn't going to end if I don't hit defib every single time it's off cooldown.
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  10. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    The same way several DPS don't know how to manage their movement during rotations, or don't know how to interrupt and only rely on the tank to maintain all aggro (even the boss'es aggro drops), the healers to heal them up whatever it may take and the controllers to stupidly hit one button to power dump their bar.
    Also the same way, some T5 Healers overheal most of the time and causing power problems when heals are needed.
    Also the same way, some T5 Tanks don't see or know when to block and when there is a window for a skill to maintain aggro/shields/damage migiation.

    Ahhh and before I forget: *sigh* this thread again..
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  11. ToxicAngelDE Well-Known Member

    recht haste... ^^
  12. The Johnny army Well-Known Member

    Oh good, you're a PS3 player.
  13. Red Skorpion Well-Known Member

    lol if trolling is EZ, then so is healing dpsing and ice tank. JS cus all these are harder than "EFFECTIVE" trolling.... B4 u get started its more than throwing power its, being first to pick up ppl, its remembering the appropriate debuffs b4 every boss fight, its knowing when to pop ur SC and being displine enough to not over ride them.... and lets not forget the CC that everyone doesnt know will make the entire paradox raid like cake until the last room ... OMG u amaze me sir and this is all the things i practiced my first year in DCUO thats y ill take that title as best troller ever!!!!!!!! had 1932 vit b4 the paradox glitch and i still have it because of noobist out gearing me
  14. Maxx_Watt Well-Known Member

  15. A34CUS Active Member

    I agree i started my main dps and i have to say u need to know how to play your role before you get up there.Its the old turle and hare race all over again,if you think about it.Slow and steady wins the race
  16. Red Hood Active Member

    Uh...i was the best troll on TKJ catwoman.
    You'll always be #2 to the TKJ. :)
  17. CCBatson Well-Known Member

    It's a sad thing I know... but sometimes you can't blame the new players either.

    I remember last year I was farming Oan Sciencecells and STAR, and I ran into two HL players that were both in troller mode, they didn't understand POT or Instant power, and they sure didn't understand how power was restored and what powers in a loadout helped what. They were both solidly Tier 2, stumbling through the game based on hearsay and trying to figure things out for themselves.

    I sat them down during a lull in STAR and explained how POT worked, how not to override POT, how to Instant Power, what to spec for and what stats were important to them. Both were amazed and felt devastatingly abashed, they were so embarrassed and asked me "Why isn't there something that explains ALL of this?" and I sympathized with them, and told them that the best way to really learn was to find a good league they could relate to and enjoy.

    The problem is that the game and to a large degree the game's subculture takes a two-pronged approach to game mechanics:
    1. Sink or Swim: No manual or help function is available. No tutorial is there to teach the basics of the roles, the RPS system and the stats. It's purely being tossed into the deep end of the pool and seeing who makes it to the other end.
    2. Community-based education. The only source for real learning is from the gamers and community itself. A new players has to somehow stumble into a good league, ask the right questions, and log online to seek out this forum and then wade through a LOT of chaff to find the good informative material. This isn't really such a good system because quite frankly we have a lot of human beings here, and most human beings SUCK and are real jerks.
    It's not all on the heads of the new players. They are copying, mimicking, and trying their best to learn from the SUCCESSFUL players. Is it small wonder that they commonly pick up the worst habits that can be found?

    Teach them. Have a measure of sympathy for them. Help them to not be afraid to ask questions. Steer them right. Try and remember that everyone of you were once new too. ;)
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  18. villian O5 Active Member

    They could have been T5 on another power got several troll pieces switched to troll.
  19. Sechuran Fox Well-Known Member

    I think the other thing to remember is that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Even well meaning people are passing around bad info because that's what someone else has passed onto them (Dominance and aggro, the dominance requirements on the duty menu are for all roles, you have to stay in the circle for CoP to heal you - I'm sure we could go on all day with the myths that get spread).
  20. Delta795 Well-Known Member

    It happens and obviously a lot more than you think. Quite a few people are just saving the gear they get from places like Trigon so if the want to switch powers they already have the gear. I have a full set of healer gear on my electric toon, but I've never healed a single alert.

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