T4 Controller Vs. T5 Controller

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Davon (Crisis Core), Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Player

    Just compared the Vit difference between a T4 controller and T5 on test server, the difference IN GEAR ALONE with no mods is a T5 controller will have a base of 260 more Vit than a T4 controller. The socket affinity has also increased, T4 affinity gives +9 vit, T5 gives +12. This means a T5 Controller will get a total of 24 Vit from affinities, equaling a grand total of a T5 controller having 284 more Vit than our current T4 counterpart.

    Any controllers out there willing to do the math on what a T5 controller's PoT will be compared to T4? What is the MOST common PoT these days? Be in straight Vit or Affinty Modded for Crit bonus? Thanks in advance~

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  2. Epic Wins New Player

    Thank you for the info, what about DOM? and i think the ticks are going to hit 192 with out trinket fully moded.
  3. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Player

    Sadly, the DOM increase from T4 to T5 is laughable, its only +51.... and yes, that's from the entire T5 set.

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  4. AgentX44 Committed Player

    I guess they really just want the controllers to be batteries than crowd control... bummer...
  5. Old Gravyleg New Player

    You don't need a billion dom for cc's, so a controller is just as capable of cc as they previously were. Does anyone know what the dom check on t5 raids will be?
  6. Naija born Well-Known Player

    well in real sense they never want us to become batteries to dpsers and healers, we choose to become batteries.
    and with this new increase in tick and instant, it would make trollers more of cc instead of batteries. since we have more power to give out.
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  7. Anhur New Player

    That is presuming the devs haven't thought ahead and placed counter mechanics - we might encounter something that causes power drain, just like the Eye Drones within the IS raid.

    Additionally, an enemies health and damage capacity are indirect counters to a Controller - we may see T5 enemies being so difficult that Healers must heal more, Damagers must use more power - causing Controllers to work harder at keeping power up.
  8. Superskull85 Loyal Player

    Assuming a max Vitalization of 1370 with current highest gear and mods, and tier 5 used the same type IV mods as the tier 4 gear that would be a Vitalization total of 1654 or a power over time of 185
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  9. Naija born Well-Known Player

    yea that's true i didn't even think of that
    so there you go so many things that can effect the high vit. am pretty sure the figured something out or i just hope they do
  10. Sore Devoted Player

    Think of it this way. If your Vit goes up but power costs don't, you can be more of a battery with less effort. That means you can actually spend more time crowd controlling because power out is becoming more and more free. If a vit of 1654 is possible, that means a power transfer costs 300 power to cast and will give 265 power to 3 people. Wow.
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  11. Doc Holliday New Player

    Its about time the few trollers in the game gets some love, however I feel like we are about to welcome a bunch more into our family with the new power about to hit.
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  12. YodaDog New Player

    Im no math major, but that sounds to me like were sledding dreadfully close to hitting the infinite power loop, no?
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  13. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    It's a double-edged sword ... good DPS will continue to be conscientious about a balance between weapon and power usage. Poor DPS will just yell that much more loudly.
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  14. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I wonder how much longer the devs really intend to keep this game functional. With the PS4 comming out, T5 major upgrades to armor as you see in this thread, is this the last major arrmor set we will ever see?

    If you pop a soda and a trinket you may be very close to hitting the infinate power loop you mention.
  15. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Player

    That would be great if the end result would be more "Controllers" and not more "People playing a Controller Power" When HL first came out, the community had the same reaction because we thought "Yay, more Controllers". We all see how that turned out right? Their debuffs and PoT were close ranged and the class quickly became DPS oriented (To this very day).

    I know I know, you can use the Claws and Boxing Gloves facing away from a target, and HL can put "Healing Down" on a boss like a champ with its long range beams, but the power itself is used for topping others in the never ending scoreboard race. That was the long way of me saying, "I hope you are right Doc" because if SOE makes another Controller power more viable as a DPS, I fear for future Controller powers. Right now SOE is 2-3 on making Controller classes more viable as DPS, case in point, what are the two top DPS classes right now? Gadgets and HL:(.

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  16. Sore Devoted Player

    Supply Drops, Trinkets, Remix Sodas, Vit Sodas, Henchmen Sidekicks, Weapon Regen, Mainframe Mods, Supercharges...

    It's feasible this could put us there.
  17. YodaDog New Player

    Well, is it ok to go ahead and freak out now then or should I wait?
  18. Delta795 New Player

    Just do like most people...freak out now, before we see anything about the actual instances
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  19. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    It'd be interesting if the dom required was much higher and forced controllers to spec into dom, be it skill points or mods. Then we'd see a use for a second controller being crowd control focused. Otherwise, I foresee one troll one tank being the norm for pug raids.
  20. Sore Devoted Player

    DPS rotations at their basics are sped up by clipping Precision with Might and then clipping Might again with Beneficial. Maybe you clip the Beneficial or Might with something like a Trinket or Soda. You might be able to Jump Cancel an ability. With those restrictions in place, you're limited on how much power you can consume. There are a couple skirt-arounds. Whirling Dervish was one but looks like it won't be in the future. I don't pretend to know everything but I have trouble seeing how else rotations with change with MOAR POWAH other than incorporating Phase Dodge to clip with. So if Phase Dodge becomes popular, I could see that. Even then if you have an infinite instant spam going on, those poor DPS will probably learn that there isn't more power to be given even by a fully tuned Battery.

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