Survival Mode Season 3!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Survival Mode Season 3

    Queue up for Titan’s Training Sim in the Events tab to challenge yourself against the most difficult battles DCUO has ever seen. 30 rounds of challenge await, if you can survive. Each round consists of two waves of minions and one boss at the end of the waves.

    Earn Auras, Style Items, Pets, Orbitals, and Henchmen. Earn Data Chips after defeating each boss. Every 5 rounds will increase the amount of Data Chips awarded from bosses. This currency can be used at both the Survival Mode Vendor and the Survival Mode Season Vendor for unique item rewards.

    Season 3 is extra special in that it is the first-ever 6-person group content. What new strategies await?

    • 6 Players
    • Minimum CR: 350
    • Recommended CR: 356
    New Feats
    • Just Getting Started
    • Magnetic Personality
    • Dimensional Fink
    • Rokking It
    • Krypt-phony-an
    • I am Legion
    • 6d, 7d... Whatever It Takes




    Play the new Survival Mode August 11-September 21, 2022!
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  2. Dark Suzumebachi Well-Known Player

    Well well well. Looks like there is no time to mess around with it only being roughly a month and a half bummer :(
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  3. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    • Minimum CR: 350
    • Recommended CR: 356
    So you have to have almost full Elite Death Metal gear?
  4. Elijah Seed Well-Known Player

    I do not have a single piece of Elite Death Metal gear and I'm 376CR. Not even close to full augments either - still a LONG way to go to 200. Still, I doubt I will be investing any time in SM. I'm just hoping to get the last 100 Grains that I need to finish getting the last STU items I want. I would already have them if I could pool the Grains from all of my toons but...
  5. myandria Item Storage

    I am under the impression that you "have" to have full Elite Death Metal gear and all your goodies at max. I could be wrong...
  6. myandria Item Storage

    Same with me; I have no Elite gear at all and my main character is over CR370.

    You know, I'm just gonna stay in my lane and buy Data Chips for the items I CAN buy. Less stressful for me that way.:D
  7. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    My bad...I meant to add a ;D at the end.
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  8. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    Damn. :eek: I hoped it'd launch after STU ends. Oh well, time to get my tank spanked :oops:
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  9. OistyTDC New Player

    So does this mean that with this launching today we won’t be getting anything special for this week like we have done the last few weeks

    Would be nice to have something to do while others are off trying content that I’m sure a large % of the player base has little to no interest in.
  10. Kylewilkins New Player

    Sounds like fun, don't think I will try it.
    getting tired of being kicked from it, since I don't stand up to someone's expectations.
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  11. metro2k Well-Known Player

    I never play this event.
    I hate it:(
  12. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    350 is the minimum to get into death metal content

    edit: ok I see you already responded
  13. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    while that sucks play it with friends games much better that way
  14. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Devs, you've made Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Hair Style female only, even though it's SuperMAN's hairstyle. Change it to no gender requirement.
    Yes, a male can get the Ombre version, but they shouldn't have to. And if they did, they'd have to use one of their 4 color slots in order to make the hair one solid color.
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  15. Whazues Well-Known Player

    actually there are 2 versions of the sixth dimension kryptonian hair style one is for the girl toons and the other one comes with a gotee to show its for the guys i know i've looked at them on the test server and they are both the same except the males get the facial hair a.k.a the 5 o'clock shadow as shown in the pic showing off both the male and female variety's of the hair style
  16. Whazues Well-Known Player

    if you've never played it then how do you know that you hate it without even playing it. thats just like saying that you hate new food dishes without even doing the taste test to see if you do like the taste or not. so before claiming that you hate a content when you have not played it by getting either together with some friends or your league and run one of the content alerts or raids once to see if you enjoy the challange of the survival mode or not. like as for myself i've tried out the 2nd season survival mode with one of my highest cr toons and i told my league that toon is in that i was certain that i would not like it. but then i tried it out with 7 of them and afterwards they asked me what my thoughts were about it after trying it out and i said "it was actually more thrilling than i thought it would be, i enjoyed the challange that it brought and felt less bored. but it's not something that i would grind the feats out for because im sure i would most likely be loosing interest by the next season with this toon." so really its just like trying new dishes of food try it first and then make your choice don't just say "i hate it and i have not even played it" that just shows that your not willing to try something new or in this case atleast test it out to see if you will like it or not
  17. Whazues Well-Known Player

    i don't know about that i ran a raid of season 2 last year with one of my strongests toons and her league without any elite gear on and survived it sure i may have gotten only 1 feat out of it but i chosed not to run it multiple times due to the rest of the league having to get off to go to work and instead of dealing with toxic players kicking me for not being a tank or healer just because i specked for just dps only but i did get to get a few base items from running it 4 times throughout its duration of being up for
  18. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Male toons should not be required to have beard.
  19. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Devs, additionally, these styles are not shared. Please unlock style sharing so we can replay badge them on alts.
  20. Jaelia Committed Player

    Has 2 star sapphire/ impassioned bosses. No Impassioned title or Star Sapphire title or Of Zamaron title … what a bummer! But excited to see which round me and the group make it too!