T4 raids drops and gear.

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  1. nstokes22 New Member

    Are the armor drops in t4 raids better than the purchased t4 gear?

    The t4 gear you buy with marks of war. I'm close to buying my first t4 healer gear but are the raid drops better?
  2. Statman Well-Known Member

    Tier gear you purchase with MoW is always going to hold higher stats than gear drops from raids. The only exception is the Codex's that drop from Operations, but they still require MoW the luck of having it drop, and then the luck of winning it.
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  3. Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    The Norsemen stuff that drops off Tala and Eclipso is slightly better than the T4 gear, but not by much.
  4. nstokes22 New Member

    I thought eclipso only dropped weapons...which are the highest rated weapons in the game, yes?
  5. Wilder Midnight Well-Known Member

    but you can also get 125 and 131 weapons from the t4 solo missions as well.
    not sure how the gear from those solo missions stack up against the operation drops (demonic runes, ancient etc..) but you also have access to a high cr mask as well as a chance at a high cr mainframe moddable neck piece...
  6. nstokes22 New Member

    What t4 solo missions are you talking about? Well actually I never loot down past the vault. So maybe there are some t4 solo missions I haven't seen. Although I highly doubt ill survive.
  7. Wilder Midnight Well-Known Member

    ace chemicals and strykers island. they're part of dlc6's "home turf".
  8. indee2025 Active Member

    I've been running into players that had 3 or 4 pieces of norseman gear (barely higher, but higher than T4) and then rest was amazonian gear or department of corrections gear...so evidently you're better off joining a league and having your leaguemates drag you into Vengeance or Dawn while you burn some replay badges pugging it when your league isn't available. Not to mention every failed attempt at earning a codex from a successful Veng or Dawn run will stil net you many MOW plus it will net you a missive which let's you do things like travel to gorilla island to beat up chimps for a mark of war...not bad man, not bad.
  9. Agnetta Well-Known Member

    you only get the missive if you complete the operation (kill the last boss).

    you can replay the ops in an attempt to get codexes for norsemen gear but usually the majority of the group rolls "need" on it too.

    if you want to use replay badges i'd suggest replaying wayward souls (hero) or soul alchemy (villain). these are the 4-person operations. It's the easiest and cheapest way to accumulate MoW quickly.
  10. indee2025 Active Member

    Yes I know...so every failed attempt to get a codex (only get to see if you got a codex if you killed last boss) will at the very least net you marks for a successful Veng or Dawn run in addition to receiving a missive which nets you an easy MOW...see?
  11. nstokes22 New Member

    I can heal veng and gates with success. I have yet to try prime, dawn, or wayward. I was also looking for a reason to but home turf and couldn't find one until you mentioned solo t4 missions. I should get it while it is in sale with replay badges.

    I am too under geared to survive inner alert t4. Ppl complain because I die too quickly. So I try to stick to what I know I can do.

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