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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. ForumJunky New Player

    Ya we are the group till we are known I guess. Devs have favorites and we were streaming too but I guess know one wants to watch use either haha
  2. Lightws Dedicated Player

    Comments like this doesn't make you get known any faster. #TheMoreYouKnow
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  3. Wiezzler New Player

    Agree, but if they don't know you who cares.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Thanks for that - wasn't sure if it was a league or not.
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  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Your stream title the whole time was 2v2 something something. Title better. ;) Definitely living up to your league name, though.
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  6. BIGBOYSEAN132 New Player

    Yeah that was my fault lol i forgot to change my stream name mepps lol
  7. ForumJunky New Player

    You right HHAHAHAHAHAHA just noticed thanks
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  8. BIGBOYSEAN132 New Player

    me and forum had been running 2v2s and forgot to change our stream
  9. Ekaterina Committed Player

  10. Wiezzler New Player

    Oh man and I was making sarcastic jokes towards Mepps "all in good fun." I guess for us dumbiheads the shoes on the other hand.
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  11. Deranya Dedicated Player

    Everything is hush hush on the villain side ;) but nice job, well done.
    The only thing that stopped us from continueing was that it was a wednesday night and half the group had to go to work xD slackers... kidding
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  12. Loche Developer

    That is because my script doesn't have the new names yet. The guy who runs a script to update character names for me is out on paternity leave, so I haven't gotten updated names. Sorry about that.
  13. Elusian Crowd Control

    EUPC has also little pets running around now:


    (pic property by Sivulla)
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  14. BIGBOYSEAN132 New Player

    was watching your stream good job
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  15. GrowlingNight92 New Player

    Gz:) may i ask how long do the pets stay active after activating the trinket and what's the cooldown ?
  16. Ogat New Player

    We've actually beat r10 yday ;x Going for those lil pets today ;x

    Dayum,I want my Pokemon too, gz ;)
  17. Deranya Dedicated Player

    I saw you run around with the round 8 reward and then you poofed :p so I figured you were up to something. Really nice job :D
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  18. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Hey Mepps maybe next time instead of a Booster bundle you guys could do a trinket bundle box . The trinkets could be random and just for the toon it's bought on .
  19. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Stays up for 1 minute, no cooldown.
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  20. CasualPlayer New Player

    Congrats to all who got their plats. Good stuff, oh and those trinkets are on point. Very cool
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