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    I have been part of the game since the start. I am one of the few who have the special edition drone and the preorder batman. I have played the game since launch, but was forced to take time off for several years due to the birth of my child and a new career start. Last year, now that my kid is a little older, is potty trained, can feed himself, and doesn't need to be constantly held, and the fact that I have grown in my job where things that used to take me hours now takes me minutes, (that and I found a way to play this game on my iPad), I picked the game up again. Let me say, a lot has changed. So much so that I can't really enjoy the content that I missed out on. Let me say, I am not the only one. I know several people in my league that have taken time off, and I am sure that this can be an issue for them as well. My wife, who picked up the game with me at launch, also tried to pick it up, but since there was just too much that was new, she put it back down.
    Recently, you just released the augment system. This system significantly simplified things, and made things less cumbersome. It also got me thinking. This makes it more fun to move up, but how can it be made so that those of us who are either new, or took time off can enjoy the parts of the game that are currently a wasteland. Currently, the way I am grinding my characters forward is to simply run the event versions. LIGHTBULB!
    Here is my idea:

    Name of episode: Syndication
    Fixes three key issues: 1) Making old content playable 2) Personal Character immersion 3) Better feat management
    Note: I understand that this might not be the most popular episode to end game power users, however, I think that there will be enough in here to make it fun even for them.
    Note 2: This would likely be a free episode like Death of Superman, since there really isn’t any new content. I do not work on the game, nor do I have any game making experience, but I believe that this episode can be created with very little resources.

    Issue 1: No one plays the old content. There are some really great alerts and raids in this game, but because there is no reason to revisit this content, it goes dormant. My favorite raids of all time in this game (the Fortress Raids) are impossible to get in (unless you solo it). Khandaq was always a challenge early on in the game. There are some raids that I personally have never done, since I had to take a 3 year hiatus because of real life. Coming back, I just did what I had to do to get back to the end game content so that I can play with my league. Unfortunately, the rush to the top leaves a lot of content behind. This is not just a problem for people like me. Anyone who is new to the game can not enjoy the game as it was meant to be played. The storylines are lost to them because its difficult to advance and to play through as intended. As great as it is to have brand new content every few months for the old guard, it is stunting the new player base who can’t play all that this game has to offer. It will be better for everyone to make the old content relevant. New or returning players can actively play through all the great content that has been made for this game. A larger player base will enhance the play for older players. Plus, added content within the old episodes will put a fresh coat of wax on some of that old content. But I will get into that later.

    Resolution for 1: The meat of this episode is what will resolve this issue. It is a feature that I call syndication. Group all old content into approximately 20 syndicated episodes (every time a new full episode comes out, the previous episode will go into syndication). Full episodes that contain a warfront, several raids and an alert or duo will obviously go together (Earth 3 for example), and any that don’t include all of that can be combined (for example Wayne Manor and Iceberg Lounge). Episodes that did not raise your combat rating will be excluded (episodes like Death of Superman or Last Laugh). Raids, alerts, Duos, and challenges that are not part of an episode will be grouped together in a way to help tell a story (for example, Watchtower and area 51 can be grouped with Outer and Inner caverns). Each syndicated episode would run for two weeks before moving on to the next episode. There would be two versions of the episode, a stat clamped event version and an end game version. I will get into more detail on that later.
    The event tab will now be sectioned off into 5 categories: Legends PVE event, Current Episode events, Syndicated event version, Syndicated high level version (which requires the player to be at the same CR level that is required to play the current end game content), and other (which will include stabilizer duo and anything else you want).
    Each Syndicated episode will now include a whole new list of feats (not a significant amount of feats, maybe add 2-3 more per raid, duo alert etc.), and can also allow the player to get old feats as well. Vendors will include new collections, base items, and possibly new styles, to go along with the old styles that some players are missing. Each Syndicated raid (and possibly the alert, as well) will include a special guest boss that would appear right after the first or second boss fight (more on this later).
    The drops in a syndication would be equal to the current episode. For example, if you are running the event version of the syndicated episode, you would get gear in the style that exists in that particular raid or alert, but the CR would be something like 10-198 (I think that is the current event level gear). If you are running the end game version, it would be something like 10-209 (again I think that is current end game level gear). This would be a good place to drop some random styles that don’t fit any particular episode or theme (like some sports styles, or and 80s styles).
    Like all raids, currency would be a big part of Syndication. Players who queue into the end game version of Syndication can earn one mark of the most current currency for every boss fight, and two marks for the special boss, to go along with double the marks that you would typically earn for that episode and the standard amount of marks of victory (you only earn the current mark for the bonus boss). Players would not earn the current mark in the event version, they would only accrue double marks of that particular episode and marks of victory. For the early content, it would just be double or bonus marks of victory.
    The end game version will boost the bosses and mobs to a level similar to that of the current end game episode. If the player does not meet the CR they can not enter. The event version of Syndication would Stat clamp players into an approx. 15 CR range depending on their current CR. If their CR is lower than the minimum, they would stat clamp to the minimum. If they are higher than the maximum, they would stat clamp down to the maximum. If they are in between, they would not stat clamp. Warfronts will stay the same as they are now, but stat clamp players who are not at that level, similar to how they are currently handled. As is currently, players will not be able to enter warfronts in which their CR is too low, unless that warfront is part of the current syndicated episode.
    Vendors will still sell whatever they currently sell in that episode, however, new base items, and collection items. While not necessary, there can also be high end Syndication gear that costs the most current marks may also be offered, but can only be purchased if certain feats are completed.
    Doing all of this will solve the issue of allowing new players and returning players to play through all the amazing content, and making everything relevant again. Old players will need to run through everything for new feats, earn old feats, and to continue to earn the new marks.

    Issue 2: I understand that my character lives in the DC Universe, but it never feels like my character really exists outside of playing him/her. Like many players I’m sure, I have created an arch nemesis for my main that just sits in my created character list and is never used. They have never met each other, and only really exists in my mind.

    Resolution for 2: There will be a special guest boss in each raid and/or alert. Just like when queuing in a legend character, each player gets to optionally choose one of their created villains (or hero if they are a villain). This step can be skipped if a player chooses, or if the player does not have a villain/hero to choose. When the guest boss fight occurs, one of the villain/heroes will be randomly chosen to face the group. If no one in the group picked a villain/hero, then a default in game villain or hero will be selected i.e. Steel, Harley Quinn, etc.
    This would only be the skin of the Villain/Hero chosen. The play style will be based on the selected villain/hero’s power, but will still be a standard boss fight. For example, an earth villain was selected. When he/she shows up to face the current raid, the villain/hero would look and act just like your character, but would fight just like Terra from Judas Contract (your character’s level and CR would be ignored. It would just be a skin of the character). So you would get to finally go up against your nemesis.
    The character can get introduced like Zod announcing over a loud speaker, “This is your chance, stop them at all cost!” then your character shows up.
    There can also be feats that are tied to these fights, like you defeated your own worst enemy.
    This will give you a little bit more of a feeling that your characters actually belong in this universe.

    Issue 3: The feat screen is too much. As someone who had to take time off, I have no idea which alert goes to which episode. I don’t know where to look for anything. Its all too much. For a new player, this can even be more daunting. I never even look up feats anymore. I simply ask my league what I need, because I just don’t know where to look for anything. It is time for an overhaul, and Syndication is a perfect time to do it.

    Resolution for 3: Now, I am not saying to scrap the current feat screen. There are a lot of players who know exactly where to look for each feat. But for new and returning player, it is just very difficult to look for feats. So there should be two screens, an original view, which will show you the feats as they are currently sorted, and a modified view that will sort the feats in a way that can help a new or returning player.
    First, put all duos in a duo section, then put each feat that you can get in a particular duo under the name. Same for alerts, challenges and raids. I don’t know, for example, which episode the Happiness Home raid is. So, when I run that raid, I don’t know where to look to see what I need to do. But if I can just click on Raids, then click on Happiness home, I will be able to know exactly what I am missing.
    Same thing can be said for Warfronts, collections, Styles, base items, etc. Currently, sometimes a feat is in the episode, sometimes it shows up in styles, for instance, if a player is caught up, this isn’t an issue. For those of us who aren’t, this can be impossible.
    Why is Syndication the perfect time to address this? Simple answer, if you are going to add new feats to old content, then being able to look at that content specifically for feats is a must.
    Making things like this less daunting for new players will make them more apt to stick around.

    Conclusion: I believe that this episode would be a huge improvement to the game. It will breathe new life into old (and still amazing) content, and will allow new players to play through that content with ease. It will allow a little more immersion with character customization, and it will continue to simplify things for new and returning players.

    This may not be the most exciting update for the end game power users, but for the rest of us, it would be AMAZING!
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  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    At work at the moment but I will definitely give this one a red when I get out
  3. Awsome Well-Known Player

    Well when you get a chance to read it, let me know what you all think. I really think this can help bridge a gap from the end game to other content.
  4. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    One of the previous suggestions has been an addition to the quick menu... something that lists incomplete feats in the instance. It can be done by player or by feat... and should also list out the missing parts of a multi-part feat. For example, let's say I go into a duo. I can d-pad left and scroll down to a selection "Feats." That one would then list any feats not completed for the instance. I can then select the feat and see a quick description as well as a list of who still needs it, and what parts they might still need in the case of a multi-part feat. If I am in a group and we are not in an instance, it would show the "open world" stuff relevant to my current location (Metropolis, Gotham, Central City, Gotham Wastelands, Gotham Under Siege, etc). If I am alone it would only be a quick reference of what I still need in that zone or instance.
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  5. Awsome Well-Known Player

    That would also be amazing. I just think, coming back to the game a year ago after being out of it for several years, I have the hardest time tracking what I need to do. I have literally made excel spreadsheets to try to track it, but that gets super boring.
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    Oh, Jesus, this needs to happen
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    I'm For this "episode revival" in parts.

    issue 1 & resolution 1. Im for it. This would totally bring people back. I like the idea of the bonus boss but i can see a couple of issues with that but overall it shouldn't be too much an issue. I think the special boss should be relevant to the story i.e. Kandaq should feature Isis from the lvling missions, or in A&B final boss should be Larfleez for Heroes and Carol Ferris for Villains (this is totally an unfair to the villains example, yet an example nonetheless) Thus making sense to why they're there. But not altering the story or the confusion of why they even exist.

    issue 2 & resolution 2. its a no for me. I like the idea, but the practicality is hit or miss.
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    this is a rather interesting conception, have you ever tried champions online? i believe you might like it and their nemesis system is sort of like your point about multiple characters, you can create your own arch nemesis and interact with them in preset missions based on the specified theme of the villain created including personality. i know i certainly had fun beating up mine, i named him dominus moriarty after sherlock holmes' old foe. it would be interesting if we had a similar system in dcuo using any villain characters we might create as opposing bosses that way they can have a life outside just getting on villain side. i also agree that new versions, possibly more "complete" versions of raids/alerts/duos would be a phenomenal idea as i've noticed several styles/base items in old content runs which might make excellent drop/vendor rewards like: everything in mannheim chinese theater, the tunnel duo stuff in sons of trigon, the wall orb lanterns and giant skull antlered door that opens in trigon's prison, the zoo from fortress of solitude etc.
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    "Mmm... Flesh. Tastes like chicken."

    In all seriousness, these are some great ideas, but likely difficult to implement for one main reason:

    1. Replay Badges

    Current content rewards are structured around the use of replay badges. How do the devs double those rewards without raising prices and punishing people who choose not to run these syndicated episodes? Without satisfying rewards, why would players subject themselves to running old content (aside from a few feats that would not motivate all players and wouldn't improve queues very much unless they were really grindy feats lol)

    Without replay badges, great idea. With them, not sure how to answer those questions above.

    This is kind of similar to the sponsored weekly episode idea others have proposed in the past, but that ran into the same problems.

    The "use a random squad-alternate villain" as a boss idea is really cool, and would be great if they had the tech to make it happen. It would have to use scripted attack patterns and powerset moves over weapon attacks I'm guessing.
  10. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I never played it outside of beta. The game never had a finished feel to me (although it was beta so that probably isn't fair). I do think though, that this will prompt people to want to use the other side of the coin a little more.
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    I agree, that is why I said they should increase the costs and add more items. I also said that the Syndicated raids won't be worth as much as the regular raids.
    I know this could water down replays a little, however, it would essentially double the amount of content which would add to the player base. In the end, I would wager that the small loss they would see in replays would be wiped out by the increase they would get by players. And besides, I would rather reset a raid, and this would double the raids available in a week.
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    I think you can take or leave issue 2 or 3, as those are not as big of a deal to me as issue one. However, I do think it would help with some immersion. As of right now, you can choose your base to fight in. Why not choose your villain to fight against? either way, adding a bonus boss will add to playability in older raids.
  13. Awsome Well-Known Player

    With this, I invision something like: if your villain (or hero) is an earth character, it could just essentially be a reskinned Terra. If it is a gadget, it could be a reskinned deathstroke or Owlman. If it is a magic, it could be just a reskinned Felix Faust or Circe. These are just examples, but in the end, I don't think it would take too many resources to do that (I could be wrong).
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