Switched Docked vs Switch in Handheld Mode

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by KenzenCrese, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. KenzenCrese New Player

    I was testing this out in Handheld mode tonight, cause last time I was streaming it I had very bad lag while playing docked. I did a test tonight were I finished one set of missions in Handheld mode and one instance while docked.

    Handheld mode no lag what ever. Drained the battery kinda fast but that is it. I did the Hero missions to save Giganta Girl (hero mission) no problem at all.

    Docked mode I went and completed Area 51 and noticed very bad lag where everything froze and then would unfreeze and then would die. The only other thing that I noticed was the Switch didn't charge and looks to be draining as much battery as it was trying to charge. My battery life was the same, from when I put it in the dock to when I finished.

    Normally the switch charges really fast when Docked even while playing a game, but this time it seems like it was not able to charge enough. And the lag made the game unplayable.

    Is there anybody else having these problems? I am just curious I enjoy this game and will be getting to level 30 on my Switch and then most likely going back to PC so I don't have to buy everything again. I just want to show this game off on my YouTube channel but if this keeps happening I cant do that.
  2. Poetic Play Committed Player

    I've also had that issue with docked but that's because I was using a higher resolution screen, once I plugged into a 1080p monitor it was perfectly fine without lag.

    As for the power issue... Again maybe your issue is different but, my Switch was draining power in docked and not charging when I had my one gaming headset plugged into the dock. I guess the headset was drawing too much power since it had RGB lights on it also. Once I switched to my other standalone mic, the power draining stopped happening and it stays at 100% now.
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  3. KenzenCrese New Player

    Thanks for the information, the only TV I have to play on is a 4k tv, but the game outputs into 1080p for the switch. So I hope that isnt causing it. And I think my power issues is different cause I have nothing plugged into my dock for the Switch, only the Switch's HDMI and Power Plug. I will have to try moving the system over to a friends place and try it on their TV. I am a little sad about this cause I was hoping to use my Switch at the relook I was doing for the Base game, redoing my older videos from when the game launched.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Can you describe a little bit more what you are seeing? Are you seeing poor framerate and slowness of enemies or environment objects loading in? Or are you seeing "rubberbanding," where it seems like things stop or slide, and then race/jump back into place?
  5. KenzenCrese New Player

    I am seeing rubberbanding. Everything stops and then after a couple of seconds slides around and takes damage. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/465141469 I tried to clip the part it was happening in. I happen to stream it while I was streaming my first looks at the game.
  6. Poetic Play Committed Player

    I'm getting rubberbanding personally. Not consistently though and only when I play it in docked mode on my 4k monitor. I havn't experienced it on my 1920x1080p one as of yet.
  7. d3st1ny New Player

    i have noticed rubber banding on both handheld and docked. its common knowledge that the switch wifi receiver is not the best. get a lan adapter/wifi router but i can tell you even with a pretty decent router you will likely experience rubber banding when there is alot of traffic/wifi pollution.

    also as a returning player, i want to say that the game does in fact lag from time to time. its not necessarily your switch or the connection you are on. Last night my league mates and i were doing an instance and it began to lag for everyone.

    to sum up: its probably a combo of servers and the switch wifi receiver being sub par.