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  1. spack2k Steadfast Player

    time to collect the infinity gauntlet and wish for multiplying the population oh wait wrong Universe, my bad.
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  2. sharpy36 Active Player

    I don't play on the EU server so I don't know how it feels there, but that's definitely how it feels for me on the US/NA server.
  3. Thorrism New Player

    Created a PC account just to comment here.

    Currently on US/NA switch at prime time I am getting 5-10 minute queues for T1-T2 duos. That's insane considering that is still free to play level stuff and the game is only a month old on the switch. Forget getting anything requiring 4-8 people to pop unless it is the event instances...and those are getting old considering there have been the same ones for a month. Would be nice to get a weekly rotation on those.

    I have played some dead mmos before (300 people online at peak) but this feels even worse than that, probably due to the extreme segregation at end game with tiers, but it really feels like there are less than 250 people online total in the free to play content.

    I am concerned about the future player base growth of the game on the switch without some kind of change in monetization scheme - the game is currently a pay-to-win game with a subscription (that is the same price as all the other AAA MMORPG games...). It would be nice if it could be changed to one or the other.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, I am just disappointed in the current state of the game. I was so excited when I first started playing because there are literally no other options when it comes to portable MMORPGs that have the trinity and a lobby based system. It was the perfect game for my current lifestyle. But I cant justify the current subscription price when it is basically a single player game at this point.

    Guess I will keep my fingers crossed and check in every few weeks to see if it has gotten any better.

    If anyone from daybreak reads this I think you guys have a gem of a game on your hands that is crippled by your current monetization scheme. IMO you should prioritize increasing the player population base on the switch since there is currently no alternative MMORPG on the platform then focus on optimizing your monetization scheme.

    Also, if anyone knows of an alternative MMORPG with trinity/lobby based systems on the switch definitely let me know!
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  4. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Causing a brand new server/community to deal with the PC/PSN economy is a surefire way to make the Switch players give up. So many things are tens and hundreds of millions of in-game dollars. That's probably more money than the entire Switch playerbase has yet to earn.
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  5. Thorrism New Player

    A potential solution is to create a completely new server that is merged xbox/ps/pc/switch. Would be the simplest solution I see to solving population and economy issues.

    Or do what LOTRO did with their Legendary servers.
  6. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    If I could buy my feats over (I'm SO not grinding/attempting/collecting them all over again) to a new server, I'd do it in a heartbeat to escape the crazy inflation of the current one. Void Material was $100M, and now it's $1B. It's gotten so bad that the spammers are selling $10M in-game money for like $1 real-life money. When i started last summer, it was $10M for $3-5 in the spam messages. I still won't ever suggest risking your accounts for it (I know I won't), but that's how inflated the economy is.

    Repair bills just aren't high enough of a money-sink to stop the rampant inflation. And they can't raise repair bills, because it would destroy F2P and Premium players due to their money caps. The game managers/developers need to do something like spawn rare items on a manager/developer character, list it on the broker, and whatever 100s of millions or billions they make, they remove from the economy by deleting the character or just not spending that money. There's just too much currency floating around.
  7. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    They are keeping the Switch community separate on purpose. The Switch community is very new and for the most part pretty chill. From what I've experienced, some of the older communities can be pretty toxic. The last thing the Switch community needs is a bunch of 264 CR , 300 Sp players bullying around the new people.
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  8. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    I personally could never give someone a positive review of this game at this point. Years back I used to tell everyone and their mother to play it. Now, this is the most least alt friendly game (unless you $$$pend like it’s your job) and every instance is used ad nauseum. It’s old, dated, and the sp system is the worst I have ever seen in an mmo.
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  9. TheCMS Well-Known Player

    If I had to choose between a dead game, and a game where people actually run **** but players are already established, as long as its still viable to get into it I'd take the 2nd option. I mean if nobody is running ****, the game launched on the switch for no reason. I just wanted to take DCUO on the go but there's no point with a dead community.
  10. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    What time of day are you getting on? I've noticed that it's pretty live at nights (US time). Lots of ppl in the Watchtower by the Central Hub with lots of players looking to get into alerts and raids. That's when I do my instances as ques are quicker. But I'm only premium (no episodes bought) and past 100 CR so I only do Metal missions. As for some of the earlier episodes, I have no idea what population is like. I'm curious about that myself because if there's nobody running those missions I'm not going to subscribe.
  11. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    Bullying how?
  12. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    most abuse and toxicity i observe in game is usually at the same tier (CR) against players in the same content levels or from PVP sore losers and cross league gang wars (so to speak). most open world trolling/mission camping is done by players with the same lvl since higher CRS are usually in end game rather than wasting their time with open world abuse.
  13. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    The people inflating and holding tons of money there has been 3 times during the time I played when everyone was dropped to a mill and wut was in the broker was gone.
  14. Shade_Koopa New Player

    Newb wanting to ask a question here. Are the US/EU server able to be changed? Or does it depends on your Switch region of what server your on?
  15. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Actually went on (US server) and played a bit more on the switch (never left the ship yet, just set up the account and a few toons for my names), just to get up to level 10 or 11, and to claim my Batman day freebies. All in all, leveling went WAY faster than I remember. I got to level 11 without even having to get past the inside Cape Carmine lighthouse mission and never had any kind of challenge along the way (except that stupid Switch controller....Jeebus grant me strength!)

    One note, that everyone else seems to agree on, population. I spent the entire time in Gotham between default (which has 'shout' traffic set up in it) or LFG tabs. Not one message....no gold sellers...no mouthy goofballs...no nothing for the whole time I was in there running my missions. Also for the whole time past when it was available, the stabilizer mission did not pop. The stabilizer, maybe the mission that pops the fastest of all queue'd up missions in game since everyone runs it...didn't queue for over an hour. There is something wrong with that. Now, maybe no one was queuing because it was late when I was on...or they pair up first, then queue a 'full' group. Not sure, but it does not look promising if that's the experience all day every day. I got up to level 12 or 13 and signed out, but will try again another day. Have not paid any money in, so I can't post in LFG to see if maybe someone would grab me up, but from the looks of it, that chat is not used, or not used effectively...assuming people are actually on.

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  16. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    I noticed that the first week it launched i played a bit got almost to 30. There was a good amount of people i saw but no one talking. The Qs for the stabilizer took forever to pop. I havent been on in a month or so. Still have a membership on there too. But yeah. That doesnt sound good. I just chalked it up to players not knowing anyhting and being new. But if its still like that idk.
  17. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Is it surprising though? The pay2win capsules, seal system and short term money grab catches up eventually. After enough people leave (and lack of new blood, because they see through the pay2win). Not enough people for raids, game starts to die.

    Merging can salavage the under populated servers, but the studio heads should think harder. Not only did we not grow, we didnt't sustain. Switch has limited titles, and still not able to capture a little of that first movers advantage.

    Can't blame negative word of mouth, if words are true or come from a genuine place of honest reflection.

    If Switch and Xbox merge, they can sell it as pro-crossplay. But we all know it is because of low population. The failure will be quiet at least, whereas sister game: PlanetSide Arenas are covered by more MMO sites, so the under population, lack of interest and eventual fail will be more widely known.
  18. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    I think don't may have just handed them a solution. Not saying they continue to support the low pop switch forever, but they'll at least have the opportunity make it more playable.
  19. Brit Loyal Player

    I spend most of my time on the Switch these days.

    My characters on USPC are far more advanced and I am so accustomed to playing on a keyboard that I don't particularly care for playing on the joycons. BUT, the Switch server let me reclaim six different names that I had lost at previous server mergers. So dad-gum if I haven't pushed those characters up as hard and fast as I can on the Switch server, in hopes that when the eventual merger comes, as a subscriber and with hopefully a higher CR, I'll get to knock the USPC/PS placeholders out and keep those names.

    Then I'll delete the characters so that I can use namechanges to reclaim the recently freed names on my USPC characters and get rid of my _DNG, _ZH, and _PC1 tags.
  20. Void cell Well-Known Player

    Used to play on pc. Stopped playing for years but when I heard dcuo was coming out on the switch I created a new toon. Have enjoyed the fresh start and clean economy. I don’t think many people even know about LFG as I believe it’s disabled by default. Most of us have met up in end game content and have custom lfg channels.
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